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Good early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers. How are you today? I am feeling pretty good of late. The was Sun is out albeit sporadically but it is better than no Sun at all! Yes, the Animation Special is on the way! Again, life has a habit of taking over an intended course of action! But the Animation Special is on the way!

Yes, as always the world of Tech is constantly throwing up all manner of things – some good and some bad! What’s happening with Google?

The Google Input / Output conference is coming up pretty fast and it seems like this year’s conference will be a pivotal one in terms of what Google brings to mobile and wearable devices.

The one thing nobody could have anticipated was the sudden departure of Google + Vic Gundotra! What on Earth happened there I wonder? It is said that it is because G+ has failed to match or surpass Facebook in terms of users. If this is true I think this is because Google have done a number of things to hurt G+...

1. Time; Google haven’t given G+ enough time to build and develop like Facebook. As massive as Google is there is no way they can spring a social network of the magnitude of Facebook metaphorically overnight. Facebook has been around for 8 years and is still going strong-ish! G+ has been around for only 3 years. Google must give their social network time to develop!

2. Google have shot themselves in the foot by insisting upon its people using their real names and as a result I am sure that this has caused all sorts of issues for individuals involved in an “Alternative” lifestyle be it music, political viewpoint, etc. It took Facebook a comparatively long time before they changed its User Name policy.

3. Annoyingly they badgered users to tie in their YouTube, Blogger and other accounts to G+. I am quite sure that G+ users would have preferred to allow their other Google accounts to develop naturally on their own. I think G+ users, like me, prefer to keep the accounts separate.

Well, that’s all I can think of at the top of my head. All of the above does not bode well with social network users. I personally feel as though Google are forcing itself upon the users. That said, I do think G+ is a great alternative to Facebook and Twitter. I find that in many ways G+ is better than Twitter in that it is easier to connections with others. And, yes, G+ - like all the social networks – has a factor of detractors, trolls, etc but it is easy to block undesirables. I also find it annoying to not only receive G+ notifications but to get them by email too????

I can only speculate that Google have changed its mind regarding the direction of G+ is going. I think we have already seen the direction... I am not sure that I like it! I’m beginning to think that Tim Cook and crew may be right about, “Google drops projects that aren’t profitable...” I just hope that Google will assign a team of visionaries to give G+ a good overhaul! I mean, just look at the recent change in the Facebook for Android app – this change has been a very good one! Google needs to assign a forward thinking team behind G+ for sure!

Hmmmm... One can never quite tell with Google... One year they are skydiving showing off Glass and the next year they are quite subdued.

I am anticipating the announcement of a 64-bit version of Android. CPU manufacturer Qualcomm are developing 64-bit CPUs as are other manufacturers. So, could it be Android 4.5 or Android 5 that will be ready to take on the 64-bit CPU? Or will there be a 4.5, Liquorice or Lollypop, before the 64-bit 5? Oh, then there’s project HERA that is said to not only bring new icons but to fuse parts of the Chrome OS; here I just hope that Android users will be able to get to use those wonderful looking Chrome apps! We’ll see!

Apparently, the Nexus range of devices is giving way for the new premium “Silver” range. Google is reputedly working with manufacturers to lose UI overlays. Some report that this move is to “take back control of Android from Samsung” but I think that’s a load of horsepoop! I think that because Google will make great changes to Android that it will look to maintain the Nexus vanilla ethos and work with manufacturers to create the best premium experience. I am sure that Samsung, HTC, LG, etc will be still releasing handsets with their own particular UI overlays. Then again if Android becomes more advanced that they won’t have to utilize custom UIs. I have always said that the likes of Samsung should offer widgets over a UI!

In any event I expect that there will be a Nexus 6 handset and Nexus 7 III tablet this year. It’d be great if the premium Silver range extended to tablets!

However, going back to the Silver handset(s)... Google are keen on banishing external storage capacity on their handsets so as a result I am expecting them to announce at least 64GB storage capacity as standard. There again, Google does want us to use their cloud service. But that’s another incident where I am not too happy with Google. Everytime I take a picture I get pestered to back it up on Google Plus and / or Drive services. I wish Google would take a step back once it has let me know that the facilities are available. I find Google too invasive at times. Gosh! I went a little off topic! Anyhoo! Could it be that HTC will be responsible for the first Silver device?

Yes, the controversial Google Glass! I do think that Google Glass will take off when it is finally available to the public. There have been some negativity towards Glass and it seems to be coming from deeply religious people who believe that it signals the beginning of Transhumanism and how the human being will become a machine. But I am sure that if one of those anti-Tranhumanist folk lost a limb that he or she would welcome a bionic one to replace it. See my GLASS: TRANSHUMANIST HYSTERIA article here:
I expect Google to announce the availability of Glass.

Smartwatches are definitely here and I envisage that Google will be announcing a few wearable models that will be on sale this year. It looks as though they are partnering with Lenovo Motorola to bring out a selection of smartwatches. Who knows if there will be a wearable computer – apart from Glass – thrown into the mix?

It is doubtful if Google will discard the Nexus concept altogether. No! I have it mind that Google will keep the Nexus concept going for cost effective handsets. I do believe that Google will announce a sub £100 Nexus handset not too dissimilar to the Moto G. According to CEO Larry Page it costs about $5 dollars to make a handset so I can only hope that the level entry Nexus will boast last year’s spec as found in the current Nexus 5. Why not? We are seeing the prices of top Samsung handsets fall quite dramatically... The Galaxy S3 is a still top notch handset – if you can live with not having 4K video. Imagine the Nexus level entry range having the innards of the Galaxy S3? Then again look at it this way: pick up a handset such as the Galaxy S3, root it and install a custom ROM that will give you the vanilla Android experience. If Google are going to announce a level entry Nexus handset they certainly have a bit of work cut out for them. I am curious as to what is going to happen there. Of course, Google may just drop the Nexus range altogether which would be rather strange given that they have established it as an excellent brand.

With the Nexus 7 III I am expecting a design that features a slimmer bezel and perhaps we’ll be seeing a multitude of different sizes i.e. 7”, 8.9” and maybe, just maybe, a 10”! I’ve heard rumours that LG, HTC and ASUS will do a tablet for Google.

In conjunction with the latest Android and Chrome OS and Chrome (browser) developments I am expecting to learn more about how Google will use HTML5 and the video format VP10 (an upgrade from 9 maybe) to create cross platform apps that can not only run on Android but iOS and Windows 8 too! Again, I am expecting to see how HTML5 will enable Android to adopt some of the ChromeOS characteristics.

HTML5 is really starting to take off now with apps and websites making use of its multimedia capabilities. Could it be that Google will announce a follow up to their one time App Inventor which is now owned by MIT that uses HTML5 routines? You just never know with Google. I think that drag and drop HTML5 apps has the potential what to be WYSIWYG is to website creation. Do you remember when it was all about hand coding to build a simple page? It’s going to be pretty much the same with apps – simple drag ‘n’ drop content to create simple apps. It would be something if Google’s Web Designer program will feature an output to APK?

I would imagine that there will be more Chromebooks and one that will feature 4G built in as well as WiFi! I am expecting something from Samsung, Dell and HP.

I find myself wondering why there isn’t a Chrome OS tablet... Perhaps that’s coming through Lenovo Motorola.

I am anticipating more on Google Maps by the way of development. I couldn’t possibly imagine that those developments can be other than all round improvements, 3D imaging and so on.

It is going to be a very exciting conference from Google this year as they keep pushing the boundaries of technology. We’ve yet to learn what these robots are going to do that they have recently acquired. I hope to learn more! Get ready!

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Above: A still done in Poser Pro! 

Above: CrazyAnimator 2 offing customization.

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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Thank you so very much for reading my articles! I do enjoy writing them very much! I just love all things tech!

Here’s a quick note to let you know that I am busy working on bringing you reviews of the finest animation programs going! Here’s what I have got in store for you:

Reallusion is one of the market leaders in accessible animation for all! I will be bringing you a review of Crazy Animator 2. I will be letting you know how much Crazy Animator has been improved! Watch out!

Poser is a 3D animation software from Smith Micro Software Inc. I have heard so much about Poser that it’s time I put it to the test! Also from Smith Micro Software Inc come Anime Studio Debut and Manga Studio.

I will be bringing you a review of all the above very, very soon!

Apologies for the delay! I’ve had a string of bad luck at the beginning of the year! But I am getting back on track! Thank you so much for your support!

Stay tuned!

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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 Above: Trash-Talk... "Business owners! Start putting these signs up and send a message to the Transhumanist trash. Speak out against Google Glass now, or forever lose your privacy!"

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Here I sit in front of the computer feeling the chill in the air even though it is sunny outside! I hope the weather is treating you well where you are in the world. I can’t wait for the summer!

Hey, have you seen the reports about Google Glass wearing people are getting physically assaulted due to paranoia over privacy? Have you also seen people drum up further hysteria regarding the human merging with electronics? Here are my thoughts...

Yes, I want to delve into the weird world of conspiracy theories albeit briefly. Before the X Files became a worldwide TV phenomenon that brought us into the realm of the paranormal we had to read about such unexplained happenings in books that mysteriously would be brought to the forefront around Halloween. I remember a book of some sort that set out to explain / theorize on phenomena such as UFO sightings, the Loch Ness Monster, spontaneous human combustion, the Biblical number of 666 pertaining to the Devil, Satanists, and Witchcraft and so on. These sort of paranormal / occult interests were, at the time, back in the 80s as I was growing up, on the fringes and was, at the time of the threat of nuclear war, at the forefront of our minds. I imagined that there will be an “antichrist” that would come along in the guise of a US president and bring about the end of wars: Armageddon. And there was a film to accompany such concerns / fears: The Omen and its sequels. If it could happen in film it could happen in real life, right?

All of a sudden there were books of Nostradamus’ predictions that “predicted” the rise of Hitler, the Kennedy assassinations and much more. Fast forward past the new millennium and the rather ominous X Files spin off, Millennium and we’re still here! Isn’t that remarkable? We also survived the Mayan 2012 prediction and yet another film depicting the end of the world as we know it! Thank goodness! But looking back it was clear to see how we were being pushed to audible hysteria as opposed to mass panic. We practically accepted our fate pre-1999 (good Prince song by the way) and some of us bought into our own demise by buying such books on Nostradamus and other seers of Doom! Me? I never bought such books; I had better things to spend my pocket money on. But I did have a reading browse at my local bookstore. Oh, not forgetting the late night TV programs pondering our imminent demise.

I also remember such late night talk shows that spoke of aliens adopting the guise of human beings that are running the show; these aliens are in governments around the world treating us humans as cattle.

But what is different about our society since the human populated the planet? We eat, drink, sleep, fornicate and defecate. Not necessarily in that order – the New World Order but our poop still stinks! Nothing is new.

Do you remember when the PC threatened to be an essential part of the home where Jehovah Witness type people were warning us that the PC is the work of the antichrist? Have you heard of people saying that they saw the Devil appear upon the computer screen? Hahahaha! Crazy, right? Before then it was the TV that was the all Seeing Eye that could look into our living rooms and monitor us. Gosh! Golly!

Yes, today the computer is not only a part of the living room furniture it is also a part of our pockets in the form of smartphones. Social networking sites have become a part of the human mental condition. Social networking was already a neurosis before the likes of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We as humans naturally form bonds through clubs (yes, I was a member of the Amiga computer club) and later on through Internet relay chatrooms (IRC) and then forums. Why, I even invented my own network of computer musicians based around a certain music making software but I didn’t have the programming knowledge to turn it into an enterprise like MySpace.

Anyhoo... I digressed a little... Now we can access just about any information online. I am sure that we’ve heard about this New World Order of Freemasons known as the Illuminati. I am quite sure that we are aware of this supposed Illuminati extensive membership list: President Obama – in fact all the Presidents; Jay Z, Kanye West, the Kardashian family, Madonna, etc! You name them and the chances are they are a member of this, er, secret, society who are in the background pulling the strings. Huh? Yes, I know... ...a contradiction in terms. However, the New World Order is on its way!

As a little boy I was rather hoping that I’d come in to a rather fortunate accident that saw my mangled beyond repair body parts be replaced by bionic ones as in the 6 Million Dollar Man TV show. At best the series inspired me to run fast and jump higher and further than anyone else at school. I was a promising athlete until late night TV and coffee put an end to my training. Hahahaha!

But anyway, if the New World Order is not enough we have to be fearful that part of that agenda is to turn mankind into a machine! GOD FORBID that my electronic mind will be run by iOS! NO!!!! But seriously... ...a short while back I wrote about the possibility of being spied upon through social network accounts and through the advent of the Motorola Moto X handset that was always on to not only listen to the command “Ok Google” but what the mic picks up through being snooped upon by government security agents. This has come to pass with the revelations coming from whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Despite the notion of Big Brother spying upon us it didn’t stop the Boston Marathon Bombers. I doubt very much that those who are doing the spying can effectively prevent crimes as in the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report. We have lived with the notion that our phones are constantly being tapped for certain suspicious key words. When viral rioting broke out in the UK after the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan several people were arrested for organizing their rioting outbreak on Facebook and Twitter; it wasn’t surprising that such arrests arose from such foolish antisocial behaviour online. Still, the people arrested weren’t hardcore terrorists with access to all manner of weaponry. But what will happen and has probably happened is that those who are intent on doing wrong will not congregate online to plan mayhem. So, the only thing left for the aliens behind the New World Order to do is to be able to arrange for mass implantation of a chip that will be able to read our minds thus the alien shadow government will be able to keep tabs on us. Genius!

That’s where Google Glass comes in... Glass is supposed to herald the start of this process... Gadzooks!!!! One day we will all have a premonition sent to us by our sponsors!

Don’t you just love it when technology introduces new terminology to the English language and possibly other languages too? I know I do! Hahaha! Goole Glass wearers have been attacked because of the fear that privacy has been breached. While I can understand that one might feel a little uneasy in front of someone wearing a device that is capable of surreptitiously taking our picture and video without our knowledge but think about it: what could we be possibly be doing in the public domain that we’d fear for our privacy being breached? What? That’s not your wife or husband! Ok, I will delete those files! Nobody cares! The fact that you fear your privacy being breached in the public domain is on your consciousness; you may be doing something that you shouldn’t be doing! Again, who is going to know about it apart from you? Who will care wearing Google Glass or not?

It is far easier to take someone’s picture without his or her consent using the smartphone. How many times have you secretly taken a photo or video of people you find attractive? How many times have your filmed / taken a photo of someone or a group of people wrong doing on your phone?  Why, just earlier on today I have taken several pictures of my neighbour placing trash in my garden recycling can!

When accessing Facebook on public transportation I am surprised that I or anyone else is not attacked for being mistaken for taking a sneaky picture or video! Most people don’t like their picture being taken and I can understand how it feels when one thinks someone is taking one’s picture in secret. We duck out of the way when someone has their camera pointing in an area that we have stumbled into. It’s natural. In Central London I am always ducking out of the way of a photographer! Sometimes I even have someone asking me if it’s ok to photograph me! Wow! It happens!

The point I am making is that some of us are too paranoid about technology let alone Google Glass! There far more disturbing ways in which our privacy can be breached!

When you went for lunch at work today to go to the cafeteria or restaurant did you leave your heavy bag in the office thinking that it is safe? Let me tell you something that happened to me... Where I used to work I thought nothing of leaving my bag in the office when I went to lunch. I have since discovered that the so called managers took it upon themselves to look into the contents of my bag while I thought it was safe upon my seat as I ate my lunch. Wonderful!


I think we are a long way off from being able to move our conscious mind into a machine. It’s ironic that those who are whipping up hysteria over Google Glass are using a computer to spread the word! I bet you any money that if that person had an unfortunate accident where a limb is irreparable that he or she would consider a bionic replacement to maintain some kind of normality.

How about people who suffer crippling pain from bone conditions that could do with a replacement? A replacement joint is not going to transform the recipient into a remote controlled robot! In fact anyone believing in this New World Order Mind Control By Alien Invaders Who Are The Shadow Unified Government is being remotely controlled by fear (of such a concept)!

It’s amazing that people can utter such amazing claims without proof and that people actually believe them!!!! I guess that’s the human condition: The Need To Live Out Tabloid Fantasy. There has always got to be some form of bogeyman or bogeywoman to sneer, aim derision at. Will we ever grow out of it through evolution?

No, I am not suggesting that the individuals who have bought Google Glass have sold out. Uh-uh! In fact I have learned that Google has sold out of the Google Glass units that were placed in a one-off sale today! It’s not surprising! Google Glass is an exciting piece of our technological evolution / revolution that has so much potential to change the way in which we interact with each other and the world.

It’s good to know that despite the far out conspiracies regarding our demise through alien wielding technology used to enslave us hasn’t stopped us from progressing. If this is an alien invasion it’s too bloody slow!!!
What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! How goes it? I hope that all is well in your world! It may please you to know that it is once again a sunny day in London Town! However, there’s a distinct arctic breeze cutting through the air!

I tell you, it’s great to see a future technology blossom. It’s greater still to be writing about it. Such a blossoming technology is Google’s Project Ara: the world’s first modular handset.

From idea to physicality can take eons but Project Ara is blazing on all cylinders and it could be on the market early 2015! You never know, it could be on the market towards the end of this year at the speed the development is going! Unlike Google Glass which seems to be taking forever to get that wearable device to the market; it’s gone on sale for one day only and for $1,500!!!??? The price seems a little steep but I am sure that the price of Google Glass will come down once it is mass produced!

Even now, Ara, the modular phone appears to be ready! My guess is that there are manufacturing details regarding the module aspect to sort out. I am also wondering if the Ara handset will be ready to launch worldwide simultaneously or just the USA in the first instance.

Last night I watched the conference from the comfort of my home office seat...

I was thrilled to see how one will be able to customize the physical modular aspects as well as how Android allows for customization through the use of wallpapers, widgets and custom launchers! It just looks fantastic! What’s more is that the base model will probably cost around $50! I am curious as to how much it would cost to have the largest size and the best modules attached! Still, I would hope that the cost will not be the equivalent to, let’s say, the latest top of the range Samsung Galaxy handset.

It was interesting to listen to the key developers speak about how the modules are magnetically shielded and how certain aspects of Android would have to change to accommodate the various modules from a myriad of manufacturers.

Technically it is possible to combine two endoskeletons together to create one heck of a phablet! I would also imagine that it’ll be possible to create a modular tablet too! Yes, it would make sense to be able to create a tablet for a specific use in mind: entertainment / leisure or heavy duty business / creative use!

I have understood that it’ll be possible to swap out components even when the handset is on! Very nice! If I heard correctly, the battery can be swapped out and there will be enough power left in the handset during the swap! Brilliant!

Once again, it’s Google that is creating the excitement regarding the mobile device market. This move can be great for the environment due to the fact that the mass of discarded electronics is having an adverse effect on the planet. You crap upstream and it comes downstream. You can’t escape it and it is heart warming to see that Google is paving the way for manufacturers to be planet friendly.

I believe that such modular components will be easier to repair and recycle. Imagine a broken screen easily replaced with a new one and the old one recycled without having to go through the current process that produces toxic waste; children in other parts of the world are removing the gold from discarded electronics while breathing in toxic smoke. Heavy metals such as nickel and mercury find its way into the water stream. The people who work at the dismantling of discarded electronics often suffer from awful skin lesions and yet they keep working for miniscule pay because they can’t afford to feed themselves. It’s unacceptable in this day and age.

These heavy metal pollutants are affecting water life, the earth – nothing can grow in the land used for dismantling electronics. It’s a crazy situation we are all creating. I try to be responsible by giving my old (fully functional) electronics to second hand charity shops in the hope that someone will find use for it. Or I take them to computer exchange shops – if the devices aren’t too antiquated.

I wonder if other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, etc will develop a modular handset too... And if it were to happen would the modules be compatible with Ara? It’d be great if other modular projects from other manufacturers would be compatible with each other thus minimalizing waste / pollution.
What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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VHS TO DVD 7.0 DELUXE (PC), £59.95


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Good morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope your morning has gotten off to a wonderful sunshine start as it is currently in London! Did you make that appointment with your GP to check on your blood pressure? You should! You don’t want to underestimate that medical phenomenon! Anyhoo! That’s enough sharing and caring on a personal level! Never let it be said that I am only interested in you for the purpose of clicking on my Google Ads! And you should! Wink, wink...

Here’s a scenario for you: You have loads of material on VHS tape i.e. your wedding video for example and you want to surprise the Missus or Mr for the anniversary and convert the analog or analogue video to digital before the tape corrodes. Do you have a PC or MAC? You are in luck!

Setting up the devices is very, very straightforward; all the cables are included to connect to a VHS recorder, camcorder, stereo, etc. If you can connect your VHS recorder, DVD / Bluray and / or a cable TV box then you can set up the Honestech video kit to your PC (laptop / desktop) or MAC. I think just about everyone has connected a composite (red, white and yellow) cable between an audio / video box of some description. The other supplied cable is a USB 2.0 cable that goes from the video box (VIDBOX) to the computer. Simple!

If your old video equipment has an S-Video connection you can also connect it to the VIDBOX only the S-Video cable is not included in the kit. Bah! Just kidding, an S-Video cable can be bought from a good electronics store. You’ll probably have one spare anyway.

If you are fortunate or unfortunate to have the early camcorders capable of HD recording you will be pleased to know that the video boxes supports HD video up to 1920 x 1080 in resolution.

Above: VIDBOX for MAC. You can see how easy it is to connect your VHS recorder and / camcorder (one device at a time) to the video capture box (VIDBOX) and to the computer. 

Here we have Video Editor 7 (in the PC version). The MAC version works with iMovie. Going back to Video Editor 7... ...Video Editor 7 is a – surprise, surprise – a video editing software that allows you to edit the captured footage where you can add a voice over, background music, etc and burn it to DVD or Bluray with custom menus. Video Editor is very, very good at what it does. The chances are you won’t need all the transition effects that come with it. The titling effects are quite impressive! It reminds me of an argument that I had with a “pro” who wanted me to edit her video footage (that I mostly shot) and use all the transition in the software. I told her that if she wants to impress professionals in her field she ought to stick to simple black fade in and outs. She wanted the kind of transitions that you’d find on those God awful “funny video” shows whereby people send in their video clips of their (fake) high jinxery! Yes, I made up the word “jinxery”! What are you going to do about it???? Huh???? Lol! Needless to say that I quit working with that woman! There’s no way that I am going to put my name to a video production full of lame transitions. YUCK!!!! So, please, get hold of these very cost effective video capturing and conversion kits for your respective systems. They each represent tremendous value in that you the cables, a cost effective capturing video box or VIDBOX as Honestech prefers and with the PC version you get video editing software that allows you to edit and create DVD / Bluray discs. Furthermore you can output video straight to YouTube and convert for devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

There are very easy to follow instructions for the most stubborn of technophobes out there. Someone with a severe lobotomy can use this video kit! Lol!


Synapse Circuit Platinum for value for money and capability! You simply CANNOT go wrong! So go right to the Honestech site and get a hold this amazing kit!

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Above: The gorgeous Galaxy Note Pro 10.1.
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Good sunny Sunday afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well in your world and I hope that the Sun is out where you are too! Mmmmm... A bit of Sun makes all the difference! I am about to have Sunday dinner with the folks and while I am waiting for my phones to charge I thought I’d bash this one out...

The ongoing and recent round of the battles between Samsung and Apple is revealing what I more or less suspected...

Really? I recall when the Galaxy S3 was launched there wasn’t much said – if anything by the way of Android. If I am correct this is when the Apple fired off their offensive against Samsung (to fleece them). I could tell that Samsung’s J.K. Shin wasn’t too happy about the prospect of entertaining an impotent Apple unable to innovate but sue competition. Uh-uh! I felt that Shin was seething underneath the spectacle of the GS3 launch or was it the Galaxy Note 2? Oh, well... I just recall that there was very little mention of Google Android.

Here’s what I am speculating... And remember I am only speculating for the purpose of writing this article. I can’t exactly prove anything...

I am speculating that Samsung felt as though Google weren’t doing enough to back them against the Apple lawsuit. I would also imagine that Samsung were thinking along the lines of: ‘Is working with Google worth the hassle?’ Over 40 million sales of the Galaxy S4 later and 30 million of the Galaxy Note 2 later I reckon Samsung has found the answer to that question: YES!!!!

And yes, I reckon Samsung felt that in the battle to squash the ridiculous notion that they “stole” from Apple that it had to compete in every way possible with the items such as S Voice and S Translator that is not too dissimilar to Google Translate and Google Search / Now. Assuming that Google asked Samsung to tone it down for the Galaxy S5 may have caused a bit of frustration. However, I am of the belief that Samsung can understand that there’s not much point in reinventing the wheel through wanting to match – if not beat – Apple at its own game with Siri, etc.

I would like to think that Samsung can now concentrate on the design of its line of Android based handsets and let the Android operating system breathe a bit more. There again, those who know how to make the most of their premium Galaxy handsets are able to decide for themselves what aspect of Android or Samsung they can use. I think it’s all good! But just one thing: I do think that by Samsung easing back on presenting a heavy TouchWiz interface overlay will do the consumer a world of good in that it prevents confusion and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the Samsung hubs! People either love, like or aren’t too enthusiastic regarding TouchWiz. I personally don’t mind TouchWiz – Nature UI, in my opinion, is the best! I do appreciate the scale back for the Galaxy S5.

Even though Samsung is working on the Tizen operating system I don’t think that they will part from Android anytime soon! Android, as you know, is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and if they take out bits of Chrome so that one can use the Chrome applications then it could be the most popular operating system period! I do hope that Sundar Pichai makes it happen! I reckon that would be the day when I will give the tired Microsoft Windows and the PC! Well, if I could run the Chrome enhanced Android on my PC instead that would be something!

Samsung would face the uphill struggle of publicizing Tizen based devices – not that it would be impossible to sell it! People who love technology would certainly buy into it – if it was radical enough! I mean, look at the recent changes in iOS – it’s Android influenced! I am almost certain that Apple will bring out some Android style widgets for a little customization for iOS8.

I wonder if there would be a possibility of dual Tizen and Android based devices in the not too distant future... Hmmmmm... I wonder...

This exaggerating of Galaxy Tab sales is no big deal! Apple does it all the time. I mean, look at the “record breaking” sales of the iPhone 5S and then the fall in value of its shares. Apple knows all about the tricks of exaggeration as they do it all the time: every press opportunity and launch they exaggerate everything! No one is going to forget Apple Maps in a hurry – especially if you ended up getting lost when using it. But they talked it up so much in the press launch that you thought that Google Maps was in trouble! Uh-uh!

Regarding the Galaxy Tab, Samsung has to get over the huge hype that Apple has made of its iPad. With every version of the Galaxy Tab the wall of the iPad hype gets broken down in the eyes of the consumer. I have always preferred the Galaxy / Android tablet over the iPad for the materials alone; metal and glass is so very overrated. Again, we want durability in our devices. Durability equals longevity and the iPad (especially the Air) is stunning to look at but you’re afraid to take it outside in case you drop it and it sort of remains a rich person’s toy.

Samsung tablets and Android tablets in general are now seeping into the mainstream in a big way! The consumer is starting to realize that the “i” in iPhone, Pod and Pad stands for iTunes and that’s where Apple wants to keep the consumer hence no external memory options! Just ask the parents who have been faced with massive credit card bills from child’s play! This is to say that children accidently building up huge bills through Google Play Store can’t happen but it’s far more frequent with the App Store. There are more controls to accommodate children built into Android tablets. Not to mention the various Android tablets aimed at children! The cost conscious parent can save their hard earned money! That said, many children ask their parents for the iPad because of the esteem that Apple has managed to imbue into the product.

Yes, it’s an understatement to say that Samsung has its work cut out to maintain their lead at the top but their Pro Galaxy Tab tablets speak volumes. It’s got to a point whereby Apple, at this moment in time, isn’t able to compete with Samsung. Samsung’s competition is going to be the hungry Chinese manufacturers looking to break into the marketplace. If I am correct there are a couple of handsets that already boast a QHD screen that come from China: Vivo and Oppo! I am sure that Samsung will follow suit with the rumoured Galaxy F range of new devices.

But for now Apple is not in the race! Samsung remains the overall winner no matter what the court decides.

Hey, don't take my word for it... Here: - Galaxy Pro Series
What do you reckon?

Full review coming very soon....

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Friday, 11 April 2014


Android & Chrome merging will give us even more devices to choose from!

#Google #Android #Chrome #AndroidChromeMerge

Good evening / early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! What’s happening with you? I hope that all is well with you and yours! I had to visit the dentist earlier... The anaesthetic is finally wearing off! I’d like to invent anaesthetic chewing gum as it will:

A) Prepare you for a dentist visit.
B) Prepare you for an argument with your nearest and dearest!

Lately I have been reading of a possible merger of Google Android and Chrome to happen this June to coincide with the Google i / O conference this year. A couple of years ago (at least) I had it in mind that such a merge was inevitable.

Whatever the next version of Android will be called I think it is going to be pretty darned amazing. There’s a lot of scope to be had from merging Chrome with Android.

When Sundar Pichai took the reins from Andy Rubin one of the things he stated was that there’s no plans to merge Android and Chrome yet it seems to be happening what with Google Now becoming integrated into Chrome with Voice Search. Hmmmm... I wonder if my mic input is being tapped... Hmmm... Anyway, I wonder how difficult it would be to actually merge Android with Chrome. It seems to me that Google has a split personality by having two separate operating systems. Still, it’s better than a bipolar Apple in that iOS is cannibalizing OS X and they are not happy with themselves; one minute there’s euphoria regarding the next iPad and then comes the depression when the iPhone 5C bombs, iPhone 5S – with the exception of the 64-bit processor – is pretty much behind the competition.

Luckily for Google it doesn’t manufacture anything and will not suffer like Apple is suffering. You have to acknowledge that Google is doing remarkably well with its Android Nexus devices and Chromebooks!  But just think of the potential that can be had with the Android and Chrome merge.

With Android and Chrome merging it creates a unified ecosystem whereby Android can run Chrome apps and vice versa!

I was wondering why Google shut down devices that featured a dual Android and Windows boot. Do you remember the Samsung ATIV Q (at least I think that’s what it’s called)? The ATIV Q looked like a sweet bit of tech that was poised to wow the world and all of a sudden it was a no go! And recently Asus got the Google treatment to stop the release of dual Android and Windows devices. But that was all of a sudden; one Tech minute Google didn’t seem to mind such dual devices and the next they are pulling their support.

I think the reason behind Google pulling their blessing is because:

A) Microsoft has been raging an anti-Google trust campaign. That’s bound to piss Google off.
B) The Android and Chrome merge is happening.

Can you imagine the potential? Apple would have a meltdown due to the fact that Google would have created a uniform operating system that can run on handsets, tablets and Chromebooks, etc. And if that became a reality my PC days would be numbered.

What stops me buying a Chromebook is that I have two solid PCs and none of which can play a 4K video clip! However, the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 is able to record and playback 4K video. So, in order for me to work with 4K video on my PC is for me to invest into a new monitor and most likely upgrade the CPU and RAM. With each passing day the PC is becoming less relevant.

Android mobile devices would take on a whole new meaning! What are the odds that Google announce a 64-bit Android / Chrome this June?

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014


This is one time I was glad to be a part of the crowd! Photo taken with the Galaxy S4.
10 APRIL 2014
#Samsung #GalaxyS5 #GS5 #Gear2 #Gear2Neo #GearFit #London #Stratford

Good early morning / late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you tonight? I hope that all is well and that you had a brilliant day!

Earlier on – yesterday evening I went along to the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch in London’s Olympic Stratford City!

I managed to get to the Samsung store located in Stratford within the massive mall that is Westfield! “The first 100 people get a prize...” Yeah, right! Lol! There couldn’t have been more than 50 in the queue at the time of my arrival and it was about 18:50 when I was able to get into the store.

Once I got in the atmosphere was jubilant! There were drinks in the form of champagne and orange juice. And there were some nibbles too – balls of vegetables with cheese and meat alternatives.

Note: There were many people in the queue with iPhones! Gosh! Hahaha! It seems that all the publicity that Apple is giving Samsung through the constant lawsuits has paid off! Hee hee hee...

The Samsung store was packed out and a vast number of the attendees came to pick up their handset! It was quite astonishing to see people queuing up inside to collect their pre-ordered Galaxy S5. But there again it is the one of the most innovative handsets on the planet right now!

The store floor, as you’d expect, was filled with Galaxy S5s and the Gear 2 wearable devices! I spent quite a bit of time with the Galaxy S5!

I’ve been reading up on the so called appraisals by the usual tech-media suspects that have the GS5 as “not much of an improvement on the GS4...” WRONG!!!! VERY!!!!

I am the proud owner of the GS4 and when I compared the two I was pretty much blown away by how different the GS5 actually is!

For starters the Galaxy S5 is substantially bigger without while retaining its identity as a handset and not a phablet.

Gone is the shiny plastic back plate that houses the battery, etc and in its place is the velvety perforated material that will prove to be fingerprint (and all the greasiness that comes with fingers) resistant. The velvet texture makes the GS5 so much nicer to handle – so much so that the size increase is not an issue at all!

“DazPlay” is what happens when you combine the words “dazzling” and “display”! The 5.1” full HD Super AMOLED screen is probably one of – if not – the best screen I have ever seen thus so far! The display goes beyond superlatives! The screen is really that brilliant (see what I did there?)! 


Above is a picture taken with the Galaxy S5; I didn't have enough time to set the camera up. I did record some 4K and full HD video that I couldn't send as the files were way to big! The other pictures were taken with my GS4!

The 16MP camera is definitely a huge improvement – especially as the focus is almost instantaneous! I managed to take a few shots and I was suitably impressed with the results although I would welcome the opportunity to test the camera thoroughly!

Yes, the Fingerprint Unlock really works! Don’t be fooled by the media claiming that it’s “dodgy”. Uh-uh! I saw a demonstration whereby it was fingerprint locked and it couldn’t be unlocked by some of audience – including me – invited to test it. When the GS5 got back to the demonstrator he was able to unlock it without a hitch!

Let me tell you right now that the 2.5GHz quad-core processor shifts! The interaction was snappy and I couldn’t detect any lag in the interface.

Websites launch instantaneously as does apps. Ok, I couldn’t test everything but from what I saw I was very happy with it!

The TouchWiz overlay is somewhat subdued and that makes TouchWiz less intrusive to those who like the minimalist vanilla Android feel; it’s a good compromise between the two. I like that I can say, “Ok, Google” and up pops Google Now!

There again, I can’t say that I have any complaints about TouchWiz post GS3. I thought TouchWiz on the Galaxy S2 was a tad heavy and I had to replace both Google Android and TouchWiz with a CyanogenMod custom ROM that has extended the life of my GS2! Anyhoo... ...the combination of Android KitKat and TouchWiz Nature UX is sweet! There’s even a magazine-type of interaction that is similar to the news feed of HTC Sense. But the way Samsung has done it is very pleasing; it doesn’t dominate but fits in to the scheme of things.

WOW!!!! The Galaxy S5 should do well!


Venue: 10 / 10.

The Samsung Stratford City store is a very grand and spacious venue.

Officials: 8 / 10.
The Samsung team were very knowledgeable and helpful. I wasn’t impressed with not getting my free prize for being amongst the first 100 people through the door! Ha!

Materials: 10 / 10.
We didn’t have to wait long to have a play with the Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 wearable devices.

Check out the pics and video from the event here: Media

I will leave you with the specifications once more!


LTE Cat.4 (150/50Mbps)

5.1” FHD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080)

2.5GHz Quad core application processor

Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat)

16MP (rear), 2.0MP (front)

UHD@30fps, HDR, video stabilization
Video Codec : H.263, H.264(AVC), MPEG4, VC-1, Sorenson Spark, MP43, WMV7, WMV8, VP8
Video Format: MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM

Audio Codec : MP3, AMR-NB/WB, AAC/ AAC+/ eAAC+, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC

HDR (Rich tone), Selective Focus, Virtual Tour Shot, Shot & More

IP67 Dust and water Resistant
Ultra Power Saving Mode
Download Booster
S Health 3.0
Quick Connect
Private Mode
Kids Mode

Google Mobile Services: Chrome, Drive, Photos, Gmail, Google, Google+, Google Settings, Hangouts, Maps, Play Books, Play Games, Play Newsstand, Play Movie & TV, Play Music, Play Store, Voice Search, YouTube

WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac HT80, MIMO(2x2)
Bluetooth®: 4.0 BLE / ANT+
USB: USB 3.0
IR Remote

Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, Hall, RGB ambient light, Gesture (IR), Finger Scanner, Heart rate sensor

Internal Memory: 16/32GB
microSD slot upto 64GB

142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm, 145g

2800 mAh
Standby time: 390 hrs / Talk time: 21 hrs

What do you reckon?

Full review coming very soon....

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Above: Samplitude Music Studio 2014 main interface displaying the MIDI editor and mixing desk.  

#MAGIX, #MusicStudio2014 #Samplitude

Good Hour, Synapse Circuit Readers! As always I hope that all is well in your world! Life is great and greater when we take the time to enjoy it!

One of the many, many ways in which we can enjoy life is through making music! Check out the latest Music Studio from Magix!

Essentially, Music Studio 2014 is a studio suite that is aimed at the musician, producer and band. It’s a different beast to the Music Maker program that is more aimed at the computer musician. Read the review here if you haven’t read it already:
Music Studio comes from the mammoth music software, Samplitude Pro for the consummate professional music producer and from it you have the essential ingredients to produce music.

The interface has 5 modes for your comfort: Professional, Easy, Standard, Recording and Export. Easy mode gives you the basics as the full blown professional interface may come across as intimidating if coming from simpler applications such as the aforementioned Music Maker.

However, Music Studio is pretty much straightforward to operate no matter what interface is selected; it’s probably easier to start in easy mode to get the composition started and switch to professional mode for more intricate details. The demos show off the interfaces admirably.

What’s more is that if you have a touch screen computer you can drag and drop sound files in tracks, etc.

Working with Music Studio is always a pleasure as it simplifies the music production process. As a (dormant) solo artist I have to say that I have a preference for the Music Maker program but I can work in Music Studio just as easily! Where Music Studio comes into its own is with the recording facilities available such as the MR-128 that allows the quick recording of up to 6 instruments and two effects buses. But you can record up to 128 tracks simultaneously.

With the 2014 version we have the DN-e1 analogue synthesizer that comes with a great array of presets for bass, drums, leads, pads and so much more! The sound quality is awesome and it is quite easy to tweak the preset sounds to create an individual sound!

There are other instruments in the form of:-

Power Guitar*
Vintage Organ
Pop Brass

Electric Piano

* You have to download Power Guitar once the program has installed!

For the vocally non pitch perfect there’s Vocal Tune that allows the manual adjustment of pitch.

And, finally, there is the Mastering Suite 4 that allows for “auto mastering”. Auto Mastering, when clicked, will optimize the overall sound of the composition; it works very, very well and, naturally, you can use other presets and / or tweak until your ear is content!

What’s not love about Samplitude Music Studio 2014? Take the Mastering Suite for example; it is so, so very easy to master your tracks for the purpose of burning to CD, MP3, etc. Professionals will tell you that you MUST use the arcane expertise services of a mastering studio. Uh-uh! That is a thing of the past! Still on the subject of mastering... ...there are so many awesome music software out there at various prices – even free – that have all the effects for mastering but do not make it as easy to add the polish to the finished composition. Often such software expects the user to be familiar and have some expertise with mastering a track. Both Samplitude Music Studio and Music Maker make mastering an absolute breeze! All the guess work is removed!

Of course, Samplitude Music Studio is compatible with VST instruments and effects in addition to the set of instruments and effects included by default (with exception to the Power Guitar that has to be downloaded). The default instruments and effects are outstanding in sound quality – they are certainly not toys! You can also purchase more Magix instruments from its website.

Because Samplitude Music Studio 2104 is a derivative of the professional program, Samplitude, the MIDI facilities is solid! I actually like working with the MIDI editor. If it were up to me I would combine the Samplitude Music Studio 2014 MIDI editor to replace the one in Music Maker and will work in the same way i.e. by double clicking on the track one can start composing / editing in step-time! But that said, I could work in Samplitude Music Studio very comfortably!

Although Samplitude Music Studio (2104) is aimed at the musician, band and producer it shouldn’t be overlooked by the computer musician who prefers to edit music together as opposed to play and record it from manual dexterity. Music Studio is more than capable and represents excellent value for money!

There is a standard version that retails for £49.99 but the “Samplitude” version is the best! I’d advise anyone considering expensive DAWs to purchase Samplitude Music Studio and use the surplus cash to purchase great instruments and effects! Samplitude Music Studio 2014 has it all!

Watch out for a competition where you can win this awesome digital audio workstation!

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Above: Is this the Galaxy F? This one is supposed to be rockin' a QHD screen!
#Samsung #GalaxyS5 #GS5 #SamsungvsApple #GalaxyS5Prime #Unpacked2 #Gear #Apple

Good late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that you had a wonderful day! And if your day is unravelling where you are there is still time!

Yes, reviews are coming this week! I just have to catch up on the latest Tech-News! Please be patient! I have some great products lined for you!

The official UK launch of the Galaxy S5 is a couple of days away and I hope to cover the event in East London! But in the meantime...

The latest Tech-War battle has revealed a lot about Apple that has confirmed the speculative Synapse Circuit articles concerning the inadequacy of Apple products. Jobs, Cook and Schiller fears Android and Samsung (and I bet LG, Asus, Lenovo / Motorola and many Android manufacturers) and that the lawsuits are attempts to put a spanner in the works of Samsung especially as they are doing wonders in the smartphone and tablet market! No matter what Apple does in or out of court they give Samsung so much publicity inadvertently that it could render the lawsuits a total waste of time! I do think that Samsung is will claim more of a percentage of handsets this year over the iPhone. We’ll see...

You may be aware that Apple is going to have its developer conference in 2 – 6 June. So, my guess is that Samsung will launch the devices based on the S5 (such as S5 Zoom, S5 Active and perhaps this elusive “Prime” model that people are still talking about) not too far from the Apple WWDC!

Predicting the WWDC I can see an update to the iOS7, OS X, a smartwatch (iWatch), Apple TV and most likely the iPhone 6 that will sport a 4.7” screen and 4” screen for those who are happy with the screen as it is.

And there will probably be the second generation iPhone C – 5C.  

Also form Samsung it is possible that they could use the opportunity to launch the Galaxy F which may or may not be the “Prime” model.

Ooooh, yes! As has proven to be the case with Samsung’s designs from the S3 up – it’s only when you have the handset in your hands do you appreciate the beauty of it! I had one in my hand yesterday evening and I WANT ONE!!!! I can hardly wait to attend the official UK event in Stratford East London.

I hope to bring you footage of the London event!

Samsung is said to have made great progress in producing a material called “Graphene” that is used to make flexible screens. If it were up to Samsung they would have had a handset with a flexible screen out on the market already! Maybe, just maybe The “F” in this rumoured Galaxy F could stand for “Flexible”.

Samsung is also said to be launching a Gear model that works as a standalone phone that uses a SIM card. I can envisage the use of a flexible screen in that model too!

Samsung has to keep up with its innovation and therefore we will be seeing a lot more from them this year! The S5 hasn’t quite reached the UK yet but there is the Galaxy Ace Style budget handset that’s on its way and the second generation Galaxy Camera is already on the market and it looks so much better than last year’s effort!

What do you reckon?

I am hoping that I can bring you reviews as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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#Apple #Samsung #ApplevsSamsung #iPhone6 #iPhone6Rumours

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? Apologies for the lack of articles and reviews for the last couple of weeks... I’ve been going through some issues. I recommend that you ought to see your GP for a blood pressure assessment. Blood pressure is a silent killer! DO NOT take your health for granted!

Now what have I missed in the delightful world of tech? Ah, yes! Apple vs. Samsung yet again! Thank goodness for the smartphone as it has allowed me to follow both sides of the equation.


It’s no surprise to learn that Samsung – like any tech rival – would want to create competing products to rival if not usurp the competition. As you know, when the iPhone was launched it was done with great pomp that only the late Steve Jobs could deliver. Please put your pants back on – I want bore them off you! Lol!

The iPhone was presented as the greatest thing to have happened in the evolution of mobile phones. Some people fell for it and some didn’t. If you have read my articles on the iPhone and the exclusion of Adobe Flash, the shortcomings of the iOS etc then you will know that the iPhone was mainly smokescreens and mirrors. What did Apple think would happen where the mobile marketplace is concerned? Did Jobs and co think that the marketplace was theirs for the taking and that there will be no competition?? That’s apparently what he thought! Imagine if there was only ONE television manufacturer in the whole world. That’s right: it’s impossible.

That’s right, Apple are going after Samsung and not Google indirectly. Forget this nonsense over “copying” because what is really at the heart of the constant lawsuits is the fact that Apple has underestimated the mobile devices marketplace. Yes, it’s that simple. Apple has always promoted itself as cutting edge but how can it be cutting edge when it doesn’t have a device that can compete with the Galaxy Note (3), it hasn’t get a cost effective tablet for all the family and even the (in)famous retina screen has been surpassed by first the larger Android screen and subsequently by larger HD screens and design?!

So, the idea that Apple is indirectly attacking Google is incorrect. They are attacking Samsung simply because Samsung’s products are better. Sure, the iOS devices have an advantage of quality apps from day one but after playing around with my nephews iPhone 5S I can see that quality apps is becoming less of an issue on Android.

The legacy of Jobs is to launch a “thermonuclear” and “holy” war on Android and Samsung as recent emails have further revealed in more detail. It’s nothing that Synapse Circuit didn’t know already. Instead of producing competitive products, Apple have decided to make its revenue from lawsuits that use nationalism, the US Presidency and outright inadequacy disguised as “patent infringement” to win sympathy and ultimately the suit. Sadly for Apple fanatics, the constant lawsuits show that Apple is unable to compete with great products. What a shame. This latest lawsuit has revealed that fact: Apple cannot compete with the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.

It has been revealed that Apple’s Phil Schiller has been unhappy with what I assume to be the iPhone adverts. The iPad adverts look a lot better because the product is of a higher standard. Oh, there were some “Genius” adverts that bombed too!

When I look at the iPhone ads I just cringe with embarrassment. The iPhone ads have more to do with propaganda and nationalism. I think that an ad should tell you about the product to make you want it. Apple ads are a stark contrast to Samsung ads! I think the Galaxy S3 ads were the best that I have ever seen at that time and since! The S3 ads sold me on the camera, the hand gestures, design, etc. And of course, those wonderful Anti-Apple Fanboy / girl adverts that delightfully takes the Mickey out of the adoring queuing iPhone fans, “The next big thing is already here!”

It comes as no surprise as to why Apple’s Phil Schiller is unhappy with the adverts.

Check this ad: Would you give it thumbs up?

Apart from the (in)famous “Thumb” video proclaiming the “Common Sense of Hand Science” (above) the other reason for Apple to keep the iPhone screen size under 5” is because anything looking like a phablet will eat into the iPad mini and iPad market. At lot of iPad users would simply use the iPhablet than to spend money on a tablet that will be outdated in a year’s time.

The iPad has eaten into the sales of the Mac computers, the iPad mini has eaten into the sales of the iPad and an iPhablet would certainly eat into both the iPad mini and iPad market.

We’ll see! And if by some great effort from Apple that they produce an iPhone over 4.7” would that give Samsung a cause for a lawsuit? Probably!

What do you reckon?

Standby for some reviews...

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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Thursday, 3 April 2014


#MAGIX, #XARA #Photo&GraphicDesigner9

Good late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well with you! I wish I could say the same... I do apologize for the recent lapse in articles / reviews due to personal issues. But I am happy to say that things are looking up!

Here’s some great news for photo editors and graphic designers!

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 - Ideal Software for all Photo Editing, Illustration and Graphic Design Needs!

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer v9 is the perfect software choice for all your photo and graphic design work, with powerful photo editing and enhancement features, and truly flexible illustration and design tools.

Main New Features Include:

Advanced Healing Brush – remove blemishes with a single click, or brush over an area to erase it.

New Mask and Selection tools. Easily paint, or draw a region or area to enhance, such as adjust the brightness, sharpness, colour temperature etc.

Advanced background erase. Extract complex shapes such a people or objects in the foreground, and place them on alternate backgrounds.

Drag and drop re-colouring of clipart and vector groups.

Google Font support. Browse, preview and install any of the 600+ Google Fonts. Although Google Fonts were primarily designed to be web fonts, they are open source Truetype or OpenType fonts and Xara has built in a way to automatically download and install the font as a Windows font.

11 new Photo Effects including Fake HDR, Polarized Grayscale and Colour Splash to highlight a colour.

New clipart including a wide range of ‘company logo’ designs.

Most of Xara's photo editing tools are non-destructive. Also known as 'parametric image editing', this non-destructive technique allows you to adjust or even remove edits at any point in the future, without affecting the original image. Photo edits are stored as the parameters to be changed (such as brightness or blend levels) rather than the altered pixels. This is much faster, more powerful, more memory efficient, and allows near infinite Undo.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer introduces some really advanced photo editing features. An automatic background erase that normally takes hours of careful manual masking (or would be impossible), can be done in seconds. The Healing Brush is built on what Xara believe to be the most advanced intelligent 'fill in' algorithms anywhere. The new Mask and Selection tools make it easier than ever to apply edits to specific areas, and to have those edits seamlessly blended into your photo.

Charles Moir, Managing Director of Xara said: "As the name suggests 'Photo & Graphic Designer' is more than just another photo editor. It's one of the most advanced and powerful vector graphics programs available, and seamlessly combines all the photo editing features you're likely to need. Why should you have to use one program for general vector 'artwork' style graphics and another for photo editing, when you can get one, really fast, really easy-to-use graphics program that does it all? It's simply the most advanced photo and graphics editing tool available, for the money."

Price & Availability:

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9 is available £69.99 (inc VAT)
It operates on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 /8.1
For more information please see -

About Xara Group Ltd:
Xara, founded in 1981, was one of the oldest independent software developers in the UK, until it was acquired by Magix AG in 2007. Xara continues to develop innovative graphics, website building, and document publishing tools, which are marketed around the world under both the MAGIX and Xara brand names.

MAGIX is a leading international provider of high-quality software, online services and digital contents for multimedia communications. Since 1993, MAGIX has been developing leading technologies for creation, editing, management and presentation of photos and graphics, videos and music. Internationally, MAGIX operates from branches in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The product range is targeted towards laymen and professionals alike and goes beyond the PC range to include seamlessly integrated online and mobile applications.

According to its retail sales figures, MAGIX leads in the multimedia software sector in the most important European markets, and is one of the most successful competitors in the USA. Fifteen years of market presence as well as one thousand awards worldwide testify to the company's power of innovation.

Review and competition coming soon...

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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