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Above: On the right is the LG G3 and on the left is the forthcoming Nexus 6 / X.

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? How’s it going? I hope you are well and making great progress with your tech – especially if you are embarking upon a project using your mobile device applications and computer software! Did I tell you that I have now joined the Android tablet ranks? Well, I have! I will post up a review shortly! Watch this space for my reveal...

Ooooh, yes! It’s now the first day of October and you know what that means? Absolutely! That’s right... ...we are closer to the next Google Nexus range of toys: phone(s) and tablet(s) to usher in the next version of Android!

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"Shamu! Hee hee..." Bad Michael Jackson joke... 

What can I tell you that you haven’t already discovered through a web search on the subject of “Nexus 6 (X)”? Nothing other than I am looking forward to the reveal! These days I prefer not to do too much searching for clues and leave some space to be surprised. I don’t know about you but I do get tired of feeling disappointed after a massive build up! Hahahaha!

The one interesting aspect that I would like to mention is that it appears as though Motorola is manufacturing the next Nexus; “6”? I would like to think that it’ll be called Nexus 6 regardless of the biological Androids featured in the classic Sci-Fi movie ‘Blade Runner’. A mobile phone is different from a movie character and this shouldn’t present a potential litigation problem, right? This situation reminds me of when ASUS were being sued over the “Transformer” name! Pathetic! ASUS won by the way! Yay!

The Nexus 6 may be the penultimate design and release from Google Motorola before the baton is passed over to Lenovo! When Google first acquired Motorola I thought that one of the first things they would have done is the Nexus 5 but it still worked out great for LG! From what little I have seen the Nexus 6 looks very much like a bigger Moto X which is fine by me! If you haven’t heard the latest whispers the Nexus 6 may come at a nice 5.9” screen size. What? Too big? Not for me! The other whisper is that there will be a smaller version at 5.2”. I guess like the iPhone 6 situation! I am curious if the Nexus 6 model(s) will feature a 64-bit chip as my hope is that Google will show off the 64-bit enabled Android with style!

As I stated earlier, I haven’t bothered to look for “spec leaks” but logic tells me that the imminent Nexus 6 is going to be a great contender – more so than usual! I can’t say that I care too much if it’s 64-bit because a premium Android is blazing fast and, apparently, at least 4GB of RAM is needed to take advantage of the 64-bit chip architecture. I can’t confirm this repeated notion.


Again, like the handset I have vague details such as the codename: “Volantis” and that it’s either a 9” or 8.9” in screen size. Oh, there is a strong rumour that it will feature a 64-bit Snapdragon CPU! The 64-bit CPU wouldn’t surprise me as HTC is said to be in the process of releasing a 64-bit handset shortly! We’ll see!

It’ll also be great if ASUS was still in the game to produce the 7” Nexus tablet as it’s still a handy size. Despite the iPad market in continual freefall the Android tablet market is still vital! Why? If you have been following my articles on the subject of the tablet market you will know why Android tablets will continue to flourish! But if you haven’t been following my articles... ...here goes...

1. The Android operating system, unlike Windows and OS X, is not cut from a desktop operating system. Therefore there is no hardware to cannibalize as with the iPad Air cannibalizing the Macbook Air for example. In theory, because Android 5 will be compatible across different CPU architectures there is a possibility for an Android based desktop and the 64-bit tablet could very well be what Microsoft is trying to achieve with the Surface tablet; great idea that comes at a great price – so much so that a decent laptop is preferable!

2. Cost! The Android tablet comes in at different price levels to serve entertainment / social media, basic productivity to high end productivity.

3. The 3G / 4G enabled tablet has become the new “phablet” and it is just a matter of time before the UK (that’s where I am based) and International networks allow us to use standard phone SIMs. At the moment it’s either the Internet (data) or call / text limits. Not good! But one can use either a main handset as personal Wi-Fi hotpot (tethering) or a dedicated Mi-Fi device to keep you connected on the go!

4. Because Google Play is being populated with quality applications specifically for the tablet it means that it has yet to peak! Whereas with the iPad it has gotten to a point whereby you may as well add a bit extra and get a Macbook Air because there is no longevity in the iPad; next year your expensive purchase is outdated already! You are better off using software as opposed to apps. The iPhone 6 Plus will most likely eat into the iPad market.

Android tablets of today has longevity built into them as the operating system becomes highly optimized and remember that Android devices over the last 2 years is blessed with decent hardware; there is a good chance that the 2013 Nexus 7, for example, will be able to upgrade to the latest operating system (Android 5). I would imagine that a top notch tablet that is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range will last a good while! Just look at the Nexus 10 – it has stood the test of time!

5. Combining the points above, the Android tablet can be an inexpensive sketchpad of sorts that compliments a PC / MAC computer as the files produced on an Android tablet is compatible. It’s so easy to put the 7” Android tablet / phablet in a jacket / coat pocket and be productive on a bus journey for example. It’s not as precious as an iPad where you might feel uncomfortable showing it off in public – especially in London where crime is rife!

There you have it! There will come a time whereby we will stop using a PC or MAC desk or laptop as the Android apps have a greater potential fulfil our needs as we continue to embrace digital formats. It’s funny... I have seen apps that create physical greetings and postcards; why not just send the postcard digitally? We already do with WhatsApp and LINE. Why waste a tree for the purpose of such folly? It is Android that has given us a great range of cost effective handsets and tablets that everyone on the planet should have one by now! I love it that I can send a picture, video, recorded voice message, etc to anyone in the world! Okay, I have to admit to enjoying sending and receiving Christmas cards as such items become part of the decorations. Other than that the greetings and postcards are practically dead or dying! The cost of the domestic printer ought to come down somewhat! I digress slightly... ...as usual!

My jury is out on HTC manufacturing the next Nexus tablet as I feel that it hasn’t delivered the goods where the handset is concerned. Yes, the One (M7 & 8) are great looking handsets but the cameras let them down. The One isn’t complete as the Galaxy S4 & 5 is where the camera is concerned. Sure, the Galaxy S range looks minimal in comparison but the handsets deliver all-round! HTC has got to be on top of its game for the Nexus tablet and I hope they turn its fortunes around big time! HTC reminds me of none other than Rocky Balboa in that they keep taking knocks but come back with something potentially brilliant! C’mon, HTC!

I don’t know about you but I hoped that Motorola would get back into the tablet arena. Isn’t funny how circumstance can create the most amazing phenomena? From what I have understood early versions of Android could only support a low resolution and as a result that gave us the 7” tablet! Typically, Jobs laughed at the very idea of a 7” tablet made it clear that there would never a 7” iPad. Derisively, Jobs stated that tablet apps were nothing but stretched out phone apps. So, Google responded with Honeycomb, Android 3. Motorola put out the XOOM 10.1” tablet to mixed reviews followed by the XOOM 2. If I remember correctly there was some dispute with the “XOOM” name and along with the idea that Android wasn’t quite ready for a large tablet Motorola pulled the plug on its tablet range.

My how times have changed! I hope that Motorola will design and produce the Moto Nexus Pad X (???); I envisage that this tablet or set of tablets could be aimed at the mid-range with competitive pricing. I feel that the Moto X and G ranges are missing a tablet counterpart! So, the Nexus 6 phablet makes a great deal of sense. I feel that there is room for a nice 7” Moto Nexus tablet with slim bezels and that dual front-facing speaker design that is working well for Motorola right now! I reckon it’d be something if there was a 3G and / or 4G version(s) with a dual SIM slot enabling calls and data as Android folk are gravitating towards bigger handset screens. I don’t know about you but I LOVE these huge screens as it makes the consumption of media, surfing the Net and productivity such much better!

I guess I am dreaming – again! But that would be such a higher note (no pun intended) for Google Motorola to go out on before handing over the reins to Lenovo! All the best to Lenovo! Anyhoo... ...by all accounts the legacies of the Moto X, G and E is such a brilliant achievement! Just when you thought that Motorola weren’t happening! After the RAZRi the Moto X, G and E constitutes of a great return to form! And let’s not forget the customization of the Moto X by being able to choose from a great range of colours and unique materials such as bamboo and leather for the battery cover! Awesome! Oh, and the Moto 360 smartwatch! I must review the Moto 360 asap!


My girl lollipop... 

Now the rumour is that Android 5 will be called Lollipop as opposed to Lemon Meringue Pie which was looking very likely... ...in any event I can’t wait to experience the game changer that is Android 5! Google appears to have taken its time with getting the next version of Android right. I am quite sure that if Google followed Apple’s enthusiasm for jumping from iOS version 6, 7 to 8 with minor improvements I reckon we’d have reached Android 10 by now. And look at how iOS 8 has been plagued with inconsistencies... ...this is not to say that this can’t happen to Android but I get the feeling that Google have been putting Android 5 through the wringer!

I have understood that Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 will get the Android 5 upgrade towards the end of the year! Hurrah! Fingers crossed on that one! I do find myself wondering as to how far back can Android 5 go... Will it be possible for the Galaxy S4 and Note 2 / 3, for example, to get the update?

And if you are using a Cyanogenmod ROM on some of your handsets when will the Cyanogenmod guys have CM12 (Android 5) ready for installation?

One thing is for sure: Thanks to Google, Android and the awe inspiring manufacturers we get another Christmasesque experience! Bring it!

That’s something to think about!


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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? As always I hope that all is well in your world! And how about your projects, huh? Have you committed yourself to a project? No? I know how daunting it can be if your ideas are more advanced than available software on your budget level!

Right now I am going to introduce you to great 3D animation software that does NOT cost the Earth! Please remove your parent’s car off the Gumtree listings and have a go at winning this awesome prize: Reallusion iClone 5 Pro!

iClone 5 Pro brings you phenomenal results when you put your creative mind to it! There are great tutorials on the Reallusion website: Reallusion.com

I am going to give you some easy questions to answer and you could be ONE of FIVE fortunate individuals to own iClone 5 Pro!

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1. Name the voice actor who plays Philip J Fry in the cartoon series Futurama?

2. Which of the following is not from Tim Burton?

a) Corpse Bride
b) Nightmare Before Christmas
c) Postman Pat

3. Where are Aardman Studios based?

4. What technique was used to create the Boxtrolls animated movie?

a) Go Motion
b) Step Motion
c) Stop Motion

5. Name 3 animated movies of this year?


1 entry per person!
Your private information will NOT be shared with 3rd parties.
Winners chosen at random.



Send your entry to this email: competition.synapse.circuit@gmail.com


That’s something to think about!


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How can you not love Bender? Bring back Futurama!
What a hoot!


Or should that be ‘bent’? Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? I hope that you are tip top and that your projects are going exceptionally well! What? You mean to tell me that you don’t have a project? With this beautiful tech at your disposal you mean to tell me that you aren’t doing anything with it? Well,
I guess I ought to ramp up the reviews! Believe me... ...they are coming!

I think it’s pretty safe to state that Apple is going through a tough time of late. Dare I say that things will pick up; lessons should have been learned – we can only hope so! Whether you like it or not I have exposed Apple and its freaky hypnotic PR machine that includes the collection of tech media around the world pretending to be independent both on and offline i.e. TV magazine-like programmes that places Apple on top of the competition! Paper magazines geared towards general technology and specifically mobile devices have done exactly the same thing: placing Apple product on top! I had noticed something very fishy from the Samsung Galaxy S2 and that made me look into what was going on... I reckon I opened up the eyes of others and also confirmed what others had started to notice too!

I am one of the few independent writers that clocks when the wheels fall off that juggernaut of that Apple bus and here I am doing it again!

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I think what has happened to Apple is a good thing! Once again, I find myself using the analogy of the Karate Kid movies whereby that awful annoying blonde kid is Apple and the Karate Kid is the competition! Hahaha! It’s true! The lengths that Apple will go to ensure the world thinks,”iSomething” is scarily astounding! Apple loves to divide and conquer! “I’m and Apple...” “And... ...I’m a PC...”

“We’ve been robbed! Someone has come into our house and stolen our technology!! Watch out for inferior copies of our products!!!”

“If someone does everything then what is left for us to do? Feel sorry for us and buy our products...”

“Er... Uhm... We’ve done a phablet! Whoohoo! It’s not quite as good as the originators but at least now you have a landscape mode! That it comes from us, the 6 Plus, you should buy it! Yay!”

You know what they say about imitation... Ha ha!

It is said that under Jobs ‘Bendgate’ wouldn’t have happened but I am not so sure... A great possibility is that Apple would have eventually become bankrupt through losing patent battles outside the USA! They did use Obama to overturn a vital Samsung victory! Apple wouldn’t have been in any position to release a handset beyond 5S! And still to this day there is no confirmation that 5C was a success. I predicted that both the 5S and 5C weren’t going to be the greatest sellers of that time.

Or it could be that Jobs would have been ousted yet again from his own company in order to save it from his death dive with Google in his jaws. Jobs or not it was clear then and now that Apple has to up its game big time – literally! In order to maintain some credibility the tech media has had to admit to Apple being way behind Android handsets but as always many find a way to have the iPhone and iPad edge out a little. This fools nobody but iDevice fanatics.

I don’t know about you but I started to clock a pattern that occurs before and after an Apple keynote! Let me show – if you haven’t seen it...

In the run up to the next iPhone we get to see a bunch of “leaked” images that factory workers allegedly “sneaked out”. Apple can’t say outright that it, in this recent case, is going to release a bigger handset simply because it looks like defeat (because it is). As a result the constant “leaks” starts to feed the collective populous mind. It works two ways:-

A: The iPhone fan will get it into his / her head that, despite Apple’s scientific research and painful design ethos, what they really wanted was a bigger handset. That’s right, iPhone fan; it’s YOU that’s driving Apple against its principles! But, obviously, it’s really Apple!

B: Non-iPhone users will be expecting to see a larger iPhone – in this case two – and it won’t come as a surprise.

Now that you are thinking in the “right” direction you will see the usual suspects holding physical parts of the iPhone and blogging / vlogging about them... “If this... If that...” These blogger / vloggers may or may not realize that they are part of the PR machine ramping expectations, excitement and curiosity. These tech bloggers / vloggers are help to keep you guessing. Whether you’re a fan or not it becomes a part of your consciousness.

During the keynote the expectations reaches a fever pitch so much so that some of us momentarily forget about the competition (as this is the purpose) and focus upon the wonderful gifts that Cook is about to bestow... This is how Cook is able to make the new products seem as the inventions of Apple when in fact they are anything but. We know this. We also know that when Apple reveals a new iPhone or phones they’ll be in the shops soon after!

Oh, one more thing... The reveal of another device; I thought it was going to be either a smartwatch or iPad or both! I feel that because the iPhone is seriously lagging behind Android handsets Cook and co quickly defocuses onto something else. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a “free” U2 album and the Apple Watch – complete with the “Digital Crown”. And it gets worse... ...the Apple Watch is coming sometime next year. How many smartwatches have Samsung released in a year?

We get to see a standard aftermath...

1. News of people queuing up outside Apple stores for days when they don’t have to. The only thing different about the queue reports this time around are that some of the people queuing are looking to sell their places to the real fanatics!

2. News of record sales... Every time there is news of record sales and then later on we see a different result.

3. Odd headlines to state that a record number of seemingly only Samsung trade-ins and that many Android folk are jumping ship! Get onboard before you look silly! Ha ha! But it turns out that the buyers are repeat customers of Apple. I don’t think repeat customers aren’t enough hence the larger iPhone handsets to make some more gains. If Android has over 80% of the world market then where does it leave Apple? It is clear that Apple needs some more sales!


Putting such a large phone in your pocket is assking for trouble!

I can only imagine a rabid Tim Cook cursing like it’s going out of fashion over “bendgate”. Could this derail further sales? If the prices for these new fangled iPhones aren’t off-putting then perhaps the fragility of the products will; however it appears – through independent testing – the standard iPhone 6 isn’t so easy to bend.

A bizarre thought entered my head... Could it be that the fragility of the 6 Plus was designed as a get out of failure clause? I mean if it turns out that the iPhone user prefers the standard over the Plus Apple could say that the “bendgate” scare was a major cause (for disappointing sales). Maybe the newly acquired designer can redesign the iPhone for today’s market as Android keeps blazing the trail for innovation. Once upon a time Cook would claim “fragmentation” regarding those “other guys” when it is apparent that iOS has scaling issues when it comes to the development for apps; this is why the standard iPhone has an odd resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels. It seems as though iOS developers have their work cut out to reach Android app scaling standards so that one day iPhone users will enjoy QHD screens!

Then there are issues with iOS 8! To be honest whenever there’s an operating system upgrade there are opportunities for bugs but considering Apple have only a few handsets to take care of that upgrading iOS should be a chinch! Android is a huge contrast with regards to the sheer number of handsets it has to take care of! Is it any wonder that Google takes its time with Android updates?


Ouch! That's gotta hurt! 

As I was saying... I think these unfortunate occurrences can be good for Apple as I would imagine that Cook and co can relax and not have to worry about having to be this infallible machine. Humans are behind Apple and humans can make mistakes. However, it’s how the mistakes are dealt with that makes all the difference. Apple has, in the past, used various techniques to deflect the blame when things have gone wrong. You can fool some of the people some of the time...

Apple has a great opportunity to turn things around! There’s nothing like admitting fault and refocusing. You know for yourself that when someone can’t admit to being at fault that you can’t trust he / she won’t make the same mistake(s) again.

I would love to see Apple making good product that don’t need the smoke ‘n’ mirrors nonsense. I would also like to see them making an effort to be more like Google in the way they create products across the mobile device platforms. Apple Pay is just a step backwards for NFC payments that we’ll stick to using our credit / debit cards. C’mon, Apple! Show us some of that gigantic big, big love!

That’s something to think about!


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How much???? Are you nuts????

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! What’s happening? It’s always good to see you! Good news if you are interested into making music as I have the latest Magix Music Maker software coming soon! And if you want to create 3D animations then standby for the Synapse Circuit iClone 5 competition! Whoohoo!

What’s up with Microsoft, huh?

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Sadly, for the consumer, Microsoft and Apple have a warlike attitude towards emerging technologies such as Google for example. Apple, as we all know, has taken great strides into mobile device technology out of reinventing the MP3 player, mobile phone and tablet computer. Apple’s mobile devices have overshadowed its computers for a good while and now that mobile device windstorm has petered out the consumer can see more clearly.

For a long, long while Microsoft has been trailing behind Apple’s iPod and who can forget the Zune? Oooh, it died a death! However, if the truth be known one could get great MP3 playing devices that didn’t need the iTunes ecosystem. Because the Windows PC was and still is commonplace its users could enjoy the countless free and commercial MP3 creation software. PC users could determine the quality of the MP3 from the original recording on vinyl or CD. I know... By today’s standards a generation has spawned without the warmth of vinyl or the CD... I used to love vinyl (singles, LPs & albums) but as a collector with a small abode it became impractical. I warmed to the CD especially due to the extra information / media that could be had from a collector’s edition Enhanced CD that contained a multimedia presentation not unlike a PowerPoint presentation complete with a video or two of much loved singles, interview, etc. This got replaced by the DVD. The point I am making is that Apple and its bloody iTunes killed off the music industry. I mean... ...how bad must the industry be if you can’t even give away an album? Because Apple were great at publicity it made people want to buy into its products and right from the start I could see through it!

Microsoft felt that it had to come up with an alternative to the iPod when it was impractical due to the fact that most of us PC users were happy to go out and buy the music in a retail outlet: Virgin, Our Price Records, Tower Records and HMV! Oh, not forgetting the various independent music shops in London’s West End! We were happy to go out there buy the music, convert it to MP3 and place it on our MP3 players or the mobile phones that could handle the format. We PC users didn’t care for iTunes at all! We never needed it and still don’t! I thought the iPod was a load of crap – I still do think that! I thought the Archos media players were so much better!

Microsoft started to fall down the Apple rabbit hole.

When the first Android handset hit the market in the form of a HTC designed flip-out QWERTY keyboard it looked very raw and most importantly it was perceived by many as a fad that wouldn’t go the distance as the iPhone was all the rage! But we all know the story of Android... As Android started to take off with the HTC Hero and the Samsung Galaxy S I started to hear rumours of Microsoft working on its own handset. Can anyone remember when it made its debut? I can’t and that’s the point with Microsoft – it can’t do anything beyond the operating system and Office!

Sadly... I say “sadly” because Microsoft didn’t take – in my opinion – enough time to study the marketplace to make educated anticipations upon where Apple would end up... Microsoft was so busy lashing out to preserve this fallacy of a technological giant when all it really did was to give the IBM compatible PC a visual user interface. Okay, I shouldn’t appear ungrateful because Windows is GREAT and it is was and still is a LIBERATOR! Without Windows we would never have gotten a myriad of wonderful software houses such as:-


There were many, many more but they fell by the wayside as they were not able to keep up with the innovation and take initiative in a different approach to things we do on a PC! The software houses mentioned above not only showed MAC users that great things can be achieved on the PC such as DTP via Serif PagePlus, PhotoPlus and DrawPlus; Music Composition from Magix Music Maker and Music Studio; Video Editing through Serif MoviePlus and Magix Movie Edit Pro; Web Design from Incomedia WebSite X5, Magix Web Designer and Serif WebPlus and so on! Once upon a time there was a widely held view that in order to do the above well one had to:-

A. Own a MAC.
B. Own Adobe software (for the MAC).

Sure, one could own a PC and use the same Adobe software but that was very, very costly! The aforementioned software houses have done so much to empower ordinary users with extraordinary ideas! The above software houses made and still make their products cost effective to the point of mocking Adobe and MAC users that think little of the PC and non-Adobe software. For a good, good while it was a pain in the ass to take PC produced documents to be printed at MAC based print bureaus. To be honest with you a lot of MAC based designers were too far up themselves to recognize what a PC and non-Adobe software can do! The one good thing that Adobe gave us was the PDF format which helped to take the befuddlement out of the printing game! THANK GOODNESS!!!

What Apple did for its computers was very, very, very smart! Apple recognized that PC users were benefitting from these wonderful inexpensive software and decent PC set-ups that it created cheaper MAC computers with a set of bundled software to get the user going: iWork. Adobe also recognized what was happening and released consumer versions of its professional software i.e. Photoshop Elements but what Adobe failed and still fail to understand is that its direct competition, Serif, released fully professional software that produced documents that a professional printer can understand i.e. CMYK files such as TIF, PDF and JPEG. Today, CMYK isn’t much of an issue as many print bureaus have large scale domestic printers that will do the job of producing your flyers, newsletters, etc. The big music software creators such as Cakewalk, Steinberg, etc did the same thing and produced cut down versions of their respective software titles but such efforts weren’t enough to stop Magix, Synapse Audio (Orion Studio) and lately Cockos (REAPER) from producing music composition software that delivered!

At that point Microsoft could have easily gotten into PC hardware production – especially as there quite often hardware that conflicted with the various versions of Windows. Microsoft could have standardised the PC and worked with the aforementioned software houses provide a bundle of great software to match iWork. It would have made the PC even more ubiquitous than it already is and helped to make the software houses (and products) even better known than they are today!

What did Microsoft do instead? In a nutshell they went so far up its backend that it weakened its position. What do I mean?

1. Microsoft concentrated on its Internet Explorer web browser so that it dominated the competition at the time i.e. Netscape! Not only that, Internet Explorer played by its own rules and did not adhere to the current web standards: W3C

2. Produced a potentially good WYSIWYG web design software, FrontPage. The trouble with FrontPage produced websites was that they would only look good and function with Internet Explorer. What if the user viewed the website on a MAC? How about another browser such as Netscape Navigator? DISASTER! By the time Microsoft realized the error of its ways it lost the web design software market just as fast as they started it.

What a waste! As a result I do not use Internet Explorer! Internet Explorer is the Internet equivalent of faecal matter! Microsoft continued to make the imperfect operating system releases expensive. How many times have you bought a legitimate Windows operating system and you get a message to say that what you have is an illegal copy? That’s bloody annoying! Rather than perfect releases of Windows Microsoft kept releasing product that had to be fixed by these constant Service Packs that could sometimes mess up a PC even more! Grrrrrr! What? A Windows phone??? £*@% OFF!!! That’s how I feel about anything Windows and that’s Microsoft’s doing!

Above: As you can see, Windows Phone 8. Below: The screenshot of an Android handset using a Windows style launcher. 

Had Microsoft taken the time to be analytical it could have foreseen that the iPad would clash with the Macbook. What business model can survive a yearly complete hardware overhaul? This is why the MAC computer and PC aren’t going away anytime soon as much as the tech media loves to report the drop in PC sales!

Analysis would have led to the understanding that Android handsets and tablets can complement both Windows and MAC computers. The Android tablet is phenomenal not only due to its cost effectiveness but its longevity! And as I have stated before, many of the productivity applications are fully functional in its own right and / or can act as a sketchpad for PC and MAC set-ups in that one can produce Office compatible documents; MIDI for music; MP4 video and so on. I would rather take out a 7” Android tablet that can, incidentally, make and accept phone calls! Why on Earth would I want an iPad? And why on Earth would I or anyone else want a Surface tablet???

Look at how much Microsoft has lost on the ill-fated Surface Windows RT tablets; $1.2 BILLION!!!! Just how much more does Microsoft has to lose before it realizes that the Surface is not going to fly???

Because of this ‘us against them’ attitude Microsoft, like Apple, does not think of unification and harmonizing with new, exciting emerging technologies. They (Microsoft and Apple) want our custom and will – if they had their way – litigate the competition out of business. Look how that’s turned out for Apple? It is ugly for the consumer! I as a PC owner feel that my custom is unappreciated with idiotic messages informing me that my copy of Windows is illegal! A few years ago I tried to update my Windows XP Professional with a Service Pack and I got a message to say that my copy was illegal and was not able to perform the update, caught a virus in the process and lost a couple of years of work! This will be the last time I mention it but I was super-pissed off at the time! All that work lost because of Microsoft’s crappy software! And they want to move into phones and tablets without perfecting what they have???? That’s insane!

That $1.2 Billion could have easily funded Microsoft branded computers with an operating system to be proud of and a great bundle of software to get the user started. There are some amazing Windows based laptops out there with a touch screen that should have seen Microsoft invest into Android phones and tablets to compliment the Windows computer! Microsoft could have set-up a division for the creation of Android applications.

The only reason why I still use the PC is because of the amazing aforementioned software houses that produce cost effective products that deliver professional results each and every time – unlike bloody Microsoft!

Microsoft, if you are reading this please compensate me for my loss and get it together! Stop scratching the surface and embrace Android!

That’s something to think about!


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Thursday, 25 September 2014


Above: The Motorola Moto G 2014

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you doing? As always I hope that all is well with you and yours! I also hope that you are making the most of your tech and getting into some awesome projects! I am hoping to get some tutorials going... Watch this space!

Well, it’s no secret that the major Android players are experiencing some turbulence to put it mildly! Is there a way out of it? Hmmmm...

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The Android One has been deployed and will enter markets that the iPhone cannot. 

That’s my favourite word to describe the phenomena of Android, “virulent”. And there it goes conquering the rest of the world such as India with the Android One handset! Back home the game is ablaze with cost effective powerful handsets that are pretty amazing! The Motorola Moto G 4G is certainly one of them! Hmmmm... The 2014 Moto G hasn’t got 4G and I can only assume that the 4G version will come out later on this year! Anyway, in addition to the Moto G there are other options from Chinese based manufacturers such as ZTE and the Blade L2 that retails at £89.99 sporting a quad-core processor and 5MP main camera! It could be the perfect handset for the less demanding user!

Although there are many inexpensive sub £100 handsets (and tablets) these days I would like to think  that some lessons have been learned from:-

Manufacturers: In the past manufacturers have put out cheap Android handsets (and tablets) that couldn’t hold many apps to make the experience worthwhile.

Retailers / Sales People: Either sales people genuinely thought that major apps were able to run from the microSD card or they just wanted to make a quick buck! Either way that is absolute CRAP!!! When consumers ask for information they ought not to be given complete and utter misinformation bull****!

Consumers: Consumers, back then, say 3 years ago, seemed unwilling to educate themselves. They either felt as though such technology was beyond their knowledge or so lazy that they’d believe the words that come out of a retailers mouth only to discover the complete opposite hours later, “Blue!!! I can’t install WhatApp!!! I get a message that says, ‘Insufficient Storage’...” If only they had paid attention! I give them great, exacting advice (if I do say so myself) and some idiot sales person goes and messes with their heads! I guess some must learn the hard way! I know I did! And I try to give my knowledge to those who seek it!

This leads me to the next question...

First off, forget about Apple and the iPhone for a moment... We’ll come back to it later!

Sony has just announced a loss of a $.1.1 Billion in revenue and, at least to me, it is not really surprising! Let me tell you about my experience when I went looking for an inexpensive handset...

As you may or may not know, I sometimes review handsets and at one time I had so many to review that it made sense to take out a small minimal SIM only contract so that I may test without disturbing the set-ups of my main handsets. Sometimes it gets quiet where handsets are concerned and so I set about filling the gap with an inexpensive Android handset.

I tried the ZTE Blade and hated it after a few days! In fact the biggest barrier that tells you about the cost effective handset is post update. Once you boot up a new handset you could be presented with a system and preinstalled apps upgrade. This function can render a handset useless as the apps become too heavy for the inadequate hardware. Then there is the subject of storage space... Storage space evaporates on these cheap handsets as you are usually given 4GB! Anyhoo!

I then looked at some budget Sony handsets and there were quite a few of them so many that I just had to abandon my search with them (Sony). To be honest the handsets were all much of a muchness: cheap, the absolute minimal hardware i.e. 1 point odd dual-core CPU, 512MB RAM and 2 to 4GB storage with a microSD card slot... This is just from memory so don’t be in a rush to shoot me down as I know that some of you are very exacting to the point of being obsessive! The point is that after looking at so many low-end Sony models it gave me a headache and I had to scratch them off my list! In the end I settled for the LG L3 model that is now doing nothing as I have upgraded since then! So, if I was able to see that these cheap Sony models were quite frankly a load of crap then so must many others. This, I think, where a lot of the $1.1 Billion went! And if I am correct in my assumption it doesn’t quite make sense given that they (again I am assuming) must work closely with Google. Sony, Samsung, HTC, etc must surely know Google’s plans to release a cost effective handset that is what I would say is the equivalent of the basic (is there any other?) iPhone! And this is why the iPhone business model works for non-MAC computer users: It’s simple! Yes, that’s it folks! With the iPhone you get a standard 16GB version that currently retails at £539, 64GB is £619 and 128GB is £699! Stop laughing! Please! Please stop laughing! If people want to spend real money on these things it’s up to them! Bwahahahahaha! Sorry! Of course one can get it on contract with an upfront cost of £99 (I think)... Not me! Hey! Wait a minute! I think the standard should now be 32GB as standard!

This simple choice does not confuse the consumer and because its great introduction to the world by the enigmatic megalomaniac Bond villanesque Steve Jobs (in The Galaxy Note Is More Than Enough)! The iPhone introduction is certainly more memorable than baby George of Prince William and what’s her name again? Ah, Kate! Princess Kate! As a result when the non-MAC computer person thinks “smartphone” the iPhone is probably the first that comes to mind followed by Samsung’s Galaxy range! Sure, the balance is changing as consumers become their own investigators but by and large many non-MAC computer folk tend to go for an iPhone because the choice is very, very simple. Apple has played on that to great effect and it doesn’t help that the tech media (and media in general) is biased towards the iPhone. I have exposed this countless times and it continues even now! Check out this article if you haven’t read it before to understand how the media brainwashes those who aren’t willing to think for themselves: iBRAINWASHED

To be fair the iPhone works remarkably well and is simple enough for most folk to get to grips with. Whereas the Android handset, in comparison, can literally bewilder some folk with the dazzling array of customization options! I have even read the comment of one person who buckled under the Android freedom of choice pressure and went iPhone! Hahahaha! It is true! When I first got stuck into my first real Android handset, the Galaxy S1, I spent most of my time customizing the way it looked!

Let me explain what iPhone users call “premium”...

Yes, yes, yes... The aluminium casing gives the impression of affluence and its small form can be likened to a jewel in the affectionate eyes of iPhone lovers around the world... A gigantic, gigantic, big, big love indeed! And for something that was once quite small in comparison to many Android handsets! Gosh! Golly!

1. 16GB as standard when it comes to storage; I don’t think that the non-technical non-MAC computer person takes that into consideration until a sales person tries his or her hardest to squeeze a bit more money out of the non-suspecting consumer wishing to participate in the smartphone experience. 16GB as a standard will ensure that the user will not quickly run out of space to run what I call the base apps: YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, LINE and lately (Facebook) Messenger. Oh, not forgetting push email!

And in the case of budget conscious folk opting for a low-end Android they think that they’d be able to run the base apps as mentioned above... WRONG!!!!

2. The operating system is snappy and it leads folk into the iTunes ecosystem; iOS is practically iTunes – if you get what I mean. The App Store is full of goodies for everyone!
Then you look over to Android... Remember, we are looking through the eyes of someone not well versed on tech! Such nontechnical folk do not really understand the difference between a low-end Android handset to the iPhone and to high-end Android! Way, way back a friend of mine wanted to get a smartphone and she was thinking about the first ever Galaxy Ace; I warned her against it as it was not powerful and the storage was not good. I recommended that she take out a contract on the Galaxy S2 (I think)... You can lead a horse to water ‘n’ all... To cut a long story short she went for the Galaxy Ace and less than a week later she complained that she couldn’t store many of the base apps. It was either Facebook or WhatsApp!

So, to the non-MAC computer oriented consumer they think of the iPhone as a “premium” handset. Some of the same people do not wish to shell out an upfront payment for it and that’s where Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note range comes in followed by other manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Sony, etc. The fast learners soon discover that the high-end Android handset offers greater premiums:-

1. A more responsive Android experience as the hardware really shifts the operating system and apps!

2. Additional storage through microSD; when you have such a great camera (mostly) you just want to use it to the full without a “memory full” message.

3.  A big screen whereby video and web surfing is a pleasure and due to the increasingly slim bezels the Android handset is still comfortable to hold.

4. Because the Android handset is usually made of polycarbonate it makes for a greater resilience to scratches, scuffs and dents. I know... I know... iPhone users can’t understand this concept. <Sighs> Me? Polycarbonate over metal any day as my Galaxy S1, 2 and 4 plus the Note 2 look exactly how they did when I opened the box! I think this is remarkable! My nephew’s iPhone 5S looks worn already with dents and scratches; it’s not even a year old!

You’ve got to hand it to Google... Google Motorola to be precise that today’s “premium” base Android handset, the Moto G 4G, can be had for £150! Here’s some quick spec:-

Android 4.4 KitKat
4.5 inch HD touchscreen
Quad-core 1.2 GHz
8GB phone storage
5MP camera
MicroSD slot, up to 32GB extra storage
2070 mAh battery capacity

Yes, compared to the iPhone there are some sacrifices i.e. the aluminium and camera but if you just use your handset to post pictures to your social networks you do not really need much more than 5MP. At least you can pay cash for it if need be! And on contract it’ll be around the £13 ballpark depending on the network provider, minutes, texts and data options. There again, it is easily possible to get the Moto G 4G SIM free and get a better SIM only deal that can include unlimited data and texts, for example, for under £20 per month!

So, what must the major Android players do now?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the Android champion that ought to clean up this year! It should do much better than the Note 3! 

In my most humble opinion I think that it’s important to cut the “low-end” out unless handsets can have at least the following as standard:-

1. 2GB RAM

2. 1.2 quad-core CPU

3. 8GB internal storage

Putting many low-end handsets on the market by today’s standards is pointless – at least for my tastes and needs!

The above, to me, should be the standard for the low-end budget market. Items like the screen size and resolution is debatable as one shouldn’t be expecting too much! The camera should easily be 5MP to 8MP going up on a pricing scale i.e. from £70 to £90. Then from there we get a mid-range handset that is very much the Moto G 3G and 4G. As the high-end is now dominated by an influx of Chinese based manufacturers the major Android players ought to leave it alone and concentrate on making these exceptional premium Android handsets such as the superlative Galaxy Note 4!

I reckon the major Android players are missing out on the lucrative market of app development. Sure, it is quite easy to pick up pirate apps through a few sources but I would like to think that the majority of us will pay a fair price for exceptional applications that can keep us away from the desk and laptops!

The Android market has loyal Samsung, LG, Sony and LG followers and I am quite sure that if they made their apps available on the Google Play Store people will purchase these apps because of the brand reputations. I envisage a free version of let’s say a video editing app, for example, and to get premium benefits such as fade effects, audio cleaning effects one could purchase a premium version. There are over a billion Android activations and the move for the major players (and others) to focus on creative quality apps could see not only great profits but the enhancement of the Android experience. This is happening already but I want to see more! I believe that Samsung kicked things off with the Galaxy Note Premium applications made only for the device. HTC have made its video editing app available on the Google Play Store and I have yet to try it. We have these great super-phones but we could do with stronger apps! At the moment I am getting some music composition joy from Caustic and G-Stomper Studio with the hope of many more apps to come to the Google Play Store market! I want to see strong apps for:-

1. Video Editing / Creation; we have 4K video recording capabilities and so it is about time we had a hardcore video editing app.

2. Publishing Apps / eBook Creation; we’ve gone digital. I rarely buy books anymore – unless I really have to and the price is right. Yes, I save on battery power when flicking through a book. But I have practically stopped buying magazines now as I have access to great apps such as Flipboard and Pulse. In addition many publications put out a lot of info on social networks. Oh, the free newspapers make for covering the floor when painting the walls!

What else?

3. Web Design; I spend a lot of time surfing the web on my handsets and newly bought tablet these days. But it’s not the mobile version – it’s the proper website. But if Google wants web designers to make websites act like an app I think we need to start creating websites on our mobile devices.

Look, I don’t know about you but I get tired of seeing these boring corporate looking sites that has come about through the great use of template oriented software and online facilities. I like sites that have a character about them and such an app can have people having a go because it is easy!

4. Photo Editing / Manipulation; move over Adobe! With these awesome cameras on the premium superphones from Samsung, Sony and LG and then the high-end premium handsets from China we need some great photo editing / manipulation software that can output print quality documents i.e. if one wanted to print a greetings card, etc at a print bureau.

5. Drawing / Illustration; with the S Pen and some Android tablets coming with a stylus I think a strong print quality drawing / illustration app is overdue! Let’s have it!

There you go! What do you reckon? Can you think of more apps? 64-bit Android is on the way! Let's get some great use out of it!

That’s something to think about!


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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


C'mon... Seriously... Get REAL!!!

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers. Are you feeling tip top? I sure hope that you are on the very best of your game and making the most of your tech! I encourage you to be independent with your creative endeavours!

Now that the wheels have fallen off the iPhone 6 Plus will the Galaxy Note 4 be an option for the disappointed?

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I recently thought I’d take a look to see what the fuss is about for myself and took a look at the iPhone 6 Plus (and standard) last weekend! When I clapped eyes on the white model on display I quickly understood why the black one is featured predominately in the promotional material. Good Friends, if you haven’t seen the iPhone 6 Plus I have to say that it looks super-bland! I can’t put it in any other way! The next thoughts that entered my head were, “Gosh! This feels flimsy! If this is what iPhone fanatics call ‘premium’ they are sadly mistaken! It doesn’t have a patch on the Galaxy Note 3 and the soon to hit the market Galaxy Note 4 & Edge!” Hmmmm, “It feels more plastic than the cheapest Android handset in my humble opinion!”

It’s funny that when “flimsy” entered my mind a few days later we see that the iPhone 6 Plus has a design flaw: it bends! I guess one could say that my iPhone fanatic detractors are eating humble pie! I never wavered from my point of view that the iPhone is not the “premium” handset as these people would like to have you believe. If I were an iPhone fan looking to share in what Android users have been experiencing for years:-

1. Large crisp displays – now QHD!

2. External storage options.

3. And, of course, Android!

I’d be very, very disappointed!

No, Apple! NO!!! The iPhone 6 Plus is uninspired and fragile; in a bid to be the thinnest the aluminium has become likened to baking / cooking foil! It is not even in the league of the first Galaxy Note! Uh-uh! The iPhone 6 Plus reminds me of the Acer Liquid S1 – big and somewhat awkward!

As always I am finding it hard to believe that Apple has sold yet another “record” 10 million odd units! And you know what? I am not being mean to Apple and iPhone fans! I actually feel quite sorry for those who have been looking forward to something quite substantial other than being bigger! Again, there is more to a “premium” phablet than being big! The design must be solid and the functionality ought to offer users many options to increase productivity!

The iPhone 6 Plus should have been constructed from a sturdier material or thicker and include a removable battery. I envisage a situation whereby a serious user will run out of battery with concentrated use. Apple would have done well to have an external power pack as an optional extra. iPhone 6 Plus users will be still looking over the shoulders of the Samsung Galaxy Note user – especially version 4 due to the QHD screen and the S Pen!

Just by looking at the two handsets, the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus, you can see which one is the better designed. Again, this is not me being “anti-Apple” as so many accuse me of being but pointing out what should be patently obvious.

There are two distinct and major camps (outside other mobile device operating systems): Android & iOS. Although I can see advantages in Android and the Galaxy Note 4 I reckon so many iPhone users, like Apple, have boxed themselves into a corner whereby they feel obligated to say, “Android? Samsung? No way!” However, the difference between Apple and Google is that Google offer cross-platform applications and try to make productivity seamless between the different platforms. Android makes it possible to be neutral towards MAC and PC so that many of its productivity applications can be outputted to a file format that these personal computer platforms can understand like MIDI for music composers; PDF for writers / journalists, etc. And because the Galaxy Note 4 has such a phenomenal functionality it has the capability to appeal to the disappointed iPhone 6 Plus users that have demanded their money back!

If you are still looking for some gigantic big, big love you ought to give the Galaxy Note 4 a try! I know that his is going to be my next handset and I am very much looking forward to it! Mmmmm... Man and machine in perfect harmony!

Things to think about...


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Yes, I am well aware that the site is due an update soon! It’s coming...

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