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Is this the Moto X? 

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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Do you mourn the day music died? Did the advent of the MP3 format cause us to stop paying financial homage to our beloved musicians? Prince has grown an Afro thus turning away from the chemical process of hair straightening. Do we care? I know that the one thing we care about is our gadgets...

These days we are expecting the world of tomorrow today when it comes to the next generation smartphone, tablet, games console, etc. Let’s face it we want those concepts in the Sci-Fi movies in the palms of our hands! We know it’s close and we darn well want it in our lifetime. Did you see the remake of Total Recall? It wasn’t the most coherent remake but the machine concepts made it worth the while. I would love to have a phone set into the palm of my hand – the handset. Hee hee hee... In my lifetime? I am not holding my breath!

Already there’s talk of the Galaxy S5 and it hasn’t been 6 months since the S4 was launched... We’ll come to the launch in a bit... I have been hearing talk of the S5 going metal on us! It is inevitable that Samsung fans would want Samsung to take up the design challenge as set by HTC with the One! Now HTC has the arduous task of bettering that design.

Secrets aren’t kept they are leaked... Leaked by the companies themselves! Why? To buffer the likelihood of disappointment when the actual product is launched! I first took notice of this technique with the launch of the Galaxy S3. As you know the Galaxy S3 was the most anticipated handset in the world and a few days before its launch photos started to appear online. My initial thoughts weren’t complimentary and it prepared me for the actual thing when it was launched.

But believe you me I was expecting something else... What won me over was the launch event; the presentation was very impressive. Samsung managed to not only successfully launch the follow up to the S2 in the midst of Apple’s lawsuit but set a precedent on how a launch should be done. When the Note 2 was launched Samsung did it again; they raised the bar once more.

Yes, indeed... The launch of the S4 went into hyper-drive; some of us enjoyed it and some of us did not. Personally, I prefer the S4 launch to an Apple launch as I do not appreciate all the childish negativity they heap on the competition. Many people didn’t seem to understand that Samsung was paying homage to the Radio City Music Hall in New York by adding touches of theatre: drama, music and dance. If Futurama had not been cancelled maybe the writers would have made a pastiche out of it as a “classic” play in the vein of Shakespeare. Now that would have been a decent joke in the largely unfunny yet watchable Futurama series. R.I.P. Futurama. I’ll miss Bender!

I believe because of the mixed reception of the S4 launch, Samsung took its foot of the gas (as they say in the US of A) when it came to the launch of the recent Galaxy & ATIV at London’s Earl’s Court. But if you’re hiring Earl’s Court you might as well pull out all the stops!

For me, at the very least, product launches have taken the place of a live musical concert. I wanna see the whole shebang!

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