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Above: Dukie Carcinogen (not real name), the gatekeeper of Hell!

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! Here's my second offering for today! I am on a roll!

What would you change about Google Plus or G+?

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Duke Carico is a nasty little man that is fixated upon his authority as a moderator to the point where his community is super-dull! 
I happen to think that G+ or Google Plus is quite a decent social networking platform with a lot of potential! I prefer Gee Plus (G+) to Twitter – so much so that I have stopped using Twitter! If I could remember my password to Twitter I would just go ahead and delete my account! Needless to say that I use G+ a lot!

I am also a heavy Facebook user too! It has taken me a good while to get used to the Google Plus interface.

1. Improve the interface! Sure, my instinct is to say, “Copy Facebook!” But I am sure that the programmers in charge can come up with an even better interface!

It didn’t escape my attention that Google made it possible for people to call themselves what they want and I am sure that helped to get people involved with G+!

And now for a story... A true story... A true story based on real life events...


One of the best features of G+ is the “communities”. The communities are so great and are based upon a wide range of subject matters from Animation to Zoos! Join any number of communities and you can get chatting with others and share your passions (sometimes... we’ll get to that in a bit...).

At least a couple of years ago I joined a particular community based around technology and I shared my articles within that community. Dukie Carcinogen (not real name) was one of the 16 moderators of the community and in the past he told me that he “like my articles” and when I took some time off he sent me a message to ask if I was okay... Ahhh... Anyway, I posted up an article on Dukie’s community and the next thing I know another moderator removed it. When I asked why he said that it was “spam”. That got me irked as you can imagine... I asked, “How can you tell that it is spam without reading the article?” The reply strayed into weird territory, “I don’t have to read it to know that it’s spam...” And with that I was banned. So, I let Dukie know that I was banned and informed him about the altercation with one of his “moderators” (sic). Dukie apologized on the moderator’s behalf and the ban was lifted.

I think a month must have passed by before I went to post again in this particular community and saw that I was banned again. Once again, I contacted Dukie and the ban was lifted but not before letting me know that G+ can flag posts as spam... Okay, fair enough... Dukie also told me that he knows all 16 moderators personally and goes regularly for a drink with them, “They are nice guys...” Really? Anyway, I posted a new introduction in this community so that new members can get to know me and understand what I am about... I think I must have written...

“Hi, I am Blue Gene. I love technology and I write for Synapse Circuit...”

Oddly, this got taken down... There was no link only a picture of my Nexus 6!  So, I wrote another introduction,

“Hi! I am Blue Gene.... I love tech and I write for Synapse Circuit. Sometimes my posts get flagged as ‘spam’ but it’s just a link to my article...” Within less than a minute  someone posted a comment on it, “Reported!” What was in my introduction to report it? To me this was the action of a troll.

I also posted up an article that actually remained there! Shock! This particular “community” features loads of links to other articles and websites; I didn’t understand what the problem was. So, I wrote a third introduction...

“Hi! It’s Blue Gene again... This is my third introduction as some troll reported the last one as spam! Anyway, I love writing about tech and I look forward to interacting with you...” Or words to that effect!

About 5 minutes later it was removed with a message from another moderator saying that my posts are "spam" (when they are not) and that it is not allowed. I shouldn’t have written another introduction as I am already a member and that my articles contain Google ads and "we don’t allow commercial enterprise, blah, blah, blah..." So, in other words: Some people are worried that I am making money off these Google ads! Hahahaha!

So, the next thing I know Dukie waded in to say that he was the one that took my introductions down because I was “gloating”. Huh??? It turns out that because I said I “my posts aren’t spam but links to my articles” (that Dukie told me he appreciated), Dukie saw fit to remove it (them)! So, Dukie took offence to my refuting that my links are spam and banned me for challenging him and moderators. Dukie’s actual message gave me the impression that he was rabid... But at the end of the day there was no cause for that kind of behaviour.

2. Google Plus flagging articles that come from Google Blogger as “spam” is really stupid! In turn it makes other people stupid and paranoid! Anyone should be able to share his or her articles in as many relevant communities as they like!

I have said it once and a thousand times, “These spam accusations must stop! It’s childish!” I created a community as an experiment to see how it works and often I get posts flagged as “spam” when they are not! I take the time to have a look to see if the post is relevant to my community or not! Obviously, if it is a link to get some blue pills I delete it! But considering this Dukie chap knows all 16 of his moderators all he had to do was say, “Hey! Blue Gene is okay! He writes good articles...” Uh-uh! These people can’t take the initiative... These people can’t think for themselves, “Duh, Gee Plus says it could be spam... Duh, I had better delete the post and ban the community member...” It doesn’t help when people change the definition of “spam” to suit them!

"I'm a moderator! Respect my authoritah!" 

It would be wise if Google allowed people to think for themselves! For example, the equivalent to communities is Pages and Groups on Facebook. I have a couple of “Pages” and “Groups” and if someone posts up real spam i.e. a link to some shop or something like that I delete it! Facebook didn’t flag it; I saw it and deleted it!

People who aren’t moderators who cry “spam” are usually sad individuals who imagine that writers using Blogger any other form of journal based website are driving around in Lamborghini’s as a result of sharing their work. It’s so pathetic!

G+ needs to grow up and fast! Google Plus needs to get away from this “spam” flagging nonsense! It makes people nasty! It turns them into superficial-trolls reporting innocuous posts knowing that it’ll get removed and the user banned! In my mind that’s not what a community is about! The best communities are those that understand that articles from others can keep a community alive and buzzing! Google Plus has such great potential! I hope that Google will keep investing in it!

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