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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Happy Canada Day! Can you believe it? The on and off again relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger is finally over. Perhaps they’ll get married by the fall. Serena Williams has been knocked out of Wimbledon! Amazing! I’d be shocked if Williams didn’t come next year, if there’s anyone who can make a comeback it’s Serena Williams. Speaking comebacks...

As soon as the iPhone 5 was announced I rightly predicted that it was dead in the water. Sales of the iPhone 5 have been poor and subsequently Apple shares fell to an all time low. Even the most hardcore iPhone fan will concede that the iPhone started to haemorrhage from iPhone 4; the spread and pressure of Android – notably Samsung – was just too much.

Don’t misunderstand me, Fan Boys and Girls, the iPhone started off great but the CEO’s Jobs and Cook were too dismissive of the innovations that Android has and continues to inspire. Jobs insisted that the iPhone wasn’t going to change because he had got it right. You can’t blame that on this article or me! Lol! However, Cook decided to give the iPhone screen half an inch (presumably to reduce Jobs’ margin of error) and to cover his tracks we were subjected to the most pompous, sanctimonious videos about design and the science of the hand. It didn’t work! In fact the curtain fell down and the wizardry wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. C’mon, Fan Boys and Girls, you know I’m not lying. Steve Forstall was sacrificed as a result. “Don’t blame the magic of Apple! Blame Forstall! He’s out!” In a nutshell Apple / Cook and co are blaming poor sales on Forstall.

Doesn’t Apple know when to quit? No, silly! Not the hardware! Don’t they know when to quit their stupid ad campaigns? We’ve seen the “Genius” ads bomb so badly where Apple has tried to erase them off the Web permanently. 

If Samsung is busy innovating what is left for Apple to do?
And lately we’ve seen the condescending ad at the start of the WWDC that basically asks, “If Samsung are busy creating everything how can we (Apple) create anything?” That’s really the bottom line of the message they are conveying. They are also telling their loyal followers that they do not want to change much – if anything about the iPhone. Why? Because they have perfected it – presumably! 

What will happen is that towards the end of this year is that Apple will release the iPhone 5S that may feature a slightly faster processor and then they’ll announce yesteryear’s iPhone in the form of cheap colourful plastic bodies and make a song and dance about how the colourful plastic is enduring and appeals to the individual. Fair enough! Crap ads notwithstanding I think this could work for Apple...

Here in the UK, up until recently, we have enjoyed getting some of the best Android handsets with no upfront fee. However, the iPhone has always been priced high on rental and to top it there’s an upfront fee. I have always felt that such a high price cannot be justified. Today, you’ll find that many mobile phone retail outlets have a “special offer” for the iPhone 5 and to be frank I don’t think they can shift them if they were being given away. I’m assuming that yesteryear’s model masquerading as budget (like what they did for the iPad mini which was the iPad 2) is not going to require an upfront fee! Hurrah for iPhone fans! I can’t wait to see the ads for the iPhone... ...what will they call it? The iPhone mini???! Hardly original but it is in keeping with the industry. Picture the scene...

Happy teenagers doing the latest dance craze with the iPhone mini in their hands, thirtysomethings feeling hip because their colour is flirting slightly above a jean trouser pocket (a pink one peeping out of a back pocket could appeal to the Gay community), mid-life crisis in fourtysomethings averted by rainbow colours on a cloudy day and an elderly couple blowing kisses via Facetime... ...aaand... Cut! That could make for a decent ad which would make a nice change for Apple.

I think the iPhone mini could go down a storm; iPhone fans wouldn’t mind the plastic because they’d be sold on durability, the colours and that it is not the full blown iPhone 5S that they can graduate to... Here comes the tagline... “Quality made affordable... You can’t put a price on individuality...”

Rumour has it that Apple is busy prepping a phablet version of the iPhone... I wonder what they’d call it... iNotepad???! Why not?! Lol!#

Give the people what they want! If Apple users want bigger screens, cheaper phones and phablets, etc then give it to them!

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

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