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Have you heard the news about Microsoft losing $1 Billion with the failure of the Surface tablet and its shares have fallen by over $32 Billion!

Yes, what a strange gamble Microsoft placed on the Surface. Windows 8 RT???? Bizarre! Rather than playing to its strengths i.e. a tablet PC with a full version of Windows 8 they tried to take on the iPad and the army of Android tablets and without a great portfolio of apps! I would have thought that Microsoft would have known better than to try and create an operating system for the ARM chip when that horse has bolted from the stable. Personally, I think it makes better sense to buy a decent laptop than to waste money on a Windows RT tablet which is more expensive and for no justifiable reason. Ok, it does look aesthetically pleasing plus the stand and keyboard are great ideas too!

Windows RT has more success on the mobile phone but not much in comparison to Android and iOS.

If you have been following the history of technology you’d know that the tablet computer is nothing new and that Microsoft had created one when Bill Gates was knocking around but at the time the tablet PC was too costly to produce. They were on the right track but did not follow through! What a shame!

All those billions of dollars would have been better spent on mass producing a tablet PC thus bringing the costs down. December last year I visited a technology exhibition and came across the HP stand; I had a play with a nice looking tablet PC with the full blown Windows 8 OpSys and thought it was quite good. I thought the build was pretty solid. But I almost passed out when I was told the price! I think it was something in the region of £799! Gosh! For that money I’m better off with the good old fashioned desktop and a Google Nexus!

I am also surprised that Microsoft didn’t come up with the idea for a hybrid full Windows 8 and Android tablet thus combining the best of both worlds!

It remains to be seen if there’s a market for the full blown Windows 8 tablet experience let alone hybrid models such as the forthcoming Samsung ATIV Q. But I fear the price tag for these things will put it out of reach for most people. I can see shares falling some more!

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