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The very first issue of Synapse Circuit. 

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Have you heard the latest regarding whistleblower, Edward Snowden? In case you haven’t heard he has allegedly stated that Apple, Google, etc were aware and complicit in allowing the NSA and other intelligence (hee hee) agencies to spy on us! I knew it! There’s a reason why these social experimentation labs... Ooops, I am sorry... There’s a reason why these social networks have recently insisted upon the subjects... Ooops, I did it again... I meant to say that these social networks insist upon users using a probable... Darn it... I mean using a real name!

And speaking of real names... Blue Gene is my real name! I thought a reintroduction was in (New World) order seeing as my readership has made a significant jump over the last couple of weeks! You have to wonder about the nature of the intelligence that is used to spy on us (for our own good of course) when I can’t use my real name, the name is Gene. Blue Gene, on Google Plus yet I can use my credit card in the same name (are you following the logic) to purchase apps... I couldn’t make that crap up if I tried... Anyway...

This is one of my favourite topics! Lol!

When I was at high school (secondary school – and believe me it was secondary) school in the mid-80s the idea of a computer course was exciting until I took the class... My experience was horrendous what with 30 pupils to the class and only ONE solitary computer to share amongst us. I don’t think I actually managed to get on it in the time I was on the course. My dream to be a programmer was dashed! Lol! When I left high school I went to Germany for a couple of years, I had aspirations of being a serious Electronic music artist. Germany was the place to go as they love music as opposed to being Top 40 chart lead; in other words, there was a rich alternative music scene in Germany. I became a music journalist specializing in Electronic music to support myself. That’s when I got my taste for being a journalist. I was quite crafty too! I would give my demo tape to the manager of the band / artist I was interviewing to get gigs! It worked! Hee hee... One thing leads to another and I found myself returning to London. What essentially happened was the advent of Techno and I wasn’t able to get a record deal on my terms so, I packed up and went back home to good ol’ London, UK. Sometimes I was I could have compromised a little... Lol!

1990-something: My first computer was an Amiga 4000; it was a really nice machine and the Workbench operating system was pretty awesome a true multitasker. If I am correct, Amiga Workbench had multitasking down before Windows. I had lofty dreams of producing a paper magazine using the Amiga but, sadly, very sadly, the programs failed to materialize. I had no option other than to go Windows.

I was at uni studying multimedia in a course whereby we wouldn’t touch a computer until the third year of our course; I used my grant money to knock up a computer with the help of a brainbox work associate. I also worked during my studies; I used to teach folk in the community of North London how to use PowerPoint. I taught myself Photoshop and became interested into web design. I started off learning to hand code and hated it. I did what any self-respecting non-hand-coder did, I bought Dreamweaver. Tell a lie... My girlfriend bought me Dreamweaver as a present; I had the idea to become a self-employed web designer. But instead I opted for living in Amsterdam, Holland and became employed as a web and graphic designer.
I was there for about 4 years; I worked for a good company. During that time I had the idea to create an online magazine. This magazine was called SystemBabies.

SystemBabies was conceived around 1998. The journalist bug was still inside me and I saw a niche for the one thing that eludes many paper magazines... HONESTY! I am sure that you must be aware that many technology based magazines have had a tendency to pander to the company that pays the most advertising. Sure, not all publications are like that. But I was working as a journalist in Germany I saw a lot of favouritism going on; this is how the editor was able to get the next issue out. I hated it. I hated having my work edited to the point of a neutral nothingness. Anyway, SystemBabies went on to be quite successful and the wheels fell off that vehicle when I returned to London again. In short, what happened was that the Dutch company that I registered the SystemBabies domain name went bust and I lost the domain.

I took some time off away from doing an online magazine. It was exhausting and in a way I was glad for the company going bust because I was able to get a break! I got myself a job in another community based learning facility and I taught Photoshop to beginners and PowerPoint. I also did a few telesales jobs too – teaching didn’t pay well! I enjoyed the job but it was hard work keeping the lessons up to date and meeting the demands of folk who could barely hold a mouse that had high ambitions to restore old photos. Jeez!

As time went by I was able to get the SystemBabies domain name back! Whoohoo! I was happy to get back into the journalism as I love to write. This time around I tried a different format, PDF and then Interactive PDF (with videos). All was going well until the unscrupulous hosting company, 1 and 1, tried to blackmail me into giving them more of my money. I told them where to go at the beginning of last year and instead developed Synapse Circuit which is doing quite well! The Synapse Circuit Blogspot is going down really, really well!

Still to come... Part two...

Let me know what you think.

Take good care!

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