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Is this it?

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013



Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... Yes, February is almost over... Whoohoo! Each day brings us closer to finding out what the Samsung Galaxy SIV has in store for us! I guess from now until the reveal day, 14 March, we’ll be seeing “leaked” images of this mysterious and much anticipated handset...

It’s that ‘Spot the next Galaxy S’ game again...

Here’s one...

There’s an indication that Samsung has returned to the square shape for this particular model. It is said that manufacturers of hard / protective cases have given some idea of the Galaxy SIV shape. However, these cases designated for the SIV may just be one of many red herrings!

This particular design looks very much like what I had expected for the Galaxy SIII – a continuation of the sublime and wonderful SII! I do like the design very much. But I know better (now) to get my hopes up and / or settled for a particular design. Samsung are a little unpredictable when it comes to the design of their premium handset renewal.

On the scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being absolute certainty that this is the SIV I would say that this design is worth a 7!

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers... When you closely watch the industry you often get to have a glimpse behind the scenes... Your follow a certain trail and you can end up in La La Land: The world of misinformation, disinformation and misdirection... Cloak ‘n’ dagger stuff just for the sake of protecting a piece of tech, building up anticipation and discredit the competition... It makes for great entertainment!

What are the latest rumours? Ok, here we go...

Could this be possible; Google feels threatened by the dominance of Samsung? Why? Let’s have a look...

The reasons for this notion appear to be sketchy and it boils down to Samsung being able to turn around and dictate terms to Google. I don’t see it. Android has been very good to Samsung and it has given them billions in profit.

Where did the rumour / idea come from? Good question! I have been trying to get to the source and it’s a labyrinth of Tech-Bloggers - like me – adding their own take on this idea.

Could this be a propaganda put out by Apple to destabilize the relationship between Google and Samsung? I honestly believe that they (Apple) have tried to put people off the Galaxy SIII with the “Exploding battery” idea / story and I’ve not heard of another incident of an exploding Galaxy SIII battery since.

What would Apple have to gain by spreading this particular rumour? Nothing! I think Apple has learned their lesson in Tech-Tactics and that lesson is to keep schtum and get on with developing their mobile products. Apple just has to mention Samsung and the sale of the Galaxy SIII and Note II goes up!

So, could the rumour emanate from Android rivals such as HTC? Well, HTC – as you should know – has launched the One which is a beaut of a handset! However, the window of the One’s potential narrows by the day as the Galaxy SIV looms! But why on Earth would the competition want to draw attention to their rival or rivals in any shape or form?

I conclude that the rumour has originated from an imaginative tech writer.

In relation to the "Google threatened by Samsung" idea this “X” rumour pertains to a “game changing” handset soon to be unleashed by Google Motorola. This is why I don’t think there’s any truth in Google being threatened because through the acquisition of Motorola Google has the means to produce a handset that can compete with the main manufacturers: Samsung; HTC and LG. 

I do think that the Motorola X is on its way! I wonder if it will be in time for the Google I / O Conference in May. I, like most folk, am curious to know what will be “game changing” about the device. Apparently the camera is going to be a main feature!

No doubt Google Motorola wishes to establish its own flagship: the Google Motorola Nexus 5 - complete with Android 5, Key Lime Pie.

The answer to that is yes and no.

Yes, for example, I am due an upgrade in April and by the time I am ready I think there will be the HTC One, LG Optimus Pro G and, of course, the Galaxy SIV. I have a great choice of handset here. Because I like the way Samsung adds functionality to their premium handsets I am already thinking that the SIV will be my upgrade; however, if the HTC One or Optimus Pro G proves to be better then I’ll be going with either one. Or maybe there'll be another manufacturer that proves to be better still!

Now, if I was due for an upgrade in March I would probably be inclined to get either the HTC One or the LG Optimus Pro G. I think that’s where the competition element is prevalent: The Upgrade Window. Last year I could have got the Galaxy SIII but by the time my upgrade was due I opted for the Galaxy Note II instead. Maybe I would have gone for another handset had one been available that could compete with the Samsung premium concept.

It’s a different thing when one decides to go Android from the iPhone (or any other platform); there’s simply more choice and more is out there than for an Android user going from Samsung to HTC.

Once again, most people aren’t loyal to a brand. No! They are loyal to technology and functionality. You can have a great design but design, for most people, comes after functionality. I think all the major players are producing great handsets with similar technologies. Naturally, there are those who are loyal to brands. Personally, I love the HTC designs - in my eyes they design the best looking handsets but the physical appearance isn't enough.

What we have yet to see from Google / Motorola is a daring design that is deeply functional. The problem with Google / Motorola has been that they have not been able to produce a radical design and the functionality has been average or less than. For example, the camera on the latest Motorola RAZR and Nexus 4 handsets has been disappointing. While the Android operating system is inventive it is the hardware that has let Google / Motorola down. Of course, this could all change with the Google Motorola X aka Nexus 5.

Another aspect of the Android ecosystem is that there are so many handsets out there that it gives you an opportunity for a second or even a third handset. If you love smartphone technology like I do you can get to sample some of the mid to budget end of the manufacturers use of Android.

Through LG’s budget L series I have become a bit of a fan which makes me very interested into the possibility of either going for a premium LG for my next upgrade or to go for their L series II! The same with Motorola; I am very pleased with the RAZRi that I acquired almost a week ago!

Choice is so important. Choice is what makes the Android platform very hard to beat.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013



Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers... This is the second day of the Mobile World Congress and I can’t say that I am too surprised at what’s on offer... New Android handsets and tablets... However, there were a few surprises was from Alcatel!

Alcatel isn’t normally known for quality mobile builds. If you want an ultra cheap handset and not too bothered about longevity then you’d almost certainly go for an Alcatel PAYG model that could resemble a BlackBerry or low end Samsung model... All that is about to change... Check out the One Touch Idol X! Weird name, it is like a combination of a Kung Fu movie meets a talent show...

·         5” 1080p display
·         1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor
·         13MP / 8MP rear camera (dependent upon on launch regions)
·         Dual-SIM version with 16 / 32 GB variants with no microSD
·         Single-SIM with 8GB internal storage and microSD support
·         2,000mAh battery
·         Android 4.2
·         Measures 7.1mm
·         Red, Green, Cyan, Magenta, Black and Yellow colours

I think it looks great! The 5” HD display looks like real edge to edge and the build quality looks like anything else out there! Judging by the 1.2 GHz processor it could mean that the One Touch Idol X is leaning towards the mid-range budget end. Perhaps it’ll be inexpensive enough to by outright!

Then there is the...


·         5” 480 × 800 touch display
·         1.2 GHz dual-core processor
·         512 MB RAM
·         4GB of internal storage
·         5MP rear camera
·         microSD card slot for expansion
·         MagicFlip magnetic cover and Stylus
·         Android 4.1.2
·         Red, Blue or Yellow colours

The One Touch Scribe Easy comes across very much like a budget Galaxy Note. The resolution isn’t so great; the internal RAM is uninspiring... In fact, come to think of it, none of it looks very inspiring other than the One Touch Scribe Easy could very well make for a secondary or even a third handset! The 4GB of storage promises to hold the essential apps for making free calls, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Cool.

At the time of writing there were no details of pricing and availability. I suspect that these will come in the second quarter. I can see these handsets vying for the budget end of the market and doing remarkably well. Yep, the budget end of the marketplace is about to get some heat!

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Monday, 25 February 2013



Good morning, Synapse Circuit Readers... I can tell you from experience that trying to find a decent and safe antivirus app for my handsets has been a pain! I don’t know how it is for the iPhone but I can tell you that it is a nightmare for Android. Most of the time these “antivirus” apps are nothing but scams to put advertising our way!

So far I think that Avast is the real thing!

You can download it here: Avast

Be secure!

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Terry Myerson

Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... Can I ask you something? Do you find it odd when representatives of rival technologies attack the competition in public? I do! It’s even odder when the person doing the attacking represents a technology with gaping holes in its system.

Yes, I am talking Microsoft...

Terry Myerson is corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division, overseeing the strategy, development, marketing and sales of Microsoft software and services for Windows Phones worldwide.

Previously, Myerson led the team responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Windows Phone 7.0 and Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, including the user interface, applications, supporting Web services, and the operating system.

During an interview he, Myerson, kept taking swipes at Android. “Android is a mess...” The words ‘pot’, ‘kettle’ and ‘black’ comes to mind.

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft was out there in the lead of all things IT and just because of a fluke. Gates was at the right place at the right time and the rest is history. What about now?

Let’s face it, Microsoft has produced more turkeys than a turkey farm. What was the name of their mobile music player? Zune? Then there are the monstrosities that are Windows ME and Vista; they were terrible! Windows XP and Windows 7 have their flaws too: they can’t self-update. The operating system – at times - can’t authenticate itself too! So, what happens? You have to call up Microsoft or email them to prove ownership and in the meantime you just might get a nasty virus like I did. Ironically, I had to install the latest service pack to install a virus checker and that’s when I received an authentication error. I ended up with a virus instead! Great! I was annoyed to say the least! But I must keep this blog family friendly! I also have a PC that is unable to update Windows 7; each time I work with the PC I get a “New updates are available...” message and the PC goes through a futile process of trying to update only to revert again. It does this every single time. I am trying to work out how to prevent this happening in the future. Now to be fair to Microsoft, these inconsistencies could be down to the hardware. I have another PC that I built myself and I have no problems with updating Windows 7.

The good things about the Windows PC are that you can put ‘em together like Lego and that you can get a great range of software for just about any task! Just the other day I was watching a YouTube video on how to build a “Hackintosh” (building what is effectively a MAC with PC parts) that boots the MAC OS as well as Windows and my thoughts were, ‘Why bother with the MAC OS when you can just purchase Adobe video software for the PC?’ Then it hit me: Microsoft operating systems aren’t as solid. It’s a shame!

I have to say that the thought of going Windows mobile does not fill me with glee; it’s a confidence issue. Besides, Microsoft has not brought anything new to the table when it comes to mobile devices. They had the tablet PC idea but weren’t visionary enough to develop it! The Surface? I think that the Intel version of Windows 8 is a lot better than the RT version but it costs!

And when it comes to the mobile phone, Microsoft isn’t doing anything daring or groundbreaking either. Uh-uh! It’s Android that is leading handset innovation and that is probably down to one thing...

I have said it numerous times and others have said it too... The talk of ‘fragmentation’ has been over exaggerated. I have 7 Android handsets with different Android versions and I use them all transparently!

That said, I think that ‘fragmentation’ is becoming less of an issue each time a manufacturer brings out the latest handset. What we see happening is that there is uniformity amongst manufacturers to produce a new standard: HD resolution screens; the one element that will make it easier for Android developers to create better looking applications. I reckon that this time next year it’ll be Android 5 – Key Lime Pie, 4.2 – Jelly Bean and 4 – Ice Cream Sandwich that’ll be the only operating systems on handsets.

I wish that Terry Myerson and Microsoft in general would just concentrate on making their products the very best they can be.

THE LAST THING THIS INDUSTRY NEEDS... another Jobs or Cook. Sore losers make for bad products and ultimately bad business. Just look at Apple’s example, the iPhone 5 should have and could have been so much better. The iPad mini really shouldn’t have undercut its own iPad! That was stupid in the extreme! Now they are paying for it and the shares have dropped. The amount of time they spent on suing the competition they could have created some great new designs for the iPhone and iPad! Here’s hoping (I am always hoping) that the iPhone 6 will deliver!

Microsoft has to do the same: INNOVATE! Don’t hate. Innovate! I don’t part with my money for some idiotic hate campaign. I pay for good products. So, Microsoft, let’s see some good – if not outstanding – products!

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Swann Introduces Pro Series Security Cameras

Swann Introduces Pro Series Security Cameras

New easily installed security cameras introduce professional quality DIY surveillance to home and small business environments with wide-view lenses and 700 TV Lines high resolution image capture

Milton Keynes, UK, 21st February 2013 Swann, a global leader in security monitoring solutions has shifted DIY video surveillance to another level with its new Pro Series range of cameras that boast an unprecedented 700 TV Lines of resolution.

The Pro Series range have wide-view capability to capture crystal clear colour images at day or night and include a variety of offerings for both roof-mounted dome cameras and traditional wall-mounted surveillance cameras. The Pro series offers the latest technology at outstanding prices. Key features are the inclusion of Sony Effio technology and wide dynamic range for clear images in any light. The"Effio" technology realizes a horizontal resolution of over 650 TVL in combination with Sony's newly developed 960H CCD image sensor. This enables clearer pictures with higher sensitivity compared to conventional CCTV cameras.

Easily connected to DVR systems and to the Internet, Swann’s Pro Series allows the security conscious home or business owner to use the On-Screen Display (OSD) controller and built-in software to customise the camera settings in real time.

According to Jeremy Stewart, VP, Global Marketing at Swann, the new Pro Series cameras allow DIY surveillance customers to enhance their personal safety and property protection capabilities for additional peace-of-mind.

“This range of cameras adds a new level of professionalism for people who want to be proactive about their security surveillance,” Stewart said. “Combining 700 TVL high resolution and on screen remote control of wide-view zoom as well as a stylish but sturdy design allows anyone to take control of their own surveillance with professional quality tools.

“The Pro Series cameras are extremely easy to install, can be connected to existing monitors and/or DVRs for immediate surveillance and can be customised on the fly through the OSD.

“When combined with our SwannView app, the cameras can also be controlled remotely via a laptop, tablet or smart phone. High resolution 700 TVL video capture is as good as any professional service offers and is perfect for wide angle viewing of large rooms, hallways, lobbies, reception areas, warehouses, showrooms, garages, parking lots or any number of other applications.”

Swann’s Pro Series incorporate a heavy duty design and construction that makes them weather and vandal-resistant. They allow you to fight back against crime by deterring intruders, safeguarding loved ones and protecting your property.

In addition to the camera, each retail package includes the OSD controller, software and 18 metres of cable as well as all the adapters, mounting screws/plugs and operating instructions needed to get started.

There are five cameras currently available in the Swann Pro Series range:

      PRO-760 - Super Wide-Angle security camera RRP £99.99
      PRO-761™ - Super Wide-Angle Dome Camera – RRP £99.99
      PRO-770™ - Professional All-Purpose Security Camera – RRP £99.99
      PRO-771™ - Professional All-Purpose Dome Camera – RRP£99.99
      PRO-780™ - Ultimate Optical Zoom Security Camera – RRP £129.99
      PRO-781™ - Ultimate Optical Zoom Dome Camera – RRP £129.99

Swann’s Pro Series cameras are available from leading retailers such as Maplin.

Swann is a global leader in security monitoring solutions and fun gadgets targeting consumers through retail channels. In 2012, Swann celebrated its 25th anniversary as a manufacturer of consumer electronics products that are innovative yet cost effective.
The company's products are mainly do-it-yourself with easy-to-follow 'plug-and-play' instructions, free after-sale 24/7 technical support and retail-friendly product packaging aimed at home, office and small-to-medium retail users.
For customers needing more high-tech solutions, Swann is at the forefront of the latest international trends including full HD 1080p, HD surveillance cameras, WiFi network video recording, live Smartphone connectivity and more.
Swann was founded in 1987 and now has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, China and Hong Kong with distribution partners around the globe.
Swann's reseller network includes some of the world’s largest retailers and distributors including Fry's Electronics, RadioShack, Best Buy,, Canadian Tire, Maplin Electronics and Dick Smith.

SIV: 14.03.2013


Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... I have been looking at some of the highlights of the MWC and so far I can tell you that I have blogged a lot of the handsets already... However, it’s still an exciting time for mobile technology fans! If you are looking at getting a tablet this year then now has never been a better time!

Besides the MWC there’s still only ONE handset that is on the minds of most folk that we have yet to hear from and that is the ominous Samsung Galaxy SIV...

It seems that a lot of people are starting to slowly wake up to the power of the smartphone! In actuality these things may as well be called super-phones or computer phones. Essentially, that’s what you have in your pocket – a powerful computer!

These pocket computers could bring about the death of the desktop / laptop computer for those who use them in a limited way i.e. to surf the Internet and to be connected to social networks. A friend of mine boasted that she’s getting a new laptop and I wonder if she would be better off getting a decent Android (or iPad) tablet and a good smartphone instead because I know that her usage is for the purposes above. She doesn’t do any word processing as such or any other type of productivity – not even editing her photos taken on her Galaxy Ace!

I also have another friend who is starting to get the idea and is now considering getting a powerful smartphone and tablet instead of splashing out for another laptop. He has his mind set on the new Galaxy SIV!

Samsung’s Galaxy SIII managed to stay ahead of the game despite some serious challenges – notably from HTC. Samsung just added a great deal of functionality to the SIII that made it desirable from the when it was announced by the lovely Suzi Perry last year! Everything on the SIII is just right... The camera takes excellent pictures and HD video; the way you interact with it and the screen is great! With such a large screen you can enjoy video content and be productive on the move. It was just phenomenal! It still is phenomenal!

So, anyone who understands the power of today’s smartphone will want to know what the Samsung Galaxy SIV has to offer.

I don’t want to bore you with speculations I’ve already made. None of the other tech media sources have added anything different other than the expected Exynos 5250 CPU has heating problems and therefore Samsung are going to be using the Snapdragon 600 processor instead. Who knows?

Again, I have been told by a Samsung rep that the SIV will be, “Mind blowing...”

This we’ll have to see! Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long!

Thank you for reading!

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers... The Mobile World Congress is happening as I type! I will try and bring you what I can on this grand event!

In the meantime... If you are in the UK and want to get a hold of the beast that is HTC One then read the following...

The HTC One is available for pre-order on Three from 22 February and on sale from 15 March.
HTC’s flagship smartphone for 2013 comes with a host of new features including BlinkFeed™ providing the latest updates from favourite social networks, email and news directly to the smartphone’s live homescreen.

The HTC One also offers the best audio experience with BoomSound™, which has dual stereo speakers and Beats Audio™ so music lovers can enjoy authentic sounds as the artist intended without loss of quality.

Keen photographers will benefit from a new, highly innovative UltraPixel camera and with HTC Zoe™ takes sharp, clear photos that can be shared quickly with friends and family over Three’s Ultrafast network*.

The HTC One’s 4.7” full HD screen provides the ultimate viewing experience, allowing people to stream movies, watch TV shows or play games, all in stunning full HD quality. It also packs a powerful 1.7 Ghz quad core processor into the slim and robust design so it can handle all of these tasks while seamlessly running applications with ease

Sylvia Chind, Head of Devices at Three said, “Packed full to the brim with innovative technology, we’re delighted to offer the HTC One for pre-order from 22 February and available from 15 March. This smartphone offers the latest in a premium, aluminium design and is the perfect partner to enjoy our Ultrafast network*”.

The smartphone will be available from 15 March for £34 a month with an upfront cost of £69 on the Ultimate Internet 500 plan. It will also be available for £36 a month with an upfront cost of £69 on The One Plan. Both plans come with All- You-Can-Eat data giving you the ultimate internet experience on Three’s Ultrafast network with no price premium.

In the meantime, to find out more about the HTC One, check out Three’s sneak peek of the device here.

·         BlinkFeed™ – Enjoy fast, real time updates, live on your homescreen.
·         BoomSound™ – Dual Stereo Speakers with Beats Audio™.
·         Ultrabrilliant meets Ultrafast.
·         Premium slim, aluminium design.
·         Zoe™ – ground breaking camera technology and a live gallery.
·         Ultrapixels meets Ultrafast.
·         4.7” full HD screen delivers a stunning experience.
·         1.7Ghz quad-core processor for quicker browsing and multi tasking.

I can’t deny that the HTC One spec looks very tasty indeed! I am sure that it will go down a storm with Three’s Ultrafast network!

The fortunes of HTC are about to turn around!

Thank you for reading!

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Friday, 22 February 2013



Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... Are you wrapped up warm? I sure hope you are keeping warm; I’ve just got in from dinner shopping! It is freezing out! It’s snowing lightly! Bah, humbug! Lol!

Have you noticed that nobody is talking about Apple anymore? Why is that? Ok, I will tell you why...

The amazing looking HTC One was announced on the 19th of this month... I saw “leaked” photo of it and did not believe it! Now that I know it is a reality I am truly blown away by how it looks! I can’t wait to get my hands on one (no pun intended). I wanna test the “ultrapixels” which comes down to a 4MP camera.

I saw the Sony Xperia Z at a phone shop I won’t name; the lucky sales manager had one given to him by a Sony Mobile rep. I had a look and it looks like Sony has finally cracked it – they finally have a desirable handset. The 13MP camera is a strong feature and could win those who snap and record video habitually each day!

I call this a “Frankenstein” phone. Why? Ok, I’ll tell you why... I think it has taken from the top selling handsets: it has a bit of Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Like the Sony Xperia Z it sports a 13MP camera – at this moment in time I don’t know if the camera has special attributes to make it stand out. But so far the Optimus G Pro looks like the best handset here due to the possible 64GB external storage capacity and the 1.7 GHz quad core processor (the same as the HTC One).

In a nutshell what the three handsets above signify is that the Galaxy SIII – technically – is finished. Wow! Incredulous but true. I am sure that when the price plan for the Galaxy SIII is lowered that it would make for an outstanding secondary phone. But it just goes to show that life of a handset is short and it’s getting shorter.

The three handsets above are designed with one agenda: BEAT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY SIV!

The iPhone – in its present state it is finished. As I have said many times, the reason why Apple wants the Samsung off the shelves is to have the opportunity to maximize sales. But the iPhone 5 is a disaster from start to finish and I think it wouldn’t have made much difference if they succeeded in getting Samsung banned in the US. There’s some talk about the 5S and I think Apple ought to just give people a chance to forget what happened. Bring on iPhone 6! Give the iPhone fans what they want!

As for BlackBerry... They needed to be radical. You have to have vision in this game and BlackBerry needed to do something radical and did not. Close, but no cigar! It is a shame because I was hoping to go another way... No, I am not dissatisfied with Android – far from it. I have just got myself the Motorola RAZRi. That’s 6 Android handsets in total! It’s not crazy... Uh-uh... It’s the 2 year contract that renders that particular handset practically obsolete. The 2 year contract is a crock! But what can you do? In any event, I think the BlackBerry could be finished by the end of the year. That would be a sad day for the industry. They rejected the Android operating system in favour of their own, fair dues. But they hope compatibility with Android apps can save them. It may be good for the app developers – if BlackBerry can bring back the numbers! Too many folk have asked me if the Z10 is worth it. You know the saying, “If you have to ask...” The Z10 needed to be a sure fire thing. It’s not.

Never mind...

So, HTC, Sony and LG are gunning for the Galaxy SIV. Or are they trying to get some punches in before the GSIV can land?


HTC – Design; the One is science meets art.

Sony – Refinement; it’s as though Sony has cut that Xperia Z from crystal.

LG – Strength; the Optimus G Pro is one brute of a handset that is a combination of the other two.

Do they know what they are up against? Here’s the latest Samsung Galaxy SIV gossip...

The device may include a new camera feature called the Samsung Orb, which is said to be an extension of the Photo Sphere feature introduced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The Samsung Orb may allow Galaxy S4 owners to capture 360-degree panorama photos that will give users "an almost three-dimensional viewing experience." The source also said Samsung is currently working closely with Facebook and users may be able upload the panorama pictures on Facebook, just like users can with normal photos.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also rumoured to be packed with updated hardware and a bigger screen. The phone is said to feature a full HD 5-inch display, touch-less interactions with the screen and a 13MP camera. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 may include a new 5G Wi-Fi combo chip, which could allow the Samsung Galaxy S4 to have Wi-Fi speeds comparable to Ethernet. The Samsung Galaxy S4 could also pack a brand-new Exynos 5 Octa.

Hmmmm... I wonder...

I have the notion that there will be 4 devices in addition to the 5” handset.

The folding SIV, it could be called the SIV Q.

SIV mini.

SIV watch.

& SIV 7” tablet that will feature the S Pen.

Why not? Samsung will certainly need something substantial to keep them not just on top but the masters of innovation. I get the feeling that Samsung would like to bury the iPhone once and for all and to achieve this they have to go all out blazing with products that will just blow minds!
One thing is for sure, Samsung has some serious competition this year. The mobile phone world awaits Samsung’s next move.

Thank you for reading!

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers... I hope all is well! I hope you making the most out of your tech! Yes, I am going to be hard at work over the coming days! I will be producing more video reviews. I want to cut to the chase and therefore the videos will be short and that you can trust I will be giving you what I believe to be the core of a product! Stay tuned...

I have been hearing a lot about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV and lately the Q! What is the “Q”?

...come Monday the 25th of February 2013 the Mobile World Congress kicks off! It’s going to be quite a heavy show this year! If you are an Android fan or not you will certainly know that the mobile industry is currently being driven by it! We’re seeing 5” screens as the norm and the evolution of the “phablet”. I / we can expect to see those kinds of handsets at the show! I also hope that we’ll be seeing more manufacturers come into the fold. The fear, well it’s not a fear as such...’s more a concern... My concern is that the handsets don’t have anything by the way of innovative user features to make each model stand out. Sure, we’ve seen the beautiful looking HTC One but the things that I remember are the interaction features that were set by the Samsung Galaxy SIII; they were and still are very remarkable. It’s those sorts of features that can really sell a handset. Cue the “Q”!


It is said that Samsung will launch the Q – a handset with a foldable screen at the MWC. A dual screen that opens up as one! Wow! Can this be true?

Where Samsung rumours are concerned they have a habit of coming true or very close... This would be revelation and certainly a show stopper! Samsung is a company that defies convention and it is working for them! They certainly put out an alarming range of handsets in a year! How they do it I just don’t know, but it seems to be working for them. They manage to catch every aspect of the market whilst inventing some! They certainly invented the “phablet” phenomenon or reinvented it from Dell’s unsuccessful Streak.

I am sure that if there’s any more handset invention is to come, it’ll come from Samsung. Watching them reveal concepts and working prototypes at the recent CES suggests that they are far ahead of the game. It is only a matter of time before they make these concepts / prototypes available to the public.

Now are Samsung going to preview this Q handset or are they going to show it in full? If they were to reveal the Q at the MWC would it detract from this fever pitch anticipation of the Galaxy SIV? Would it split the SIV market? I am thinking to myself, ‘Maybe I will go for the Q instead of the SIV...’ I have the one upgrade left that is happening in April and I want to use it wisely!

Apparently the Galaxy SIV will be revealed on the 14 March 2013, New York. It has yet to be confirmed (as far as I am concerned). We might know about that date either during the MWC or after!


I can’t hide my excitement over possible Samsung handsets... The Youm video was just mind blowing! Samsung are making the sort of devices that you’d expect to see in a Sci-Fi movie.

I am looking forward to knowing more and to watch their press launches!

If I get any more information I will be sure to blog on it!

Thank you for reading!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013



Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers... I have recently upgraded my secondary handset to the Motorola RAZRi from the almost zero capacity HTC Desire! Happy days are here again!  

I thought that I ought to do a quick Retro Review if you are up for an upgrade and looking for a budget handset...

I am with Virgin and I got my mobile through a package deal. It just so happened that I was in town last week and I popped into a Virgin branch to see if they had updated their handsets. It wasn’t long before I was approached by an attractive petite young thing who decided to sell me on the RAZRi...

I think I have mentioned to you that I was looking at the RAZRi a few months back... Well, I didn’t see anything else to sway me from that thought. The sales woman was saying just about anything in order to seal the deal! I thought I’d entertain her...

“I have a Galaxy SIII and I wish that I had got myself the RAZRi because it fits in the palm of my hand and it looks great in white...” I would agree... The white version of the RAZRi looks great! I don’t think it’s better than the Galaxy SIII!

“My next door neighbour had the iPhone 5 and he hated it. Now he has the RAZRi and he says that it performs better...” Really? Even though the iPhone 5 has LTE? “Yes, LTE doesn’t make that much of a difference due to the fast processor...” I can kind of believe that. I honestly think that the iPhone 5 is a bad piece of tech! Many people have told me that they have taken their iPhone 5 and exchanged it because of cracked or chipped screens and other problems...

“The RAZRi has the latest Android, Jelly Bean operating system...” Er, no. I think you’ll find that this is Ice Cream Sandwich. “No, it’s Jelly Bean...” Hmmm, no... I think you’ll find that version 4.04 is Ice Cream Sandwich. At that point she consults a colleague and comes back with, “Yes, you’re right but once you have put your SIM you will get an update notification to install Jelly Bean...” Well, it has been 3 days since I have my RAZRi and no update notification thus so far.

Could it be that she made a genuine mistake? Who knows? But it shows you that one has to come with some knowledge or get sold on a handset incorrectly.



·         Quad-band GSM and 3G support
·         21 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA
·         4.3" 16M-color Super AMOLED Advanced capacitive touchscreen of qHD resolution (960 x 540 pixels); Gorilla Glass
·         Kevlar coated, splash resistant body
·         Great ergonomics and size, frameless display design
·         Lightly customized Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
·         2 GHz Atom CPU, PowerVR SGX540 GPU, Intel Medfield chipset
·         1 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage; microSD card slot
·         8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash; face detection and geotagging; 1080p video recording
·         0.3MP front-facing VGA camera
·         Wi-Fi b/g/n and DLNA
·         NFC connectivity with Android Beam
·         GPS with A-GPS
·         Accelerometer, proximity sensor and auto-brightness sensor; compass
·         Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
·         microUSB port (charging) and stereo Bluetooth v 4.0
·         Beefy 2000mAh battery with good performance
·         Smart dialing, voice dialing
·         Excellent video codecs support
·         Office document editor
·         Good browsing performance

I think the 4.3” screen is vivid and what you see looks quite stunning. I looked at some movie trailers in YouTube and thought they looked excellent. It is certainly a patch on the HTC Desire (which left a lot to be desired) and it’s good for a secondary handset. Once you have the Galaxy Note II the 4.3” screen just doesn’t feel the same. But the screen is satisfying. It’s not quite edge to edge, there is a bit of a bezel.

The RAZRi sounds ok; it can be very loud and on the tinny side. Unfortunately, there is no onboard equalizer. I may have to download a decent app for that.

Calls sounded ok – a bit muddy! The ear grille doubles up as the Motorola logo badge and I don’t think that it was a good idea.

The body is partly made from Kevlar and is splash and it’s also quite resistant to fingerprints.

The battery is non-removable. I was a little sceptic about not being able to replace the battery but I know that Motorola has been pioneering long battery life. And when I think about it, I never had to replace the battery of the HTC Desire – it was adequate. With moderate usage the RAZRi battery performs very, very well and at the end of a day the battery was 72%! That’s 2000mAh that pleases!

Inside is the Intel Medfield 2 GHZ dual core chipset that is pretty zippy! Thus making the handset very responsive to the touch! Apps bounce back at you very much as it is on the iPhone. I like it considering that it is Android Ice Cream Sandwich! I am now very, very curious to see if the there’s a major improvement with this Jelly Bean update – if it ever comes!


I have said it once, 50 times – if not more, most consumers wouldn’t miss subtle differences between Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. You do what you like to do without thinking about it. Going from one app to the other is a seamless affair. Android just works! Yes, it would have been the icing (no pun intended) to have the latest version of Android installed – I like Google Now! Other than that, I can’t complain.

I will take some pictures and video over the weekend and let you see for yourselves. The first impression is that the camera is just about ok. It’s an 8MP camera that can record full HD video. Again, because it is a secondary handset I am not too fused about it.

What I like about the camera is that has a dedicated shutter button that can be located at the bottom of the phone in portrait mode. When you hold the handset like a camera in landscape mode the button is easily accessible and depressing the shutter button in sleep mode activates the camera straightaway!

There’s also a front-facing camera!

Again, the Intel processor makes surfing the web a joy via 3G or WiFi. Websites come up fairly quickly and, of course, quicker via Wi-Fi!

You have two browsers:

The standard Android browser and Google Chrome. I believe that the Android browser is compatible with Adobe Flash, however I did not see the Flash app / plug-in on the Google Play store! Personally, I do not use Adobe Flash on my website design and I have come to accept that Flash is finished on the web now. There are still some websites that use Flash. You can easily find the Flash APK if you really wanted to experience Flash.

Websites look as they were meant to look in both browsers! Great!

I can tell you that the RAZRi wouldn’t have been my choice for a main handset. But the rental price on it is good! As a Virgin customer I pay less than £20 for it. The value is excellent because essentially it is just above the middle range of premium handsets. The RAZRi feels like a quality handset. I like the weight on it. I appreciate that - again it is my opinion - it is a better design than the iPhone 5 due to the fact it squeezes in a good screen size whilst keeping the overall handset compact so that you can operate it with one hand.

It comes with the SWYPE keyboard if you prefer to gesture type as well as the standard Android keyboard. I am happy with the apps and widgets that come with it. In fact it is very similar to getting a Samsung Galaxy handset. Because Motorola has been taken over by Google you get the Google Android widget experience.

I don’t feel the need to download a bunch of apps just the usual for free calls, video calls and texting.

If you are not too fused about the camera then this could be a main handset. It is certainly an alternative to the big guns that are the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note II, etc. It has a good 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage which will probably give you 4.75 GB for your apps and media. Thankfully, there’s an external storage option! Cool!

I am very happy with the RAZRi and I passed up the new HTC One V which is LTE compatible. I just didn’t think the One V had a uniform set of features i.e. I think it was a bad idea to give it a 5MP camera. In general I don’t think much of HTC’s budget range. HTC premium = good. HTC budget = not so good. 

SCORE: 4 / 5

Thank you for reading!

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