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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... Are you wrapped up warm? I sure hope you are keeping warm; I’ve just got in from dinner shopping! It is freezing out! It’s snowing lightly! Bah, humbug! Lol!

Have you noticed that nobody is talking about Apple anymore? Why is that? Ok, I will tell you why...

The amazing looking HTC One was announced on the 19th of this month... I saw “leaked” photo of it and did not believe it! Now that I know it is a reality I am truly blown away by how it looks! I can’t wait to get my hands on one (no pun intended). I wanna test the “ultrapixels” which comes down to a 4MP camera.

I saw the Sony Xperia Z at a phone shop I won’t name; the lucky sales manager had one given to him by a Sony Mobile rep. I had a look and it looks like Sony has finally cracked it – they finally have a desirable handset. The 13MP camera is a strong feature and could win those who snap and record video habitually each day!

I call this a “Frankenstein” phone. Why? Ok, I’ll tell you why... I think it has taken from the top selling handsets: it has a bit of Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Like the Sony Xperia Z it sports a 13MP camera – at this moment in time I don’t know if the camera has special attributes to make it stand out. But so far the Optimus G Pro looks like the best handset here due to the possible 64GB external storage capacity and the 1.7 GHz quad core processor (the same as the HTC One).

In a nutshell what the three handsets above signify is that the Galaxy SIII – technically – is finished. Wow! Incredulous but true. I am sure that when the price plan for the Galaxy SIII is lowered that it would make for an outstanding secondary phone. But it just goes to show that life of a handset is short and it’s getting shorter.

The three handsets above are designed with one agenda: BEAT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY SIV!

The iPhone – in its present state it is finished. As I have said many times, the reason why Apple wants the Samsung off the shelves is to have the opportunity to maximize sales. But the iPhone 5 is a disaster from start to finish and I think it wouldn’t have made much difference if they succeeded in getting Samsung banned in the US. There’s some talk about the 5S and I think Apple ought to just give people a chance to forget what happened. Bring on iPhone 6! Give the iPhone fans what they want!

As for BlackBerry... They needed to be radical. You have to have vision in this game and BlackBerry needed to do something radical and did not. Close, but no cigar! It is a shame because I was hoping to go another way... No, I am not dissatisfied with Android – far from it. I have just got myself the Motorola RAZRi. That’s 6 Android handsets in total! It’s not crazy... Uh-uh... It’s the 2 year contract that renders that particular handset practically obsolete. The 2 year contract is a crock! But what can you do? In any event, I think the BlackBerry could be finished by the end of the year. That would be a sad day for the industry. They rejected the Android operating system in favour of their own, fair dues. But they hope compatibility with Android apps can save them. It may be good for the app developers – if BlackBerry can bring back the numbers! Too many folk have asked me if the Z10 is worth it. You know the saying, “If you have to ask...” The Z10 needed to be a sure fire thing. It’s not.

Never mind...

So, HTC, Sony and LG are gunning for the Galaxy SIV. Or are they trying to get some punches in before the GSIV can land?


HTC – Design; the One is science meets art.

Sony – Refinement; it’s as though Sony has cut that Xperia Z from crystal.

LG – Strength; the Optimus G Pro is one brute of a handset that is a combination of the other two.

Do they know what they are up against? Here’s the latest Samsung Galaxy SIV gossip...

The device may include a new camera feature called the Samsung Orb, which is said to be an extension of the Photo Sphere feature introduced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

The Samsung Orb may allow Galaxy S4 owners to capture 360-degree panorama photos that will give users "an almost three-dimensional viewing experience." The source also said Samsung is currently working closely with Facebook and users may be able upload the panorama pictures on Facebook, just like users can with normal photos.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also rumoured to be packed with updated hardware and a bigger screen. The phone is said to feature a full HD 5-inch display, touch-less interactions with the screen and a 13MP camera. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 may include a new 5G Wi-Fi combo chip, which could allow the Samsung Galaxy S4 to have Wi-Fi speeds comparable to Ethernet. The Samsung Galaxy S4 could also pack a brand-new Exynos 5 Octa.

Hmmmm... I wonder...

I have the notion that there will be 4 devices in addition to the 5” handset.

The folding SIV, it could be called the SIV Q.

SIV mini.

SIV watch.

& SIV 7” tablet that will feature the S Pen.

Why not? Samsung will certainly need something substantial to keep them not just on top but the masters of innovation. I get the feeling that Samsung would like to bury the iPhone once and for all and to achieve this they have to go all out blazing with products that will just blow minds!
One thing is for sure, Samsung has some serious competition this year. The mobile phone world awaits Samsung’s next move.

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