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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! Ooooh, it’s freezing tonight here in London! I hope you are wrapped up warm wherever you may be! I think this will be the last one for tonight!

Hey, are you the proud owner of a Motorola handset such as the Moto G, X and Nexus 6? Do you find yourself running out of juice? Good news!

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Yes, in my Nexus 6 review I was a bit concerned about the battery life! I since discovered that the battery lasts a lot longer when the Ambient Display mode is turned off! Still, the battery is nonremovable and the Power Pack Micro is the very thing I was asking for! The cost is a little steep but I think it is well worth it to keep the handset going for a little bit longer!

I do hope that Google will relent on the non-removable battery (and no microSD card slot) in the future! But I think I will have myself a Power Pack Micro! Here’s the spec:-

Design Materials / Colours
Dark canvas

Dimensions L X W X H
41mm x 17mm x 60mm

1.7 oz

Battery capacity
1500 mAh

1.0 amp output

Not bad, huh? I would have been a lot happier with a larger capacity for that kind of money! Still, 1500 mAh can get me home when I am on my travels! I don’t have to be afraid to use my handset anymore! I do prefer to purchase official accessories as I know they are meant to work the handsets! But the question is: Is the Power Pack Micro compatible with non-Motorola handsets?
HTC has or had a Power Stick selling for around £40-odd!

If Samsung decides to go all unibody on us for the Galaxy S6 I am hopeful that they’ll do a power pack too and / or power case!

One small criticism of the Motorola Power Pack Micro is that I think the dark canvas material could get worn out inside a pocket over time with friction! I guess that’s one way to keep one’s nuts warm in the winter!

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