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Above: Galaxy A7 with unibody design.

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Here’s my follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 speculative article...

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As you know Samsung has released the Galaxy ‘A’ series of handsets that has an aluminium unibody, the A3, A5 & A7! Is this an indication for the direction that the Galaxy S6 is heading in? I don’t think that this is in keeping with the “Project Zero” ethos, right? Nonetheless, the Galaxy A handsets is quite interesting in that they do not show off the metal like HTC does for example! They all have the same camera configuration: 13MP main and 5MP front-facing. The screen sizes are as follows: 4.5”, 5” and 5.5” and they appear to be 720 – that ought to keep the battery going for more than a day! The speaker is now next to the camera lens at the back and I am not too sure if this is an optimal setting for the speaker!

I do have my reservations where a unibody, non-removable battery is concerned on a premium daily driver for what should be obvious reasons. I am trying to imagine the double edged Galaxy S6 and how a removable battery can be incorporated in the design; if it is anything like the Galaxy Note Edge I can see how a removable battery would work... There again, I can see Galaxy S6 Dual Edge being a unibody to make life easier and therefore I envisage a huge battery on it! I also envisage a 5.5” qHD display looking like a diamond sitting upon a metal bed! That can work!

And if the standard Galaxy S6 is to also sport a unibody then it makes me wonder as to what Samsung will provide as accessories... Could we be seeing protective covers with an auxiliary battery pack that kicks in when the nonremovable battery expires?

As for the camera; I still have it as 20MP and 13MP front-facing as it is a premium flagship over the mid-range Galaxy A.

Is the positioning of the speaker on the Galaxy A series an indication of things to come on the Galaxy S6? I wouldn’t like to think so because I know that one of the features of a premium Galaxy handset is audio! The Galaxy Note 4 features Ultra High Quality Audio (192KHz, 24 bit) support; however I do think that the speaker could have been better on the Galaxy Note 4 to do the sound more justice. It’s very good but I felt that it could be better still! Again, if the Galaxy S6 is going to feature a unibody design on both standard and dual-edge I feel that the logical place for the speaker is at the front and by the exceptional design standards set by HTC, Motorola and ASUS (apologies if I left any other manufacturer out) I think it is time that Samsung goes stereo front-facing speakers on this one! If not I would like to think that Samsung will make more space for the speaker(s) at the back. This tiny thing on the Galaxy Note 4 is pushing it a bit!

Did you see what I did there? Hahaha! Anyway, when I put the Synapse Circuit ideal Galaxy S6 innards I was toying with the idea of stating the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 as it has apparently been outed! But in any event I just put down the fastest 64-bit CPU that is going into the LG Flex 2 and a few other handsets! Heating problem? Who can tell? Samsung, as far as I am aware, has not made an official statement about Qualcomm’s flagship processor! I have always wondered how it is possible that Samsung has its own chip manufacturing business as it makes chips for Apple and only some international markets get premium Samsung devices with its own Exynos chipset!

I have understood that the Exynos 7420 is touted to be the 64-bit processor in ALL the Galaxy S6 handsets! It makes sense for Samsung to push its own chipset due to the profits taking a dip of late. Sometimes I wonder if the tech media are trying to make something out of nothing and make-up statements such as the Snapdragon 810 “overheating” and that Samsung have more or less turned its back on Qualcomm... Snapdragon is a part of the Galaxy A range! I think this is a good time for Samsung to put its Exynos processor to work internationally!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 may be revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2 – 5 March 2015, Barcelona, Spain!

In addition to the Galaxy S6, Samsung could be revealing a round Moto 360-like smartwatch that is said to be running the full version of Android! Knowing Samsung I reckon there will be a couple more wearable devices with the Tizen operating system!

Bring it on!

...can Samsung turn its finances around?

Look, I can’t deny the fact that I am a Samsung person; the Galaxy S and Note series of handsets have given me what I want: power, speed, a great camera and removable battery. I would like to see Samsung cleaning up this year!

What a lot of people don’t realize is that many Samsung handsets sell steadily over time. I think the Galaxy S2 or a variant of it was selling up until the last couple of years here in the UK! I would imagine that the Galaxy S3 Neo, S4 and S5 will still be a choice for upgrades for a while to come – especially the S5 as I am sure that active people would get it due to the water and dust resistance! I can see it becoming a secondary or even third daily driver for those that like to have multiple handsets for different functions! Oh, another rumour is that the Galaxy S6 will not have the water and dust resistance... Even more of a reason to have the GS5 as a driver for when you’re at the gym, jogging, etc!

To be totally honest with you I can’t trust anything with regards to Apple as they are not truthful. iPhone 5C... Ahem... Sssh... I think Apple puts out these press releases to make people think that they are selling by the masses when they are not. If you have been following my articles I have exposed a number of discrepancies with Apple stories! I have also exposed a definite undeniable bias in the tech media! So, I really can’t believe any of it! One of the main reasons why I don’t believe is that the iPhone is behind in terms of technology.

1. Retina display: DEAD.
2. Design: SURPASSED.

If anything disgruntled iPhone owners that got fed up for waiting for Apple to deliver a phablet may have come back from going Android. I would imagine it is because it’s like having an iPad which has now been cannibalized. I can’t deny that the iOS platform doesn’t have great apps! Android is catching up and I wish Google would step in and step up! Samsung is very clever by having special apps only available for its own handsets such as Soundcamp (as I keep going on about)! I wish on the Galaxy App Store that Samsung just provides apps of its own making and / or collaborations with other developers; I think wading through the crap on Google Play is enough!

The point I am making is that the iPhone is always going to sell and that Apple fanatics have gotten a phablet at last! However, for Android a 5.5” display is no longer considered to be a phablet. So, Apple is still trailing! When Apple gets around to putting out its smartwatch, Apple Watch, I can see that hardcore Apple fanatics will rush out to get it and the press will lap it up just like they’ve made a big deal about the 6 Plus! I find it very odd that the press aren’t as enthusiastic about the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. But that’s good because these handsets sell themselves! You will find that the sales for the Galaxy S6 will be like that of the iPhone 6 Plus because of the following factors:-

1. 64-bit Exynos processor (and hopefully 4GB RAM). Now that 64-bit on Android has truly arrived I can’t see how Apple can vie for the Android market. I would also imagine that developers would want to create apps that can take advantage of that processing power! Here come some more serious apps at last!

2. Quad-HD screen – hopefully it will be a 5.5” as that worked for LG G3. Also a 5.5” qHD screen may entice disgruntled iPhone 6 Plus users as it was not what they are expecting (I have showed you the crazy amount of iPhone 6 Plus devices dumped in the computer exchange shops already)!

3. Android 5 Lollipop and a super-optimized TouchWiz. ASUS has shown that a UI overlay doesn’t mean lag! Zen UI is pretty decent!

Some people like pure Android and some like what TouchWiz brings to the table! I appreciate them both hence why I have a Nexus 6 and a Galaxy Note 4! I would imagine that with the 64-bit capability and possible access to 4GB RAM that TouchWiz can possibly do even more and without the occasional lag!

Bottom line is: The Galaxy S6 should sell extremely well! It is almost certain that the Galaxy S6 will be my next handset!

And that was the follow-up to the GalaxyS6 Double Edged Sword article!

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