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SYNAPSE CIRCUIT NEWS: In1 Multi-Tool Utility iPhone Case

New In1 Multi-Tool Utility iPhone Case - Combines a Sleek Design with Functional Tools in One Case. Perfect for People on the Go.

London, UK, January 27th 2014; The In1 Case arrives in the UK.

The in1 case is a rugged but beautifully designed multi-tool/phone case perfect for people on the go! It has a variety of tools cleverly built in to the design of the product including:
  • 2 Precision Screwdrivers
  • 2 Ball Point Pens
  • A Nail File
  • A Pair of Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • A Kick Stand
IN1 is a phone case manufacturer with a focus on innovation and comprehensive design strategy. The In1 Case is sure to shake up an industry which has gotten stale, only concerned about the least expensive route to mass produce the same old case design by the millions.

These tools are aimed to be helpful with everyday tasks. So whilst the in1 case won't assist you in removing and rebuilding a gearbox from a 1985 GMC Pacer or help you slay, skin and cook a wildebeest, they will help with day to day tasks such as writing notes and cutting open packages. Also by omitting other implements from the in1 case it has allowed the company to make it fully TSA Compliant.
The In1 Case is available in White, Black and Clear. You can also pick the colours of the tools you want making it highly customisable to your taste.

Price & Availability:
The In1 Case is available from Amazon at RRP £29.99 inc . The In1 Case is currently available for iPhone 5/5s with 5c coming soon.

About PXS Distribution:
PXS Distribution, part of the First Technology Holdings Group, concentrates on providing specialist distribution services to its partners in the IT sector through its subsidiaries PXS, Phoenix Software and Phoenix Hardware. Through its companies and divisions, PXS Distribution has a broad reach worldwide, with offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

PX Software, a division of PXS Distribution, is a focused software publishing and distribution business which specializes in taking new and established brands to market, encompassing marketing, publishing, distribution and strategic planning.
Having recently celebrated its 10th year in business, the company has established itself as the industry partner of choice. PXS Distribution has a focused retail division, covering all major and mid-tier retail outlets across the UK, as well as a focused small enterprise, SME and large scale enterprise software division. In addition, the company is a specialist volume licensing distributor and OEM partner for numerous vendors, creating bespoke software and accessory bundling for value added promotions across the retail and business-to-business

About IN1:

IN1 is an innovative phone case manufacturer with industry changing design concepts. Their unique, patent pending designs, deliver style with functionality never before found in a cell phone case. With their US designed multi-tool utility case, you will never have to search for that elusive ink pen, screwdriver or any of the eight tools included, as they are all well positioned in a high quality excellently designed phone case without all the bulk. Form and function has never looked this good.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Synapse Circuit News: Reallusion Debuts FaceFilter3 for Mac

Reallusion Debuts FaceFilter3 for Mac, an Intuitive Photo Retouching Kit that Incorporates Real-Life Makeup Theory
The new generation of FaceFilter provides a versatile toolkit which allows you to bring exceptional refinement and beauty to your photos without the need for a high-end camera
FaceFilter3 is available for both PC and Mac  
London, UK, January 20th 2014 — Reallusion, an industry leader in real-time 2D and 3D animation tools, has launched FaceFilter3 Mac, the latest version of its acclaimed photo retouching and beautification series. Now FaceFilter3 is available for both Windows PC and Mac. FaceFilter3 is a leading photo retouching software that incorporates real-life makeup theory and techniques into its extensive selection of multi-purpose beauty tools. 

FaceFilter3 is an essential tool for everyone from the image editing professional to the social media diva.  The simple and easy-to-learn interface allows even those completely unfamiliar with photo re-touching to feel like a pro within minutes!  New users can choose from a selection of hundreds of facial makeup and morph templates and see their facial photos transform to suit any scenario.  Furthermore, DSLR effects and various photo filters give anyone from the amateur photographer to the photo retouching professional all the tools they need to make any photo into a stunning masterpiece. 

Professional Makeup Theory Integrated into the Ultimate Photo Beautifying Solution

“Reallusion is the first company to provide a photo beauty solution that provides all levels of users with the ability to easily transform their images in any number of ways to achieve absolutely any look imaginable.  We’ve collaborated with professional cosmetic artists to incorporate real-world cosmetic logic into our tool design,” said Charles Chen, CEO of Reallusion. “FaceFilter3 utilizes our advanced muscle-level and facial analysis technology, which has been used with other Reallusion products as well as licensed to brand name camera manufacturers. “

The template-based system allows users to quickly and easily apply extremely detailed and natural looking makeup styles for each specific facial feature, then customize and save them for future use.  The ability to selectively morph and adjust individual facial features allows for precise facial enhancement and subtle changes in expression.

Those more experienced with photo re-touching such as image editing professionals can take advantage of fully customizable makeup layers for skin enhancement, highlights and contours and a whole world of eye makeup options.  They can then save these custom templates for quick one-click application on future projects as well. 

FaceFilter3 is a versatile photo retouching and beautifying toolkit that allows you to cover blemishes, customize makeup, refine facial features, and apply DSLR effects..
Give a Professional Look and Upgrade Your Photo with DSLR and Post Effects

One thing that makes FaceFilter3 unique is the inclusion of creative lens filters and DSLR effects that can be applied to any image.  Define the background and foreground of your image with masking, and then choose different levels of focus in different patterns such as circular or gradient to give your image a depth-of-field effect like it was taken with a professional DSLR camera.  Foreground and background can be edited separately and given different colors and other image properties as well. 

There is also a bokeh feature which allows you to be creative with your blur effects.  Choose from a number of distinctive bokeh shapes ranging from hearts to musical notes, and add that subtle finishing touch to your photo.  The lens filter effects within FaceFilter3 include various Lomo, vignette and image tone templates that are fully customizable so you can have full creative control over the final look of your photo. 

FaceFilter3 Features:

·         All-in-one Beauty Centre.  A versatile toolkit stocked with every makeup tool needed to create exceptional and unique looks for every photo.  Each unique tool is based upon real-life professional makeup theory.  The included templates allow for one-click application of a variety of beautiful and complete looks, which are categorized into Skin Refinement, Facial Makeup and Eye Makeup.

  • Skin Care Function. New and innovative skin-smoothing system that easily and quickly evens out skin by clearing away blemishes, wrinkles, and discoloration.  Specific templates are easily applied to address the initial problem, and further editing and tweaking can be performed with more specific tools. 

  • Detailed Skin and Hair Textures. Ultra-realistic looking eyebrows and eyelashes contain visual detail down to each follicle, allowing them to blend in naturally with the rest of the face, while a diverse selection of skin textures can be modified in a variety of ways to suit the particular skin texture of your model and prevent the “washed out” look that is prevalent in other photo retouching software.

  • Highlights & Contours. Flexible highlight/contour layers along with masking tools allow users to add definition to facial features in addition to bringing in further custom layers for a more pronounced effect.

  • Adjust Facial Shape. Facial image fitting allows for a whole new level of freedom for facial adjustment, with the ability to adjust every facial detail from overall facial proportion to the shape, position, and size of individual facial features.

  • Facial Expression Enhancement. Muscle-based facial adjustment facilitates the ability to totally remodel any facial expression, or simply perform subtle adjustments and tweaks to the current expression.

  • Photo DSLR and Lens Filter Effects.  Adjust image values or add a polished touch to your image by applying a variety of DSLR and other photo filters and effects for a more professional and unique result.
Pricing and Availability:
FaceFilter3 is available for Windows PC and Mac, in Standard version at $29.99 and PRO version at $149.95. 

FaceFilter3 Mac version is also available on Apple’s Mac App Store:

For more about FaceFilter3 please visit:

For FaceFilter3 training resource please visit:
The add-on bundle package with FaceFilter3 PRO, Makeup PRO, and bonus content is available for USD$129.90. To learn more about Makeup PRO, the add-on for FaceFilter3

About Reallusion, Inc.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is a leading-edge software developer providing cinematic animation tools for PC, Mac and mobile platforms.  Reallusion’s pioneering storytelling technology excelling at character animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync allows fast creation of interactive avatars for 3-D real-time filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production. Their powerful yet easy-to-use tools make character animation accessible to both Mac and PC users of all skill levels. Reallusion’s development of core technologies and growing base of intellectual property firmly establish the company as power among emerging technology innovators, furthering their graphic and imaging embedded kernels to top-brand device manufacturers worldwide.

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Synapse Circuit: DVBLogic Releases DVBLink products for NAS platforms

DVBLogic Releases DVBLink products for NAS platforms.

DVBLink products for NAS offer everything you need to watch and record your favourite Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial and IPTV channels and recordings within your home network and on the go!

Eindhoven, 6th January 2014. Dutch company DVBLogic now offers a complete live and recorded TV solution for both Windows and NAS platforms. Users can use the DVBLink software package to turn their Windows system or NAS into a Personal Video Recorder. DVBLink records all your favorite TV programs directly to the hard disk of a NAS or Windows PC and distributes live and recorded TV content to a variety of clients on your home network. The recording can be easily set either at home or on the go from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile.

“Connecting the DVBLink software into a NAS package brings TV streaming, remote recording and EPG to NAS devices freeing TV from being stuck on CE devices or in PC environments.” Stated Pavlo Barvinko founder of DVBLogic. “With DVBLink, the NAS unit now becomes the central TV device at home. Currently the software is available from our website”.

The FreeSat UK channels from Astra 28 (DVB-S/S2, FTA) and FreeView UK channels (DVB-T/T2, FTA) are all supported by DVBLink on the NAS platform

Key DVBLink Features:

  • Record your favorite TV programs in original quality directly to a hard disk of your NAS
  • Watch live and recorded TV on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC with DVBLink XBMC client!
  • Watch live and recorded TV programs in Windows Media Center
  • Use DVBLink Plex Channel to watch live and recorded TV on your favourite Plex Media Server client!
  • Watch live and recorded TV programs on DLNA clients such as Playstation 3, WD Live and DLNA enabled TVs!
  • Never miss your favourite programs again, browse the EPG and set recordings while you are on the go! Currently DVBLink supports integration with the Digiguide Internet EPG provider for the UK
  • Watch your live TV programs on your iPhone, iPad or Android device

The DVBLink software for your NAS can be downloaded from the DVBLogic website at

The software runs on a variety of NAS models from Synology, QNAP, NETGEAR, ASUSTOR and IOmega-Lenovo.

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