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Above: The gorgeous Galaxy Note Pro 10.1.
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Good sunny Sunday afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well in your world and I hope that the Sun is out where you are too! Mmmmm... A bit of Sun makes all the difference! I am about to have Sunday dinner with the folks and while I am waiting for my phones to charge I thought I’d bash this one out...

The ongoing and recent round of the battles between Samsung and Apple is revealing what I more or less suspected...

Really? I recall when the Galaxy S3 was launched there wasn’t much said – if anything by the way of Android. If I am correct this is when the Apple fired off their offensive against Samsung (to fleece them). I could tell that Samsung’s J.K. Shin wasn’t too happy about the prospect of entertaining an impotent Apple unable to innovate but sue competition. Uh-uh! I felt that Shin was seething underneath the spectacle of the GS3 launch or was it the Galaxy Note 2? Oh, well... I just recall that there was very little mention of Google Android.

Here’s what I am speculating... And remember I am only speculating for the purpose of writing this article. I can’t exactly prove anything...

I am speculating that Samsung felt as though Google weren’t doing enough to back them against the Apple lawsuit. I would also imagine that Samsung were thinking along the lines of: ‘Is working with Google worth the hassle?’ Over 40 million sales of the Galaxy S4 later and 30 million of the Galaxy Note 2 later I reckon Samsung has found the answer to that question: YES!!!!

And yes, I reckon Samsung felt that in the battle to squash the ridiculous notion that they “stole” from Apple that it had to compete in every way possible with the items such as S Voice and S Translator that is not too dissimilar to Google Translate and Google Search / Now. Assuming that Google asked Samsung to tone it down for the Galaxy S5 may have caused a bit of frustration. However, I am of the belief that Samsung can understand that there’s not much point in reinventing the wheel through wanting to match – if not beat – Apple at its own game with Siri, etc.

I would like to think that Samsung can now concentrate on the design of its line of Android based handsets and let the Android operating system breathe a bit more. There again, those who know how to make the most of their premium Galaxy handsets are able to decide for themselves what aspect of Android or Samsung they can use. I think it’s all good! But just one thing: I do think that by Samsung easing back on presenting a heavy TouchWiz interface overlay will do the consumer a world of good in that it prevents confusion and a feeling of being overwhelmed by the Samsung hubs! People either love, like or aren’t too enthusiastic regarding TouchWiz. I personally don’t mind TouchWiz – Nature UI, in my opinion, is the best! I do appreciate the scale back for the Galaxy S5.

Even though Samsung is working on the Tizen operating system I don’t think that they will part from Android anytime soon! Android, as you know, is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and if they take out bits of Chrome so that one can use the Chrome applications then it could be the most popular operating system period! I do hope that Sundar Pichai makes it happen! I reckon that would be the day when I will give the tired Microsoft Windows and the PC! Well, if I could run the Chrome enhanced Android on my PC instead that would be something!

Samsung would face the uphill struggle of publicizing Tizen based devices – not that it would be impossible to sell it! People who love technology would certainly buy into it – if it was radical enough! I mean, look at the recent changes in iOS – it’s Android influenced! I am almost certain that Apple will bring out some Android style widgets for a little customization for iOS8.

I wonder if there would be a possibility of dual Tizen and Android based devices in the not too distant future... Hmmmmm... I wonder...

This exaggerating of Galaxy Tab sales is no big deal! Apple does it all the time. I mean, look at the “record breaking” sales of the iPhone 5S and then the fall in value of its shares. Apple knows all about the tricks of exaggeration as they do it all the time: every press opportunity and launch they exaggerate everything! No one is going to forget Apple Maps in a hurry – especially if you ended up getting lost when using it. But they talked it up so much in the press launch that you thought that Google Maps was in trouble! Uh-uh!

Regarding the Galaxy Tab, Samsung has to get over the huge hype that Apple has made of its iPad. With every version of the Galaxy Tab the wall of the iPad hype gets broken down in the eyes of the consumer. I have always preferred the Galaxy / Android tablet over the iPad for the materials alone; metal and glass is so very overrated. Again, we want durability in our devices. Durability equals longevity and the iPad (especially the Air) is stunning to look at but you’re afraid to take it outside in case you drop it and it sort of remains a rich person’s toy.

Samsung tablets and Android tablets in general are now seeping into the mainstream in a big way! The consumer is starting to realize that the “i” in iPhone, Pod and Pad stands for iTunes and that’s where Apple wants to keep the consumer hence no external memory options! Just ask the parents who have been faced with massive credit card bills from child’s play! This is to say that children accidently building up huge bills through Google Play Store can’t happen but it’s far more frequent with the App Store. There are more controls to accommodate children built into Android tablets. Not to mention the various Android tablets aimed at children! The cost conscious parent can save their hard earned money! That said, many children ask their parents for the iPad because of the esteem that Apple has managed to imbue into the product.

Yes, it’s an understatement to say that Samsung has its work cut out to maintain their lead at the top but their Pro Galaxy Tab tablets speak volumes. It’s got to a point whereby Apple, at this moment in time, isn’t able to compete with Samsung. Samsung’s competition is going to be the hungry Chinese manufacturers looking to break into the marketplace. If I am correct there are a couple of handsets that already boast a QHD screen that come from China: Vivo and Oppo! I am sure that Samsung will follow suit with the rumoured Galaxy F range of new devices.

But for now Apple is not in the race! Samsung remains the overall winner no matter what the court decides.

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