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Good evening / early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! I find it so funny that certain tech revelations are contradicting practically 98% of Apple’s recent WWDC...

Samsung has surpassed Apple as the most profitable handset maker in the world. But this is not surprising to me at all. This revelation should not come as a surprise to you too! To be fair Apple has only the one model, the iPhone (5). On the other hand Samsung has a multitude of handsets for different markets around the world – some of which you may never have heard of unless you take a keen interest in mobile technology!

Very, very sadly for Apple and its hardcore fan base, Cook did not drop the idiotic lawsuits as he said he would... Did he say he would? Or did he indicate that he would? Whatever! Cook just wasted valuable time pursuing a vendetta left by Jobs. You know this already! Nuff said!

I have said it once... A thousand times... And I say it again: Apple does not innovate. Apple reinvents. There’s nothing wrong with reinventing concepts that didn't quite make the grade the first time around like the Tablet PC by Microsoft, but technological advancement is not a vulture waiting for a carcass to pick clean. That’s not a good survival strategy in Silicon Valley! As you can see, the ‘Vulture Strategy’ hasn't worked for Apple at all!

Samsung, on the other hand, have worked hard on building a reputation as technological innovators. The Note is one of the best things that happened to the mobile industry and the Galaxy S concept just kept making great leaps! The Galaxy Beam is another milestone and has potential for development; imagine a projector on the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Tab and so on. There’s scope!

Just look at the Galaxy S4 Zoom as a great example of innovation; it sold out upon release in London. I want one! I can't say that I have heard of the iPhone selling out like that. The difference between Apple and Samsung is that Apple feels the need to create a circus-like buzz surrounding the sales of an updated handset (plus iPad and iPod) whereas Samsung’s successes go quietly in the background. I do also believe that Apple does tricks like limiting the amount of handsets upon first release to create a sense of demand.

Another aspect of Samsung’s enduring success is that their premium handsets remain at the top of the chain because of the strong specifications that keeps them relevant today! The Samsung Galaxy S2 still sells even now and each day I am seeing more people with them! Now the Galaxy S3 has come down to £17 a month on rental and it’s still a phenomenal phone! We're in financially hard times and the S3 makes for a great purchase at £17 a month! So, the S3 mini must have come down significantly too! At £13 per month the S3 mini is a fantastic deal! I wish I could replace my HTC Desire with it! But there again, for £4 more I have the ability to record full HD with the 8MP camera compared to the 5MP camera in the S3 mini.

Apple doesn't yet have a mini iPhone and the 4S isn't as strong as the S2 or S3. Rumour has it that Apple is going to use the iPhone 4S for the budget handset that is said to be due later this year and therefore the iPhone 4S will be taken off the market. Apple is going to have to come up with a better strategy to stay in the game! Let’s not forget that there are other strong contenders in the handset game namely LG, Asus are looking to throw in their hat and a few Chinese manufacturers with a hunger to make a big impact on the market. To say that Apple has its work cut out for them is an understatement. And how can I forget the imminent launch of the Google Motorola Moto X? I don't see how Apple can come back with their current offerings; the iPhone 6 has to be radical!

Recently Apple has been dealt another blow: US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has thrashed Apple’s claim to the “pinch to zoom” patent. The patent is one used by Apple in a lawsuit against Samsung last year and such a loss at this stage in the Tech War could mean a huge loss for Apple. Can you imagine that? Apple are essentially looking to pick from Samsung’s success rather than to invent. It’s crazy!

The lawsuits haven't done Apple any favours at all, they look weak and petty. People say that I am too harsh when I say that Apple thinks that innovation is the opening of another shop somewhere in the world. “That’s amazing...” Hmmm, not really... “That’s fantastic...” Er, no... You're just selling the iPhone, iPad and a few Macbooks, so what? I reckon a Samsung shop would be a far more interesting experience because they have a vast amount of devices from Android to Windows and not forgetting that they do cameras, camcorders, TVs, etc. I am going to visit a Samsung store in London’s Stratford where the Olympics was held this weekend. I am certain that it’s going to blow me away!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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#Acer #S1 #Phablet

Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope you’re doing well and making the most out of your tech! Are you in the market for a phablet this year but wish to avoid paying premium prices? Check this out!

Here are three reasons why you should be interested in the S1 phablet:

1. Seamless business flow via AcerCloud and wireless presentation and print anywhere.
2. The 88 degree wide front camera captures more and has a personal mobile studio with movie maker.
3. Perfect control and boosted productivity with voice unlock, float caller so you never leave apps again and auto profile adjusts to where you are.

Display:                        5.7", HD (1280 x 720), 257 PPI
Main camera:               8 MP auto-focus, f2.0, 28 mm lens, BSI sensor, LED flash, 1080p video
Front camera:              2 MP, f2.2, 24 mm lens, 88° wide angle, BSI sensor, 720p video
Processor:                   Quad-core 1.5 GHz
Storage / memory:       8 GB / 1 GB
Battery:                        2400 mAh, replaceable Li-polymer battery
Dimensions:                163 x 83 x 9.6 mm, 195 g
Network:                      3G: 900 / 2100 MHz, 2G: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
Connectivity:                Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth® 4.0 LE, GPS/aGPS
Sensors:                      Light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, digital compass
SIM:                             Single / dual micro SIM (depends on model)
Operating system:       Android™ 4.2
Acer features:              Acer Float UI, Acer HD Channel, Acer Docs and Acer Remote Files, Acer Auto
                                    Profile, Acer Data Traffic Manager, Acer Float Caller, Acer Float Apps
                                    (maps/notes/camera/calculator), Acer Live Screen™, Acer Print
Additional features:    Skitch, YouTube™, Moodagent, Polaris Office, Swype text input, Google Keep,
                                   Evernote®, wireless display

I guess this is the wonder of the Android platform in that it is very versatile and as it grows the question is, “What can’t it do?” One of the many things that Android has done is to constantly lower the prices of handsets; the spread is virulent and this makes manufacturers very competitive and price conscious as a result. It may please you to know that the Acer S1 comes in at an amazing £279.99! I have yet to review this potentially great handset but the specs speak for themselves.

For the past few days I am getting wind of the possibility of a budget iPhone and if this is true what are the implications? The one thing my Adorable Friend goes on about is the luxurious quality of the materials used on the iPhone; will iPhone fanatics be put off by the use of plastic? As you know, Samsung have been heavily criticized for the use of plastic on their premium, mid and budget handsets alike yet this hasn’t slowed sales of premium handsets. Will plastic have an adverse effect on the iPhone’s perceived “luxury” status? Can a budget iPhone compete with the Acer S1 phablet? We’re talking about a 5.7” screen to a possible 4.5” screen within future iPhone models. For me there is no contest: BIGGER SCREENS RULE! Pictures, video and other media such as presentations look best on a big screen – there’s no getting around that fact. I am sure we’ll find out soon enough what Apple has in mind to regain its crown.

The Acer S1 does look like a potential great seller. I am keen to test the camera especially! Expect a review soon!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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#SundarPichai #Android43 #Nexus72 #Apple #iPad #Acer #IconiaA1

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! I know... I know... You Apple Fanboys and Fangirls must hate for what you see as me taking shots at Apple but nothing can be further from the truth... Check this out...

I predicted long ago that Android tablets will take over iPad’s market share and my reasoning then wasn’t rocket science. Just like Android has dominated the mobile business through the sheer number of manufacturers and models available it follows that the Android tablet was bound to take over.

I wasn’t joking when I said that this year, 2013, would be the year of the Android tablet. We’ve just seen Google announce the second generation Nexus 7 tablet with a killer spec that it has surpassed the iPad and iPad mini. But there are many more tablets to come from the Android stable. Check out this Acer Iconia A1 tablet spec:

Operating System              Android™
Processor & Chipset
Processor Manufacturer       MediaTek
Processor Model                  MT8125T
Processor Speed                 1.20 GHz
Processor Core                    Quad-core (4 Core)


Standard Memory                1 GB
Memory Technology            DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Card Reader          No


Flash Memory Capacity      8 GB
Display & Graphics

Screen Size 
                      20.3 cm (8")
Display Screen Type           Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD
Screen Mode                       XGA
Screen Resolution               1024 x 768
Backlight Technology          LED
Touchscreen                        Yes
Multi-touch Screen               Yes

Network & Communication

GPS                                        Yes
Wi-Fi                                       Yes
Wi-Fi Standard                       IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth                                 Yes
Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth 4.0

Interfaces / Ports

HDMI                          Yes
Input Devices
Keyboard Type         Touchscreen Keyboard

Built-in Devices

Microphone   Yes


Operating System    Android™ Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Battery Information

Number of Cells        2-cell
Battery Chemistry     Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Capacity       4960 mAh

Power Description
Maximum Power Supply Wattage 10 W

Physical Characteristics
Height                                     11.1 mm
Width                                      145.7 mm
Depth                                      208.7 mm
Weight (Approximate)            410.0 g


Additional Information       
Wi-Fi: Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n
Green Compliance Certificate / Authority RoHS

That is pretty good spec for £149.99! It’s rocking Jelly Bean too! I am looking forward to reviewing it.

It is tablets of that nature which makes the availability accessible to just about anyone! The same cannot be said for the iPad and its mini counterpart.

Again, I just do not understand where Tim Cook gets his statistics from. Sadly, the Apple Fanboys and Fangirls think that I am being unfair and heavily biased against them (Apple) yet nothing can be further from the truth. As you should know by now, what I am against is corporate lies and bullying. Cook and co just looks desperate when they make up their statistics and it could possibly lose them customers / supporters. Besides, it isn’t about the numbers alone. No! It’s about the experience and satisfaction. In terms of quality apps I do think that Apple is slightly ahead of the game – their apps look amazing! However, the quality of Android tablet specific apps will keep getting better as it continues to dominate.

Roll on!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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Friday, 26 July 2013



#SundarPichai #Android43 #Nexus72 #Chromecast #Android5 #AndroidTV #Nexus5

Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! It makes you wonder, right? Android 4.3 makes you just wonder what the full-blown version 5 will have in store for us Android users. My mind boggles...

Is there any real competition for Android? Ubuntu? Ubuntu can coexist with Android so Ubuntu isn’t a threat – at least I haven’t been able to identify a threat. Tizen? Tizen has yet to make its debut and it is believed that Samsung will debut a Tizen based handset later on this year. Tizen is yet another Linux based operating system that could lend itself to being compatible with Android. Tizen has the potential to go the way Samsung’s own Bada has gone. Bada what?

iOS is a relative threat in that Apple will want to add routines for technologies to come such as HD resolutions beyond the standard 1080p. I do believe a race is on for the first mobile device to incorporate a camera capable of recording 4K television screens — 3840 × 2160! That’s twice the resolution of 1920 x 1080! I would imagine that it’ll take at least two years for this to happen; before 4k cameras the immediate race is to incorporate a HD camera that can record at 60 frames per second and the iPhone 6 could be the one. There’s no doubt in my mind that Samsung is already on it! 60 fps on the Galaxy S5?

One of the attributes of Android 4.3 is to accommodate the 4K resolution with a pixel per inch density of 640! Does this mean that Chromecast is future proof? Oh, you may have heard that the Chromecast dongle USA has sold completely out! I am not surprised.

Chromecast has just become a breakthrough product that has taken off where Google TV has been struggling to take hold amongst the various cable and freeview boxes out there. Chromecast is the beginning of the reinvention of the Chrome TV concept. I am guessing that the next step will be Android TVs that will feature advanced versions of YouTube, Google Music and so on. It’s highly likely that Samsung will be behind the Android TV closely followed by LG and Sony! TV in the not so distant future under Google will be amazing. Those massive screens of Sci-Fi movies that is part computer and part TV will become a reality.

Android 5 – when it arrives – is going to be phenomenal! What are the odds of Android 5 coinciding with Nexus 5? And what manufacturer will be behind it? Will it be LG again? Or is it now the turn of an up and coming manufacturer such as ZTE, Oppo and Huawei? Hmmmm, using the process of elimination... ZTE, what advances have they done lately? Since the Grand X it seems to me that ZTE are going backwards with the Blade 3 budget handset that is not up to much once the applications receive an upgrade; the camera isn’t up to much too! Oppo has released the amazing looking and featured Find 5 with a 13MP camera that does 120 fps and I assume that’s not full HD through non-disclosure. Rumour has it that Find 6 will feature an 8MP front-facing camera for the ultimate selfie! With such spec Oppo could deliver a phenomenal Nexus 5! Huawei is an interesting manufacturer that tries to deliver good budget handsets that do not live up to expectations. Huawei succeeds with their premium handsets and has parallels with Samsung. Huawei’s Ascend P6 looks brilliant and perhaps they have earned a shot at the Nexus 5.

Or is it Asus’ turn to have a go at the Nexus handset seeing as they have done exceptionally well with the Nexus 7 mark II tablet?

On the other hand it could be Samsung again and why not? In my humble opinion I think the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a remarkable handset and so is the Note 2 (and I presume 3 also).
Android 5 is a big deal and Google could make a big deal by releasing the following:

Nexus 5 4.8”

Nexus 5 phablet

Nexus 5 mini

Nexus 5 Zoom

Nexus 5 Moto X

Well, my ability to predict what Google will do next has been abysmal. But Google has the scope to do all of the above.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict Android 5 with the Nexus 5 around November or December 2013.

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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A message for the Apple corporation? 
#Apple #Samsung #ApplevsSamsung

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Have you heard the latest between the two adversary tech giants?

Apparently Apple is demanding $30 for each phone and $40 for each tablet sold by Samsung. Naturally, this demand does not make sense to Samsung.

Bizarre! Will this ever end?

Rumour has it that new iPhone models will feature bigger screens and if it turns out to be true can Samsung sue for infringement of design?

I think Apple should just let it go and make handsets that iOS fans are dying for! It cracks me up that whenever I get my Galaxy S4 or Note 2 out that iPhone users sneak a peek on the beautiful large screens of these awesome handsets!

This Patent War is getting silly now – especially as Apple is reported to have signed a contract with Samsung for 14-nanometer iPhone 7 chips! I bet that must have hurt as Apple were pursuing other avenues!

It’s about time these two giants kiss and make up! Lol!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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Thursday, 25 July 2013



#SundarPichai #Android43 #Nexus72 #Chromecast #Apple #iPad #BBC #BBCiPlayer #UKTVLicense

Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Chromecast is such a great idea and US residents are so very fortunate to be getting the first bite of that cherry!

Quite some time ago I wrote an article on how we in the UK can legally avoid paying the TV license. The current fee for colour TV license is £145.50 and for those rocking a black & white television set is an amazing £49! What’s the situation like where you’re from? It’s only the BBC that requires TV owners to pay the fee as they claim the licensing revenue is used to fund their programs. There are a few flaws in this system:
1. The BBC programs do not reflect the multicultural aspect of the UK.

2. If one genuinely does not watch the BBC channels how would the license enforcers (yes, people do come around to make sure that you have paid the license fee) know what channels you are watching?

3. Some BBC programs are funded through the UK Lottery and European Commissioning.

However, the BBC stipulates that as long as you don’t watch their programs live i.e. you watch their programs through the iPlayer then you don’t have to pay the license. You’d be surprised at how many British people do not know this. Many British people are so used to the thought of a private BBC police force kicking down the door and confiscating TV and video equipment that they wouldn’t think to look into the legalities of avoiding the hefty license fees. The other side of coin is that so many UK residents illegally do not pay the license.

I can’t say what the quality of cable TV is like in the rest of Europe and the US but I can tell you that in the UK the quality is very, very poor. There are more repeats on cable than from eating a dodgy meal! I am on the Virgin Media cable and if it was not for the benefits of having items like the Internet, landline and mobile thrown in I wouldn’t have bothered with cable – it’s that bad!

However, Virgin wants to charge me extra to have YouTube on my list of duff channels! Ok, they aren’t all duff but for the 400-odd channels there must be about at least 6 channels that I would actively watch!

Chromecast can and will play a vital role in alleviating folk from paying the TV license fee! I am certainly going to get the Chromecast HDMI dongle as soon as it is available in the UK; I can see it selling out because at $35 (around £22) it is an absolute steal! As you may already know there are similar ideas that involve purchasing yet another box that requires more bloody cables! And if you buy into certain technological brands you’d have to opt for more of their equipment to enjoy TV their way. Chromecast does none of that.

I have read somewhere that the success of Chromecast in the UK lies with the BBC iPlayer app adopting the Chromecast transmitter in future updates. That’s not true. If you go to the BBC iPlayer website through the Chrome browser then you’d be able to transmit what’s on the Chrome browser to the Chromecast enabled TV.

I have noticed that Google specific apps have been updated for Chromecast compatibility and therefore Google already knows that Chromecast will be worldwide success. I am expecting that the likes of Netflix UK will be adopting their app to accommodate Chromecast. I am also expecting BBC to adopt Chromecast too.

In fact Google has given app developers the Google Cast code to place in their apps and therefore I am also expecting to see developers of media players to include Chromecast in their apps. So, expect to be able to play your videos and slideshows produced with your favourite Android and iOS devices.

At the time of writing Blackberry and Windows mobile will not be getting a Chromecast compatible app. However, if Blackberry adopts Android apps it may well be possible.

I can’t wait for Chromecast to come to the UK! You ought to be feeling the same way too if you are paying the high BBC TV license fee!

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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#SundarPichai #Android43 #Nexus72 #Chromecast #Apple #iPad

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you still buzzing from the Google event yesterday? I am!

It certainly looks as though my prophecy has been fulfilled with regards to 2013 being the year of the Android tablet. According to Sundar Pichai, it has taken 3 years for to reach almost 80 million Android tablet activations. I am certain that this figure will rise further with the brilliant new Nexus 7.

In comparison to the mighty iPad it seems as though sales are in decline recently and I attribute this to the following:

1. A 6 month period between the iPad 3 and iPad 4 which included the new Lightning connection.

2. The Lightning connection; I think the introduction of this new connection made many iPad fans angry as it meant that accessories based on the old 30-pin would be incompatible with the fourth generation.

3. The introduction of the iPad mini. I believe that the iPad mini has cannibalized the iPad somewhat just like the iPad has cannibalized sales of Mac computers.

It is very interesting to see what the next generation of iPads will do on the marketplace. As you may know from reading my articles I think that Apple’s Tim Cook and Phil Schiller do a great job on exaggerating their market worth and I bet you that upon the release of the Nexus 7 mark II there will be press releases and adverts that exaggerates the amount of iPads that have sold and are being sold. I guess that’s just Apple’s way of trying to keep a firm grip on the market.
Now I am wondering what the second generation Nexus 10 will bring. I am determined to get a hold of a tablet this year and if the Nexus 7 mark II is anything to go by I think Samsung will rule again for Google on the 10 inch tablet front.

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


#SundarPichai #Android43 #Nexus72 #Chromecast

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Did you see the live streaming event launching the second generation Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and Chromecast? No? Ok, let me fill you in...

After the recent “leaks” of the eagerly awaited successor to the original Nexus 7 the second generation came is no surprise in terms of the look. I think the design shows an overall improvement and there’s a 5MP back-facing camera that is capable of capturing 1080p video.

What is a little disappointing with the Nexus 7 II is no expansion via a microSD card. Other than the lack of expansion the price remains relatively low for an HD tablet.

On the upside the screen is sharper and displays true full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution with a pixel density of 323! WOW! I like it! And that’s not all... It is enhanced by stereo surround sound speakers designed by Fraunhofer. 

The 16GB Nexus 7 II is listed at $230 and the 32GB model is $270, $30 more than the first edition. The 32GB LTE version is $350. UK prices have yet to be announced.

The Nexus 7 will arrive 30 July in the US through the Play Store, and in the UK "in the coming weeks", Google said.

Yes, as expected, this was not a major advancement but a very good tweak. For example, if you intend to share the tablet with a family member it is possible to create restrictions that disables in-game-purchases so that you won't get a surprise spend on your credit card.

Bluetooth Smart allows one to connect to Bluetooth devices such as a heat monitor without draining the battery.

OpenGL ES 3.0 is supported to get the most out of videogame graphics. Google apps such as Maps, Drive, Calendar, YouTube, etc have been optimised for the HD screen and they look great – stunning! Chrome for Android now features web page translation like the desktop version. Excellent!

As you’d expect Nexus devices such as the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google editions will be getting the upgrade very soon. 

Google Play has been enhanced with Game Play Services. Furthermore, students can purchase or rent text books.

Google Play users will be able to see specific apps meant for the tablet; there has been an increase in apps meant for the tablet display! Roll on!

Chromecast was a very pleasant surprise... If you have seen my review on the Honestech  nScreen device for sharing mobile and computer screen content and was impressed then prepare to be impressed even more! Chromecast is a HDMI dongle that can be connected to any HDMI enabled screen such as a computer monitor and television. Once Chromecast is connected to a television you will be able to broadcast YouTube, Google Music and Netflix content straight from a mobile, tablet, PC, Chromebook and Macbook to the Chromecast enabled TV. What is not clear is if you are able to broadcast a video or image file i.e. a slideshow made from your pictures other than going through the Chrome web browser. The good news is that it’ll only cost $35! Very nice! It is expected to come to the UK soon.

Take good care!

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Android Jelly Bean 4.3, please come out...
The new and improved Nexus 7 second generation running Android 4.3.
#SundarPichai #Android4.3 #Nexus7

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! It’s less than 2 hours before we know what Google’s Sundar Pichai, head of Android and Chrome, will be revealing.

It is expected that we’ll be introduced to Android 4.3, Nexus 7 second generation and possibly the latest developments with Chrome.   

Android fans around the world will be very excited in anticipation even though the general consensus is that Android 4.3 will not be a major leap forward. It is an advancement nonetheless of the world’s most popular mobile operating system! Bring it on!

I would imagine that every dedicated fan has seen the leaks of the second generation Nexus 7 tablet (as pictured above) and that it will not come as a big surprise. However, the Nexus 7 mark 2 is good news for the consumer who is considering a tablet this year. I’m considering a tablet this year and I have yet to decide. I can hardly wait!

1:26:48 and counting...

Take good care!

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


"Android is very bad! Windows RT is so much better!"

"Being negative is not how we make progress...”
#LarryPage #Fanboys #Fangirls #Microsoft #Surface #MSSurface #WindowsRT

Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Yes, it’s a boy! Well done Prince William and Kate!

I hope that you all are in the best of health and making the most out of your beautiful tech! Yes, indeed... Tech should enhance our wonderful lives and that’s why the words of Google CEO still echoes in my mind and why I laugh at some Fanboys and Fangirls.

“We should be building great things that don't exist... Being negative is not how we make progress...” I so strongly agree with those sentiments and it is chiefly why I haven't been happy with Apple and Microsoft; the two technological giants seem to have this Cold War agenda against each other and, of course, Google. I think it is silly! It’s counterproductive!

What do we want from an operating system?


To be able to do perform day to day tasks such as word processing, photo editing, video editing, etc with ease.

To connect - whether it’s going online or using communications applications.

All of the above can be applied to just about every operating system on the planet. Naturally, there will be some advantages and disadvantages between the respective systems but they share a great commonality. And with commonality there is scope for a unified effort to bring us together regardless of our preferences. Some people like iOS but I don't and that’s good. But I am very happy to be able to communicate with my Adorable Friend through apps like Viber, WhatsApp, HeyTell and so on. How would it be if the producers of Viber said, “We're only going to stick to Android”?

I am quite sure that we'll be seeing more technological enterprises producing more mobile operating system alternatives which are an exciting prospect for those who love technology rather than Apple, Google or Microsoft. Me? If something new comes onto the market that will be of benefit then I am all for it! And that’s why I laugh at some Fanboys and Fangirls who have allowed themselves to become so trapped in their thinking with stupid sentiments such as, “Nokia is just fine with Windows 8. Why spoil a good phone with Android?” This dumb viewpoint arose from my articles on why I think Nokia should go Android. I am not advocating that Nokia should drop Windows 8 all together, far from it. It’s just that I think Nokia can always bring something new to the Android table and serve those who have a preference for the popular operating system (Android). My reply to that person is, “Freedom of choice.” Seriously, I have no time to waste in telling others why I think their non Android preference is wrong, bad or dangerous to their health: If people are happy with iOS and Windows etc then that’s fine with me. But I am always interested to learning the advantages and disadvantages of these operating systems though as this is a fascinating subject for me.

I wonder as to why the two main technological giants have become so rigid with their approach to consumer products. If you have been reading my articles on Apple then you will know that my attitude is: Give the iOS users what they want and not what you think they want. With Microsoft I think the current CEO Steve Ballmer comes across as a little stubborn in his ways and I think that this is based on Microsoft in its heyday – if they ever had one because they keep stuffing it up with some stupid crap with just about every operating system release.

I noticed that although many, many people read my little ‘Tech-Game’ article that I posted yesterday they didn’t play it because they know who’s who! Lol! Yes, I think Steve Ballmer is very much Dr. Evil! Ha ha! Ballmer thinks that the best way for Microsoft to beat the competition is to say uncomplimentary things about them. YAY! Way to go, Steve! As another distinguished doctor would say, “How’s that working for you?” Yes, Steve... Just how is that working for you and Microsoft? That’s right: Billions of dollars down the pan! Nice going!

Again, the biggest mistakes regarding the Surface tablet is that it does not feature the Intel chip and it runs Windows RT. The biggest mistake that Steve Ballmer has made is to not understand the market. Despite the calm claims of Apple’s Tim Cook, Windows desktop computers rule and that’s Microsoft’s strength and weakness at the same time. Let me explain...

A Windows desktop PC can have a long shelf life and therefore Windows PC owners do not have a tendency to discard it a year later as (some) tablet owners do. This is a great strength. The weakness aspect is that many families are bypassing the PC because all they primarily want to get online and surf the web. Back in the day if I wanted to enjoy the Internet in all its glory then my only recourse would be to purchase a Windows or Mac PC and because I had lofty ideas on becoming a graphic / multimedia designer the PC was perfect. Today, many households do not have such creative ambitions in mind. Oh, I also do music once in a while with the aid of a PC and given a good wad of cash I’d probably buy a better PC to that end goal. Yes, so because the average household has no desire to use their desktop PC for anything other than social networking and surfing the Web it has become redundant to the tablet which, as you know, is portable and inexpensive where Android tablets are concerned or if iPad inclined many folk can pick up an iPad through computer exchange stores and online.

In my mind Windows RT and Surface was never going to fly; it’s a good idea poorly executed. I am inclined to think that Microsoft blew an opportunity to create an affordable PC in a tablet form. There could have been at least two versions:

A netbook experience for non power users and practically a desktop PC in a tablet form for power users whereby the user is able to, like me, do their music, video editing, desktop publishing while not being chained to a desk so to speak like I am right now. Mass produced these ideal PC tablets would be a lot cheaper.

I would imagine that it should be possible to gut Windows RT out of the Surface tablet and replace it with Android due to the ARM chip compatibility. If it wasn’t for Steve Ballmer’s pride I believe that the Surface sales would increase with the knowledge that Android could be installed on it instead. I am surprised that Cyanogenmod or someone else hasn’t done that already. I predict that over the coming weeks, months that the Surface will continue to plummet in price purely because there is not a high demand for it.

I guess that Microsoft would never back down from their current stance and produce cost effective Android tablets that have such a good quality as the Surface. I can just see Microsoft making a fairly good compromise in producing inexpensive Android based tablets that will feature the Office in app form – not that people really need Office in app form due to great alternatives that are available on both Android and iOS. That said, I do see a scope for people, like me, who have a decent desktop PC and a tablet of some sort, most likely Android, to create documents on one platform and edit / finish on another i.e. from Android tablet to Windows PC. I can do that now on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

I have also been thinking a lot about the possibility of acquiring the Samsung ATIV Q. That’s something that Microsoft can explore: dual Android and Windows devices. I think it’ll work. Sadly, due to such rigid thinking Microsoft would never do it. Steve Ballmer would rather lose more Billion$ than to join forces with what he sees as the competition. Besides, he, like the late Steve Jobs and now Cook and co have kicked up a stink against Google Android that would make any of them look a little silly in collaborating. I think it is a shame.

On the other hand when the Surface reaches a rock bottom sale price of £150 I might just snap one up in the hope that independent developers such as Cyanogenmod would have the Surface on the list of devices! You just never know! Lol!

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Monday, 22 July 2013


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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Would you believe that I have had to resort to placing some of my handsets in the refrigerator? Oh, yes! This heat as had my Galaxy S2 and HTC One X in meltdown so much so that I had to put them in the freezer at my local supermarket and the refrigerator in my home! I found that removing them from the protective casing did help somewhat! Gosh!

Hey, many of you thought that my idea for Facebook to pay us was a good one! Thank you! I guess it is only right that I should reward you with some fun!





For example: Microsoft C.

It’s just for fun!


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