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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... It’s good to see you! I hope that you had a good day! Or if your day is still unravelling I hope it turns out to be a brilliant day!

Oh, wow! The HTC One is a beautiful design! HTC have pulled out some stops where the design is concerned! Hmmm, Sony has launched Playstation 4 and I wonder if there’s a market for it these days what with games played via the Web, TV and smartphone! Anyhoo...

The Synapse Circuit YouTube channel...


Yes, I have listened to what you have said about the hefty i-PDF (interactive PDF); it can take some of you a bit of time to download and to find the time to read!

The solution is YouTube! No need to download yet another app for the mobile; no need to download a special plug-in for the computer!

It has taken me a while to get it together... I put a lot of thought into it! I am sure that the videos will get better as I go along!

Thank you for your positive responses!

The YouTube channel is additional to the blogs – as you would have gathered if you saw the video.

I am not going to give up i-PDF entirely! I am looking at putting out i-PDF for specials i.e. detailed articles, tutorials, etc.

I am also going to be blogging some reviews too!

All of which should be make the information easily accessible.

Yes, the YouTube video was delayed somewhat due to a burst pipe this winter and other domestic stuff! Lol! I am laughing now, but at the time it was most stressful! Glad the worst is over! Touch wood! Lol!

Thank you so very much for watching and reading!  

Please check out the site – you may find some useful resources!
Synapse Circuit Dot Com!

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