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Hey, are you the proud owner of a Motorola handset such as the Moto G, X and Nexus 6? Do you find yourself running out of juice? Good news!

#Motorola #PowerPackMicro

Yes, in my Nexus 6 review I was a bit concerned about the battery life! I since discovered that the battery lasts a lot longer when the Ambient Display mode is turned off! Still, the battery is nonremovable and the Power Pack Micro is the very thing I was asking for! The cost is a little steep but I think it is well worth it to keep the handset going for a little bit longer!

I do hope that Google will relent on the non-removable battery (and no microSD card slot) in the future! But I think I will have myself a Power Pack Micro! Here’s the spec:-

Design Materials / Colours
Dark canvas

Dimensions L X W X H
41mm x 17mm x 60mm

1.7 oz

Battery capacity
1500 mAh

1.0 amp output

Not bad, huh? I would have been a lot happier with a larger capacity for that kind of money! Still, 1500 mAh can get me home when I am on my travels! I don’t have to be afraid to use my handset anymore! I do prefer to purchase official accessories as I know they are meant to work the handsets! But the question is: Is the Power Pack Micro compatible with non-Motorola handsets?
HTC has or had a Power Stick selling for around £40-odd!

If Samsung decides to go all unibody on us for the Galaxy S6 I am hopeful that they’ll do a power pack too and / or power case!

One small criticism of the Motorola Power Pack Micro is that I think the dark canvas material could get worn out inside a pocket over time with friction! I guess that’s one way to keep one’s nuts warm in the winter!

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Above: Dukie Carcinogen (not real name), the gatekeeper of Hell!

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! Here's my second offering for today! I am on a roll!

What would you change about Google Plus or G+?

#Google #GooglePlus #G+ #Trolls #MadModerators 
Duke Carico is a nasty little man that is fixated upon his authority as a moderator to the point where his community is super-dull! 
I happen to think that G+ or Google Plus is quite a decent social networking platform with a lot of potential! I prefer Gee Plus (G+) to Twitter – so much so that I have stopped using Twitter! If I could remember my password to Twitter I would just go ahead and delete my account! Needless to say that I use G+ a lot!

I am also a heavy Facebook user too! It has taken me a good while to get used to the Google Plus interface.

1. Improve the interface! Sure, my instinct is to say, “Copy Facebook!” But I am sure that the programmers in charge can come up with an even better interface!

It didn’t escape my attention that Google made it possible for people to call themselves what they want and I am sure that helped to get people involved with G+!

And now for a story... A true story... A true story based on real life events...


One of the best features of G+ is the “communities”. The communities are so great and are based upon a wide range of subject matters from Animation to Zoos! Join any number of communities and you can get chatting with others and share your passions (sometimes... we’ll get to that in a bit...).

At least a couple of years ago I joined a particular community based around technology and I shared my articles within that community. Dukie Carcinogen (not real name) was one of the 16 moderators of the community and in the past he told me that he “like my articles” and when I took some time off he sent me a message to ask if I was okay... Ahhh... Anyway, I posted up an article on Dukie’s community and the next thing I know another moderator removed it. When I asked why he said that it was “spam”. That got me irked as you can imagine... I asked, “How can you tell that it is spam without reading the article?” The reply strayed into weird territory, “I don’t have to read it to know that it’s spam...” And with that I was banned. So, I let Dukie know that I was banned and informed him about the altercation with one of his “moderators” (sic). Dukie apologized on the moderator’s behalf and the ban was lifted.

I think a month must have passed by before I went to post again in this particular community and saw that I was banned again. Once again, I contacted Dukie and the ban was lifted but not before letting me know that G+ can flag posts as spam... Okay, fair enough... Dukie also told me that he knows all 16 moderators personally and goes regularly for a drink with them, “They are nice guys...” Really? Anyway, I posted a new introduction in this community so that new members can get to know me and understand what I am about... I think I must have written...

“Hi, I am Blue Gene. I love technology and I write for Synapse Circuit...”

Oddly, this got taken down... There was no link only a picture of my Nexus 6!  So, I wrote another introduction,

“Hi! I am Blue Gene.... I love tech and I write for Synapse Circuit. Sometimes my posts get flagged as ‘spam’ but it’s just a link to my article...” Within less than a minute  someone posted a comment on it, “Reported!” What was in my introduction to report it? To me this was the action of a troll.

I also posted up an article that actually remained there! Shock! This particular “community” features loads of links to other articles and websites; I didn’t understand what the problem was. So, I wrote a third introduction...

“Hi! It’s Blue Gene again... This is my third introduction as some troll reported the last one as spam! Anyway, I love writing about tech and I look forward to interacting with you...” Or words to that effect!

About 5 minutes later it was removed with a message from another moderator saying that my posts are "spam" (when they are not) and that it is not allowed. I shouldn’t have written another introduction as I am already a member and that my articles contain Google ads and "we don’t allow commercial enterprise, blah, blah, blah..." So, in other words: Some people are worried that I am making money off these Google ads! Hahahaha!

So, the next thing I know Dukie waded in to say that he was the one that took my introductions down because I was “gloating”. Huh??? It turns out that because I said I “my posts aren’t spam but links to my articles” (that Dukie told me he appreciated), Dukie saw fit to remove it (them)! So, Dukie took offence to my refuting that my links are spam and banned me for challenging him and moderators. Dukie’s actual message gave me the impression that he was rabid... But at the end of the day there was no cause for that kind of behaviour.

2. Google Plus flagging articles that come from Google Blogger as “spam” is really stupid! In turn it makes other people stupid and paranoid! Anyone should be able to share his or her articles in as many relevant communities as they like!

I have said it once and a thousand times, “These spam accusations must stop! It’s childish!” I created a community as an experiment to see how it works and often I get posts flagged as “spam” when they are not! I take the time to have a look to see if the post is relevant to my community or not! Obviously, if it is a link to get some blue pills I delete it! But considering this Dukie chap knows all 16 of his moderators all he had to do was say, “Hey! Blue Gene is okay! He writes good articles...” Uh-uh! These people can’t take the initiative... These people can’t think for themselves, “Duh, Gee Plus says it could be spam... Duh, I had better delete the post and ban the community member...” It doesn’t help when people change the definition of “spam” to suit them!

"I'm a moderator! Respect my authoritah!" 

It would be wise if Google allowed people to think for themselves! For example, the equivalent to communities is Pages and Groups on Facebook. I have a couple of “Pages” and “Groups” and if someone posts up real spam i.e. a link to some shop or something like that I delete it! Facebook didn’t flag it; I saw it and deleted it!

People who aren’t moderators who cry “spam” are usually sad individuals who imagine that writers using Blogger any other form of journal based website are driving around in Lamborghini’s as a result of sharing their work. It’s so pathetic!

G+ needs to grow up and fast! Google Plus needs to get away from this “spam” flagging nonsense! It makes people nasty! It turns them into superficial-trolls reporting innocuous posts knowing that it’ll get removed and the user banned! In my mind that’s not what a community is about! The best communities are those that understand that articles from others can keep a community alive and buzzing! Google Plus has such great potential! I hope that Google will keep investing in it!

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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How’s it going? It’s pouring down with rain here in London! I hope that all is well with you and yours! I also hope that you are making the most of your tech!

It seems that Google ought to brace itself for the coming attacks on the Android robots! Despite CEO, Larry Page stating that he’s not interested into Tech Wars it seems that the poor chap can’t avoid it no matter what he (and Google) does! Read on!

#Google #Android #Cyanogenmod #Microsoft #iOS #Tizen #OxygenOS #Motorola #Lollipop #OnePlus #OxygenOS

You are probably wondering, “Spider-Man 3??? What’s that got to do with Android, iOS, etc?” Well, right now Android is looking like Spider-Man in the Toby McGuire franchise – the third movie! Android is the Amazing Spider-Man and facing a number of foes: iOS could be Green Goblin; Microsoft – Sandman and Cyanogenmod is very much like Venom! Hahaha! All of a sudden it looks as though Peter Parker (Google) has a brought untold trouble to himself with his alter-ego, Spider-Man (Android). Will Spider-Man’s (Android) enemies reveal his true identity?

It seems to me that many tech “journalists” (sic) are no better than cheap tabloid writers in that they seem to thrive on sensationalism and half-truths! The headlines are so silly that I can’t believe that people would actually put their names and photos to these ridiculous stories! Okay, there is some truth in the apparent animosity towards Google / Android. They (Cyanogenmod) don’t like the control that Google exerts over Android and they would like to develop the Cyanogenmod alternative to Android. Fighting talk, huh? But Google have every right to make certain stipulations with regards to how manufacturers use its operating system. So, why the drama? While you are thinking about it here’s something more to think about...

Although Apple has made record sales the fact is that it hasn’t made a dent to the Android market! Again, iOS and Android are two different markets! The Android market is substantially bigger than that of iOS and therefore iOS cannot win. There are articles that state the iPhone 6 Plus is eating into the Galaxy Note 4 market but this is unlikely. Why? Glad you asked! I think you will find that the US and European marketplaces are pretty much set in their respective ways: there’s a huge demand for the Galaxy Note 4 and there is also a huge demand for the iPhone 6 Plus! But here’s the trick: iPhone fanatics have been crying out for a bigger screen ever since the first Samsung Galaxy Note! The demand was always there! Some iPhone fanatics may have been forced to go Android i.e. Galaxy Note as Apple back then preferred to release propaganda videos about “Hand Science”... “We found that the thumb can go from here to here and there to there comfortably... The iPhone is build around your hand...” I am paraphrasing but you get the gist! So, I would imagine that there would be quite a surge in the US & European markets for the iPhone 6 Plus. But if you listen to those who have bought themselves an iPhone 6 Plus they are complaining about the state of iOS 8 and that many apps do not yet take advantage of the 1080p screen. Once again (yawn), in London the computer exchange shops are full of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets! Oh, the computer exchange shops have an abundant supply of iPhone 5Cs in many different colours! Could it be that this is happening in Europe and the US – people taking their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to the computer exchange stores out of disappointment and / or frustration? Maybe!

 It could very well be that the Android folk turning iOS are actually former iPhone users coming back to the fold. I also think that there are a number of technology lovers that have both an iPhone 6 Plus and an Android handset! Why not? But I honestly cannot see dedicated Android people just going over to the iPhone just because of a larger screen size thus abandoning Android. It’s just something I wouldn’t do! Why? Because Apple only makes Android stronger!

Now if you look at where the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is selling well it is in China. China is pretty much untapped territory for Apple and I would imagine that the affluent Chinese market have gone for the latest iPhone models in the way that a country will go mad for having a McDonald’s opening up for the first time! China has a huge population hence the great sales record for Apple! And once the Chinese market catches on with regards to the bugs in iOS 8, the fact that many apps do not scale and that the camera is pretty much lacking in comparison to flagship Android handsets the fascination could well and truly be over already! It could be that Apple has shot itself in the foot with regards to the sales of the next iPhone models! We’ll see!

I am not surprised that Android sales have dipped and it is for the following reasons:-

1. These cheap and not so cheerful below £90 handsets from the likes of ZTE aren’t really worth the effort. And we all know why, right? C’mon! Add “crap” to the following: CPU, RAM and internal storage. Non-technical people have finally understood that cheap does not mean good!

2. I reckon there were two handsets that were hotly anticipated towards the end of the 2014 and those were the Galaxy Note 4 (three if you include the Galaxy Note Edge variant) and the Nexus 6! We have pretty much seen what the other manufacturers have done and the Galaxy Note 4, Edge and Nexus 6 are what many waited for. As you know I have both the Galaxy Note 4 and the Nexus 6! I was planning on the Galaxy Note Edge but...

3. The Android market is holding out for 64-bit handsets! Yes, I was a tad disappointed that the Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 aren’t sporting 64-bit CPUs but I know that the qualities of these phones are excellent! I, like the rest of the smartphone world, am waiting for the complete lowdown on the Samsung Galaxy S6!

So, don’t believe the hype! 2015 is Android’s year! People say that Android 5 Lollipop is “buggy” but I have yet to come across any issues on my Nexus 6! Touch wood! Lol! But I can imagine that there will be some issues on the masses of Android devices out there! Upgrading to another Android version is not as easy as we would like! I am quite positive that some components of the Android used on Project Ara will be absorbed by the mainstream Android 5 that should translate into Android 6 Mud Pie(?) that should make it even easier to upgrade in the future.

Here’s a link to Motorola’s blog that gives you an insight to the upgrading process: Lollipop Issues

One day my little Moto G 2014 will let me know when I can download and install Lollipop! By then I it is possible that I would have moved on to the LTE version being released in Brazil (it will have Lollipop installed on it) or one of the inexpensive offerings from ASUS such as the Zenfone 2 with a 64-bit CPU!

Come March 2015 we will see a sharp rise in Android handsets!

Thank God for that! Google recently stated that they have trouble meeting the demands for the Nexus 6... Hmmmm... Should I believe that? Let’s see... There are over 1 Billion Android handsets out there and out of that 1 Billion-odd what is the percentage of Nexus 6 users? Whatever that percentage is Lollipop doesn’t seem to have made a blimp on the Android user charts! KitKat still dominates on the majority of handsets out there and even then some of them aren’t the latest version, 4.4.4! But the fact that there are over 1 Billion Android users out there just shows me that the likes of Apple have made way too much over “fragmentation”! The fact is iOS is more fragmented in that iOS 8 run on an iPhone 4S and that those who have installed iOS 8 wished that they hadn’t! You don’t hear Cook and co talking about that issue! Of course not! What matters to Apple is PROFIT!!!! Apple doesn’t care about its workers or the environment and the BBC TV current affairs programme, Panorama, has exposed Cook and co for not being honest! The most honest thing that has come out of Cook’s mouth was his Gay declaration! Instead of the customary rainbow flag Cook is waving a black flag where the environment is concerned...

Watch Canadian documentary on corporations here: The Corporation
Watch the BBC news clip regarding Apple workers in China: Apple Exposed
You will see that nothing has changed from when the documentary was made in 2003 until now. Try and watch the Panorama programme on BBC iPlayer and what Apple does to the environment is shocking to say the least! I can only hope that other manufacturers are proactive in looking after its workforce and the environment! Any manufacturer can have a policy but it is something else to act upon it – practise it!

But going back to the Nexus 6... Of course it is no iPhone 6 Plus! It could very well be that Apple is making out that the demand for the iPhone 6 Plus surpasses that for the superior Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge just to give the impression that they are winning but they are not (as I have pointed out to you before). I can believe that there is a high demand for the Nexus 6 as it is the best Nexus ever!

1. Lollipop; there are many people out there like myself that want to experience Android as Google envisioned it.

2. The Motorola design surpasses that of the iPhone 6 Plus.

3. There’s a 5.96” quad-HD screen that’s great for everything you do on a phone!

4. The front-facing stereo speakers; they are wonderfully loud and makes video watching a great experience. Listening to music is also a wonderful experience!

5. The 13MP camera is arguably better than that on the iPhone 6 Plus. I say “arguably” because each camera has pros and cons but a strong argument is 4K video recording and playback, 13MP is better than 8MP and when you take the time to take a good photo the Nexus 6 shouldn’t let you down!

See the Synapse Circuit Nexus 6 review if you haven’t already! Here it is: Nexus 6 Review

When the Google Nexus 5 came out it sold out in the UK retail outlets on day one! So, I would imagine that the same phenomenon is happening with the Nexus 6!

There is a reason why Google isn’t interested into being a handset and tablet manufacturer. According to CEO, Larry Page, Google is already thinking beyond the smartphone and tablet. Hence the sale of Motorola to Lenovo! What has to be appreciated is that Google has made the smartphone accessible to just about everyone with the Moto range! This trend is already being continued by ASUS – I am so curious about the 64-bit, 4GB RAM Zenfone 2 at $199!!! Or it could be that ASUS has another configuration for the Zenfone 2 that is $199 that does not feature 4GB of RAM. We’ll see...

Many tech writers / journalists don’t seem to understand that Google is in for the long haul when it comes to making profits. Yes, they have to make the Android operating system the best that they can in order for people to keep using it and to start using it! Android is the pathway to YouTube & Google Ads. Click on my Google Ads! Lol! Just kiddin’! I know that there are some people out there who are concerned about others making money! That’s so sad! Never mind! Anyhoo...

If Google had wanted to sell handsets they would have done so from that start and not made Android open source! Simple!

Yes, Microsoft has invested $70 Million in Cyanogenmod’s bid to “take Android away from Google...” but you have only got to look at the situation with Amazon to understand that this is never going to be as straightforward as Cyanogenmod and Microsoft would like! Amazon can’t even give its Fire phone away! It will be interesting to see how Cyanogenmod and Microsoft pans out... If Cyanogenmod manages to succeed in creating its own forked version of Android it may be of interest to tech-heads! I don’t know about you but if I see an advantage in other technologies I will invest in them! A couple of my handsets are running Cyanogenmod and it’s a good alternative to the official Android as I am able to keep these old handsets updated. One of the important features of Cyanogenmod is privacy and their efforts to ensure user privacy may force Google to take issue of privacy in Android more seriously.

Cyanogenmod certainly has its work cut out for them! They haven’t forged an alliance with OnePlus as OnePlus is releasing its own forked Android, Oxygen OS pretty soonish – I think! I am quite sure that Oxygen OS will still rely on Google Play Store! We’ll just have to wait for more information on that!

If you look at Samsung’s Tizen operating system it shows great promise and can utilize Android apps. So, I am right about Samsung wanting to express itself without Google’s interference. Samsung needs to develop its own innovations and Tizen is the way to do it. It’s obvious that Samsung still wants to work with Google otherwise Samsung wouldn’t have gone to considerable lengths to make Tizen compatible with Google Play Store. If a Tizen handset offered something that I couldn’t get anywhere else I’d buy into it!

The next coming years will certainly be interesting for Google’s Android ecosystem. From where I am sitting, Android looks pretty much unstoppable; 1 Billion-odd Android users is a tough factor to compete with! Microsoft’s motive for backing Cyanogenmod isn’t a good one! Windows handsets haven’t gone mainstream as Microsoft would have liked. And as you know, they produced some Android handsets under Nokia which have discontinued primarily because Microsoft’s own forked Android didn’t work! I had intended to purchase one and install a custom ROM on it! But they are no longer on the market as far as I can see! Microsoft seems to have a lot of money to waste! It’s bizarre watching Microsoft throw money in any direction to be seen as a technological innovator again! Get your HoloLen goggles on! It’s fun for all the family!

We’ll just have to watch to see how it all unravels for Cyanogenmod, Microsoft and Google!

The Future of the Nexus programme...

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Hey, iPhone Friends! Get making music NOW!!!

#MAGIX #MusicMakerJam #iPhone #MusicComposition #Dance #HipHop #Dubstep #EDM #House #Techno

UK, January 30th, 2015 MAGIX is pleased to announce the release of Music Maker Jam for the iPhone. The free app has already been downloaded several million times on other platforms and is now available for the iPhone in a completely fresh look.

Music Maker Jam makes it easier than ever to produce professional tracks — no previous experience is required at all. Over 70 style packages, countless genres and spectacular effects provide users with unlimited creative freedom. Automatic tempo and harmony adjustment make easy work for beginners, and an 8 channel mixer and customized harmonies let professionals run wild with ideas.

The iPhone version of the app has been completely redesigned. Key features such as the loop selector and harmony editor are now even easier to use, while the new home screen provides a better overview.

Sascha Lazimbat, CEO of MAGIX Audio GmbH: "We've known about the affinity of iPhone users for music, design and creativity for a long time. Now we can finally offer them Music Maker Jam as a free download — completely redesigned and with a brand new look. We're really looking forward to seeing what the iPhone users are going to create!"
First-time installation of the app includes four lite style packages. Users can additionally download two extra styles for free from the store. Genres, ranging from hip hop and trap to movie scores, can be freely combined right from the start.


About MAGIX...
MAGIX is an internationally active provider of software, online services and digital contents for use with multimedia products and services for personal and business communication. MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically demanding and at the same time user-friendly range of software, online services and digital contents for design, editing, presentation and archiving of digital photos, videos, music, documents and websites.

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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How’s it going? I hope the weather is treating you well! It is freezing as I type! How are you getting on with your tech projects? Please let me know what you’re doing! Perhaps I can write about it!

Don’t you find yourself wondering about the state of Google? Do you think it can collapse under its own weight? Is it possible that they will go by the way of Microsoft? The Nexus 6 seems to be selling very well though!

#Google #Nexus #Silver #Android #64bitAndroid

You know my thoughts on the Nexus6 – I have one despite of the niggles that I found with it. I figured out to extend the battery life I’d just had to turn off the Ambient Display setting! All in all I thought that the Nexus 6 was a bold move on Google’s part! It looks great, it is undeniably premium and not that much of a leap from its predecessor, Nexus 5, in terms of price. And it clear that the Nexus 6 is the most technologically advanced in the Nexus handset series thus so far!

Android 5 Lollipop certainly compliments the hardware and was a clincher for me to finally go Nexus! Lollipop is by far the best version of Android and it can only get better!

Either the Google Silver line of handsets were set to replace the Nexus line or add another line of Google’s pure Android experience. The idea was that any manufacturer can create a “Silver” premium handset by adhering to Google’s strict guidelines and by the looks of it these handsets were supposed to be the pinnacle with a 64-bit CPU cherry! And because Apple forced 64-bits on Android the transition to from 32-bit was definitely not the smoothest to say the least but it is not the slowest by any means! I think Google and the whole Android industry are coping quite well! The first Sliver Android handset was to come from LG and it was supposed to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU! Now that the imminent Galaxy S6 has revealed that there could be some heating problems with the Snapdragon 810 this could be the reason why the Silver line of handsets did not materialize (no pun intended on the Lollipop ‘Material’ concept) at the end of 2014. So, plan B turned out to be a massive Moto X 2014! I’ve no real complaints there! The Moto X design amplified for the Nexus 6 is pure sweetness! The Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 2.7GHz CPU is very fast along with the Adreno 420 GPU handling the graphics it is pure magic! Lollipop features loads of animation as part of the interface user experience feedback which is an area that could cause lag as with older Android versions; there is no lag whatsoever!

The Nexus 6 was designed to not only outclass the iPhone 6 Plus in terms of design but to demonstrate that a 64-bit CPU isn’t everything! It true! The fact that the Nexus 6 (and Galaxy Note 4) aren’t running on a 64-bit CPU was not an issue for me at all!

Still, a Samsung representative did say that they were waiting for Google to deliver a 64-bit Android (around the time of the Galaxy S5 launch – if memory serves) and that makes me wonder why they (Samsung) didn’t have a 64-bit CPU themselves waiting to go! Samsung could have been the one and only Silver handset on the market! As you know, Samsung manufactures chips – notably for Apple! So, I don’t get it! While Samsung is the only company that I know of that can conceptualize a handset / tablet and get it to market so rapidly I would have thought that its Exynos chips would be waiting to dominate the Android world last year! I would imagine that Samsung have already developed its own operating system, Tizen, in 64-bits in anticipation, no?

Many Apple based tech media sources have it that Android is “fragmented” what with the different versions – it’s not true btw! But are the different 64-bit CPUs from different manufacturers such as Qualcomm (Snapdragon), Intel (Atom), NVIDIA (Tegra) and MediaTek made equally? Oh, not to mention Samsung’s 7420 Exynos processor thrown into the ring! Do the different 64-bit CPUs mean that certain apps won’t be able to function across these different manufacture brand CPUs???? Is this a potential headache for app developers?

Take Android tablets as a prime example of CPU fragmentation in that you ought to know you can’t expect the same performance from a £80 device as one costing over £300! The NVIDIA gaming tablet, Shield, using the Tegra K1 seems to have very few games that can make use of the 64-bit CPU! The K1 CPU also features in the Google Nexus 9 tablet!

Could it be that as 64-bit Android takes hold in 2015 it will spell the end for the Nexus line of products? 64-bit enabled Android devices means that consumers will be able to record Ultra-HD 4K (and possibly higher) video it will certainly mean that the Nexus devices cannot come without a microSD slot or two! I don’t think Google can get away with putting out another set of Nexus devices without a microSD card this year! And because of this U-turn Google might just phase out the Nexus line altogether and let the manufacturers deliver handsets and tablets designed for high performance usage with the intended Silver devices.

I think it would be a shame to phase out the Nexus line as the Moto series of handsets could easily be rebranded as Nexus! I would imagine that people would want different sized handsets to suit their tastes and the Nexus branding of the Moto series could hit that consumer sweet spot!

We’ll just have to wait and see what Google will announce this year!

Would you miss the Nexus devices? I think I will because the Nexus concept has been iconic in that Google have allowed the different manufacturers to shine and deliver cost effective devices to the consumer!

If there is going to be a new Nexus line this year would you want Motorola to do another handset? I would want Motorola to come back and do another handset and perhaps with a removable battery! I can’t say, at this stage, that I would want to see HTC do another tablet! I have understood that HTC will announce new tablets at the Mobile World Congress in March and I am curious about those! But I do feel that Samsung and ASUS makes some formidable tablets and I would want to see them come back for the next Nexus tablet or tablets! Perhaps Google will give NVIDIA a shot at the Nexus tablet! How about Lenovo? Lenovo could create an interesting 64-bit tablet... Who knows what Google will end up doing? I am pretty sure that whatever has been decided that planning started towards the end of last year!

I think it would be premature to kill off the Nexus devices as there is a lot of mileage left in it! Maybe the Silver programme has been scrapped!

One more thing... Former Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside has stated that the reason why there is no fingerprint scanner on the Nexus 6, where the Motorola logo dimple is located, is down to Apple buying up the company that provided the best fingerprint scanning solution. But you know what? We don’t need a fingerprint scanner! I’ve said once, a hundred times and I will say it again:-

A fingerprint scanner might be easier than swiping a pattern to unlock or entering a password but imagine that you have had an exhausting day at a work. You then travel on public transportation; you use your handset to send an email, etc and you fall into a deep sleep as I have seen others do so many times... All a thief would have to do is ease your phone out of your pocket (if you didn’t let it fall out of your hands) and use your finger to unlock it. Simple!

Or you could be asleep at home and your child or significant other can have access to your phone! I find the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone silly for the reasons above. We just don’t need it on Android! Perhaps the fingerprint scanner is designed to add to the data collected on us for the purpose of snooping and what not! We certainly don’t need that!

Can Google end up by the way of Microsoft?

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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How’s it going? I hope the weather is treating you well! It is freezing as I type! How are you getting on with your tech projects? Please let me know what you’re doing! Perhaps I can write about it!

Don’t you find yourself wondering about the state of Google? Do you think it can collapse under its own weight? Is it possible that they will go by the way of Microsoft? The Nexus 6 seems to be selling very well though!

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Once upon a time Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was everywhere! If it wasn’t on computers there were on CDs at computer shops (that I visited in Amsterdam where I once lived) scattered around for customers to pick up and take with them! Internet Explorer won the war between it and Netscape! As a web designer that hates to code something as trivial as a bloomin’ web page Adobe’s Dreamweaver was supposed to be a Godsend! Well, it was... ...kinda... I landed a job at an expanding multimedia house and I soon found why coding or knowing about code was very important; Microsoft wanted to do its own thing which was against the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. The sites that I thought were ready to be enjoyed across the various web browsers had issues – major ones! I was lucky to have kept my job! Lol! Lucky for me my bosses were very understanding and I had to learn Dreamweaver inside out! The purpose of that little anecdote is to let you all know that it was Microsoft’s refusal to confirm to the W3C standards and the aggressive stance in monopolizing other web browsers eventually earned Microsoft an antitrust charge that reduced former CEO Bill Gates to tears as he had to ease off with demolishing the other web browsers. This meant that Microsoft had to separate Internet Explorer from the Windows and NT operating systems. Sadly, it was too late for Netscape and very fortunately the antitrust judgement allowed for other browsers to come through – notably Mozilla FireFox and, to my recollection, followed by Google Chrome.

Since the dismantling of Bill Gates’ plan to rule with world with his Internet Explorer and its unique web technologies Microsoft sort of crumbled or imploded in on itself. As a web designer I was quite happy about it... Microsoft’s website designer, FrontPage phased out into nothingness as did the subsequent “Silver” web plug-in that was supposed to be the answer to Adobe Flash. Microsoft has never been the same since... I stopped using Internet Explorer – I just hated it! And if it weren’t for some decent software that I use regularly I would ditch Windows altogether!

You’d have thought that I would remember when I discovered Google Chrome but I can’t remember for toffee! I think someone recommended that I should try it... ...yes, I’ve missed out on the start of many burgeoning technological trends! I don’t mind admitting that I can be a doofus and often placed my bets on the wrong technological horse! I guess I am stubborn or can be! I am the Captain going down with his ship! Luckily for me I caught the Google Chrome ship!

Google had Chrome conform to the W3C standards from the off thus avoiding the mistakes that Microsoft had made. I had stopped caring about designing websites with Internet Explorer in mind, my thoughts were, “Blow IE if they don’t want to play by the rules!” I threw my copy of FrontPage in the garbage can (told you I can be a doofus)! But to be fair there were a few jobs on offer that used FrontPage exclusively!

Anyway, little did I know that Google was going to blow up to be what it is today! Who would have thought that Google would grow from a search engine to web browser, Chrome OS, Android and the rest? Recently, Google’s search engine has taken a dip and that could be attributed to Facebook app update that opens up links in its built-in browser. Or it could be a resurgence of the iPhone... Whatever it was I would imagine that the dip is temporary. Chrome and its search engine isn’t going anywhere!

As Microsoft edges back into the game with the announcement of Windows 10 – the unifier, Google is making headway with its Chrome OS! Like Microsoft, Google has an operating system that can run on PC hardware and what’s more is that every PC with the Chrome browser can make use of Chrome Apps! It’s quite a unique situation for Google to be in as they look as if they can’t lose!

Acer has announced a new Chromebook and it may surprise – shock you even to know how many Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are in existence. The prices for these devices seem very, very reasonable. As you may know already, the Chromedevices run off the Internet – files are stored in the cloud. Chrome Apps are very similar to Android Apps and Google have made it possible for some Android applications to run on the Chrome OS! That’s interesting!

I have been saying for a while now that there is scope for an Android PC and it could happen... I envisage dual Android and Chrome operating systems a future device(s). Think about: There is already a version of Android out there that can run on the PC and according to Google, Lollipop is designed to span different CPU architectures. Could it be that Android users will gain more powerful applications that will enable users to go from device to device i.e. handset / tablet to an Android / Chrome PC? If you look at Apple this is what they have achieved with the OS X (MAC) and iOS devices. Even though the iPad is sort of dead the synergy between OS X and iOS is excellent. However, that’s still two operating systems that MAC users have to deal with. Android, on the other hand, can bypass the OS X & iOS differences i.e. the cost difference! Mind you if Apple users are willing to fork out £700-odd for an iPhone 6 Plus then I can imagine that having a Macbook Pro or desktop MAC is a given! Still, it’s not exactly the norm; most people can’t afford all that Apple brings forth! Potentially any PC can be used as an Android PC; your old PC and secondhand PCs!

That’s an avenue that Google can go down.

I’ve said it in another article and I will say it again here: Cable TV is dead! Google’s Chromecast along with Google Play TV / Movies, Netflix, etc has enabled consumers to ditch cable TV. More and more consumers are getting wise to casting from a handset / tablet.

Google announced the Nexus Player at the i /O conference last year and I thought that it would be available in the UK by now! It seems to me that when Apple forced the Android industry to go 64-bit before they were ready it has caused Google to pour its efforts on getting the latest Android right! It’s quite a sudden leap to go from 32 to 64-bit! The hardware has to be designed and app developers have to get their apps working on the new platform. 64-bit Android has become a distraction away from getting content for Android TV! Google have tried to get into TV before and failed because the consumer wasn’t ready! Now Google is poised to make Android TV a household device like Chromecast is! You don’t even need a standard TV, a good PC monitor can do the job effectively. You could combine the Chromebox, Monitor, Chromecast and, eventually, Nexus Player to form a decent media centre!

As long as Google can keep supplying content for the Nexus Player I don’t see how they can become stagnant like Microsoft has. Getting content for this Nexus Player platform is not easy as there’s a matter of national and international license.

It’s been announced that Android games are becoming as profitable as iOS games and with the gamepad aspect to the Nexus Player this could propel the profitability beyond iOS! What we are witnessing is a new beginning for Android.

In the States Google is forging ahead with providing a broadband connection to certain regions. Now there is talk (no pun intended) of Google becoming a mobile network provider. Could Google do the same in Europe?

I think it’s just a matter of time before Google opens up a shop near you that provides a network service and a plethora of Android handsets! Could this be how some of these Chinese manufacturers can come to European markets (first stop USA presumably)?

In one of my predictions I said that there will be printed electric cars and there was such a car at the recent CES! How did I miss it? In any event I think there is scope for Google Android Auto cars! I would like that because I see people using a pollutant vehicle just to drive short distances i.e. the school run, to the supermarket, gym (hee hee), etc. A cost effective electric vehicle will eliminate the cost of road tax, possibly shave some money of an MOT (car check-up to ensure it is fit for the road) and insurance could be a lot cheaper too! To run a car in the UK is so costly that one questions if all that effort is worth it! So many people drive without insurance and MOT – let alone a license! Google has a great opportunity here to do something for the planet! Whenever I walk the short distance from my home to the shops I am mostly overcome by these deadly fumes. Such is the nature of commerce that industrialization is ruining the planet yet factories still have to produce these vehicles! Yes, you can be James or Jane Bond in the latest Aston Martin! Anyway, something has to be done and Google has an opportunity there!

The only way that I can see Google stagnating is if it fails to do a number of its operations badly. With so many stakes in the fire it is possible that a stake or two could meltdown into nothingness. I feel as though Google isn’t making the most of Android in that there aren’t enough quality productivity apps at the moment. In-app-purchase is what I call “pay up or else ware”! It’s crap! Consumers want to make a purchase onetime and not chase the proverbial carrot!

Android tablets have been quite weak with a few manufacturers making an effort such as Samsung, ASUS, Sony and Lenovo for example. I can but hope that 64-bits will elevate Android tablets this year and that us Android users will finally get the kind of productivity apps found on the iOS platform! So far Android tablets have been good as entertainment devices and it now time for Android to take off!

Then there’s HTML5; I don’t think Google are making the best of what this web standard can bring. Are you aware that Google has a FREE HTML5 web design software? You can download it here: Google Web Designer 

It is currently in beta but it is well worth checking out! It is giving traditional software such as Adobe Dreamweaver a run for its money! Now why isn’t there a version of this for handsets and tablets? It’s too bad that we can’t make Android apps too! Google had the App Inventor but discontinued it! Crazy!

Google Plus is an area where I think more work needs to be done! I think I will do an article on Google Plus. In the meantime I can say that this social network has potential but Google seems to be slacking on that front.

God only... Scratch that! Google is God! Lol! Google only knows what it has planned with those robotics companies! Terminator cyborgs? Nah! We’re probably looking at space exploration robotics, exoskeletons to help medical staff lift patients, bionic limbs to help the paralyzed walk and regain arms and so on! Google’s clout could make these bionic limbs more cost effective to the ordinary person. Ironically, bionic limbs cost an arm and a leg! I am looking forward to see what Google does in the direction of robotics.

Even though Google has done an awful lot so far I feel as though it is starting to unravel; I see Google taking greater strides this year. I can’t see Google becoming like Microsoft. Google are a real multitasking corporation that is going its best to manufacture the future!

I will continue to explore Google further!

The Future of the Nexus programme...

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Synapse Circuit for tech news, opinions, articles, reviews and competitions. You will find interactive PDF magazines, videos and links to free legal software! Check it out at Synapse Circuit dot com


Thursday, 22 January 2015


Above: Google's Sundar Pichai has been put in charge of Android, Google Apps and Chrome. This should, hopefully, mean that development will happen faster!

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well with you and yours! I also hope that you have started some tech projects this year!

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for Apple... It does everything it possibly can to discredit Android only to see it go from strength to strength!

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Yes, you know that I don’t think much of Apple and it’s Blizzard of Odd PR Machine! When that machine gets going it can spin! One of Apple’s biggest tricks is to make people believe that the technological devices they produce are original concepts! Previous Synapse Circuit articles have exposed that Apple are good at reinventing and they do not seem to have an original thought and that is why Phil Schiller hates “The other guys”. Schiller hates Google Glass as it is an original concept.

It’s all well and good going after “thieves of intellectual property” but what Apple claims as “theirs” is, in fact, the inventions of others reinvented. And this is where their Blizzard of Odd PR Machine kicks in!

While the iPhone was quite an impressive reinvention it was clear to me that it was designed to serve the Apple ecosystem; it was closed off! Again, Jobs wasn’t going to let Adobe and its Flash media format take a slice of that Apple pie! Flash on the iPhone would have meant that Adobe could have had its own Flash based app store. Uh-uh! No way!

The iPad partly originated from Microsoft’s early attempts at making a computer tablet; however Microsoft abandoned the idea as the PC Tablet was cost prohibitive way back then! So, Jobs, reeling primarily from the Samsung Galaxy S1, stole the march on Android with the announcement of the iPad in 2010! Jobs was one white cat short of being a Bond villain. “And one more thing...” Apple fanatics predictably went mad for the iPad... That was the start of the mistakes Jobs made...

Yet again, Samsung were fast to keep up with the Galaxy Tab which was released later on in 2010! I remember reviewing it and although it felt like a big handset (little did I know that the phablet was to become a reality) it felt like a really good start!

It took Google until 2012 to come up with the Nexus 7 by ASUS! As usual Apple derailed the 7” Android tablet and Jobs said that Apple would never release such a device. Sadly, Jobs passed away in 2011. And in his wake the iPad mini was announced October 2012 and released November in the same year.

Apple’s mistakes:-

1. The iPad was and still is very expensive for what it is and there aren’t enough hardcore Apple fanatics that keep up with a new device each year! It makes the consumer think about the importance of having yet another costly mobile device when a Macbook Air would do!

2. Tim Cook should have either stuck to Jobs’ guns and never released the mini variation or released the mini and phased out the original iPad. The iPad mini effectively ate into the standard iPad market.

3. The eventual release of the iPhone 6 Plus has probably put paid to both the mini and standard iPad.

4. Competing with Android.

It’s as though Cook (and Jobs before him) and co live in another world to the rest of us; the more its products give the appearance of being “premium” the more they can charge for them. And where the iPad was concerned the lack of longevity broke the spell of prestige over practicality! Therefore, the iPad didn’t take off in the mainstream as Apple would have liked. Whereas you can see people of all ages, heritage (race) and sexes with Android tablets on the streets. Last year I made it an exercise to look for tablets on the streets and Android outnumbers the iPad by 8 to 2 (people on average on a weekend trip out). Although the iPad boasts some great apps it is simply not able to compete with the plethora of Android tablets.

By ostracizing Adobe and the Flash medium format it really levelled off an enthusiasm for a new platform that can’t be bought! Jobs should have taken the opportunity for a massive multimedia giant that is Adobe to express its enthusiasm with creating apps for the iPhone, initially, and then the iPad. Flash was fairly ubiquitous on the web and while there were a few minor issues with Apple computers I think it would have been better to have worked things out with Adobe. I spoke to a few Adobe representatives about the iOS freeze out and they honestly didn’t see it coming! Jobs missed out on extending the mass following of the iPhone by countless millions who knew about Flash and the often amazing multimedia it brought to countless thousands of websites and millions of computer screens! That audience was vast to say the least! A lost opportunity to grab non-Apple computing consumers to buy into the Apple ecosystem!

I remember TV ads from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and BlackBerry that used Flash compatibility as a unique selling point! This made a liar out of Jobs! People were thinking, “Well, it (Flash) works on Android so I am getting an Android phone!” I was one of them! Also, as a web designer I knew how to create Flash media and I worked out that I could create media for Android without learning to code! How many poor Flash developers were denied...

Anyhoo! Google chose to drop support for Flash in favour of HTML5 and although people say that Jobs was right in the end he was wrong by the way of throwing away such unbridled enthusiasm from a massive multimedia company that is Adobe! I don’t think Jobs understood that the polarisation that he created allowed Android to garner a following that has eclipsed iOS!

Unavoidably, the iPad drowned out in a sea of Android tablets and that must have hurt! So, as vindictive as they are, Apple thought they’d throw a 64-bit spanner in Android’s nuts and bolts with the iPhone 5S. The iPhone didn’t need a 64-bit processor but the idea was to stall Android’s development as an operating system and ecosystem for the Play Store. Naturally, this should have had an adverse knock on effect on Android smartphones and tablets. It kind of worked but, again, it’s to Apple’s detriment! Why? This 64-bit move appears to have forced Google’s hand earlier than they would have wanted to develop Android to be 64-bit compatible and in doing so it could very well be that Google had to defocus on developing the Play Store and Android TV. Seeing the Galaxy Note 4 and the Nexus 6 come out without a 64-bit CPU tells me that this growth has been a painful one! But you grow in adversity! Perhaps Apple thought that it would have taken Google longer to arrive at 64-bit but in any event I do believe there are some little kinks that are currently being ironed out in Android 5, Lollipop! By and large March seems to be the launch date – not only for a number of major releases from manufacturers i.e. Samsung, LG, ASUS and HTC – but the herald of 64-bit Android handsets! It is said, and I have heard this being expressed on many occasions, a 64-bit CPU requires at least 4GB RAM to make the most of it; well, ASUS has already announced that its 64-bit Zenfone 2 is the first Android handset to feature 4GB RAM! How many manufacturers will follow suit? The much anticipated Galaxy S6 is currently being rumoured to come with 4GB RAM! Fingers crossed!

Where will these stellar handsets leave the iPhone? Android cannot be stopped! We’ve got Apple to thank for acceleration of a 64-bit Android! Thank you, Apple!

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