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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! What’s happened to British Summer Time, huh? It’s another wet day following on from yesterday! Bah! I hope the weather is nice where you are! Are you a Samsung fan? Even if you are not, do you wonder have they produce yet another...

Recently I have found myself wondering if Samsung are diluting their premium Galaxy range what with the seemingly endless array of handset designs based around the Galaxy S4 and Note2:

Galaxy Mega, S4, S4 Mini, Zoom S4, S4 Active and Note. And these are just the tip of the iceberg! I have seen a few more Galaxy handsets aimed at the Asian market i.e. the Galaxy Grand. It is bewildering! Of course, I have left out the various tablets as I wanted to focus on the handsets.

I also wonder if the Galaxy S4 couldn’t have a few features of both the Active and Zoom. Could there have been the standard S4 with a bit of an optical zoom – even it was x5 or x3? Could the standard S4 have been made with clumsy users in mind? The amounts of times I have seen people drop their precious handsets... Jeez! Or why not make the S4 a little bigger, 5.3”, thicker to house a zoom lens and made out of waterproof material?

The mind boggles! And why not release the different colours at the same time to capture a wide range of handset users? I keep saying that one of the most sought after colours is pink! So many women (and some men – I don’t mean Gay men) would love to have a pink handset. But we are presented with the facts in plain black and white; it’s annoying! Ok, mildly annoying! I am very happy with my White Frost Galaxy S4! I just think it would make more sense to capture those who would like different colours to have those colours available when launched onto the market. I had wanted an Electric Blue S4 and the Arctic Blue comes very close... I wonder if I can convince my network, Three, to take my S4 back kept in pristine condition in favour of the Arctic Blue version? Probably not! Lol! I guess it’s cheaper to purchase a coloured case.

Design possibilities and colours aside I wonder who would be up for any one of those new S4 variations? I do love to take pictures and I think I would have gotten the S4 Zoom! It’d be interesting to see what the demand will be for an S4 Active and Zoom.

As predicted the S4 Mini isn’t really a “mini” as such because the hardware is different. Don’t get me wrong... The S4 Mini is still a great handset but, as I said with the S3 Mini, you can be forgiven for thinking that all the contents of the S4 are stuffed into a smaller phone for those with dainty hands. It’s not the case (no pun intended). However, I can see the S4 Mini doing well as the monthly rental should be considerably lower than that of the S4! 

It is an interesting handset that is identical to the standard S4 except the main camera is 8MP! I guess if I lead an active life I would probably want it too! But the way Samsung has presented it, the S4 Active appears to be a niche market for your Bear Grylls type of person... Hey, why not get the man himself, Bear Grylls, to do some advertising for it?

The Galaxy Mega has a split personality... There’s a 6.3” and 5.8” Mega; I believe they are coming to the UK at some point... I vaguely heard that the Three network will take them both on as they want to be seen as giving their customers a great choice of handset. I am guessing that these handsets will sell around the same price as the S4 Mini on rental thus appealing to those who want the size but not all the premium features of the S4.

Although the S4 sold over 10 million units within a month. However, there has been news that the demand for the S4 has slowed since then. Now this could be rumour as I have noticed that whenever Apple has a major event such as the recent WWDC we get to hear some bad news concerning Samsung. Last year it was the mysterious exploding S3 which was exposed as a hoax and rumours that the S3 sales had slowed after initial release. But in the end the S3 as a great big seller for Samsung!

Sales of the S3 notwithstanding I think that the investors of Samsung on the stock market were expecting the S4 to break records sales and it hasn’t managed to do that according to the stock market news. If that’s the case I do think that Samsung will beat the S3 sales over a longer period, plus it has the mighty HTC One to contend with.

On the one (no pun intended) hand the Galaxy S4 and Note 2 variants will pick up some more sales for Samsung... And on the other, those variants could eat into the potential S4 sales. How many of you stretched to get an S3 or Note2 last year because there weren’t any real alternatives? Now not only do Samsung have to contend with the HTC One they are potentially cannibalizing the S4. Yes, just like how the iPad Mini sold more and continues to sell more than the iPad. But of course, Cook won’t tell you that.

I do feel that although the S4 is a smashing super-phone, Samsung can now see that the competition is hungry – ravenous! So, as a result it will make Samsung work harder on their design because I feel that the S4 has more features than the HTC One, but people have gone for the looks and it has eaten its way into the market share.

Yet, even though I am a Samsung fan I am very happy for HTC! As well as owning the Galaxy S2, S4 and Note2, I also own HTC Hero (the screen doesn’t work very well to the touch), Desire (can’t store many apps on it) and the One X. I have always admired HTC’s design and it is about time they had a hit!

Ultimately, it’s a result for not just HTC and Samsung but for the consumer as well! I have a few friends that just love HTC and friends that are pure Samsung! Me? I go for the features over looks and – in my humble opinion – that’s where Samsung rules.

Is the Galaxy Memo for real????

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

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