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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers... I hope all is well! I hope you making the most out of your tech! Yes, I am going to be hard at work over the coming days! I will be producing more video reviews. I want to cut to the chase and therefore the videos will be short and that you can trust I will be giving you what I believe to be the core of a product! Stay tuned...

I have been hearing a lot about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV and lately the Q! What is the “Q”?

...come Monday the 25th of February 2013 the Mobile World Congress kicks off! It’s going to be quite a heavy show this year! If you are an Android fan or not you will certainly know that the mobile industry is currently being driven by it! We’re seeing 5” screens as the norm and the evolution of the “phablet”. I / we can expect to see those kinds of handsets at the show! I also hope that we’ll be seeing more manufacturers come into the fold. The fear, well it’s not a fear as such...’s more a concern... My concern is that the handsets don’t have anything by the way of innovative user features to make each model stand out. Sure, we’ve seen the beautiful looking HTC One but the things that I remember are the interaction features that were set by the Samsung Galaxy SIII; they were and still are very remarkable. It’s those sorts of features that can really sell a handset. Cue the “Q”!


It is said that Samsung will launch the Q – a handset with a foldable screen at the MWC. A dual screen that opens up as one! Wow! Can this be true?

Where Samsung rumours are concerned they have a habit of coming true or very close... This would be revelation and certainly a show stopper! Samsung is a company that defies convention and it is working for them! They certainly put out an alarming range of handsets in a year! How they do it I just don’t know, but it seems to be working for them. They manage to catch every aspect of the market whilst inventing some! They certainly invented the “phablet” phenomenon or reinvented it from Dell’s unsuccessful Streak.

I am sure that if there’s any more handset invention is to come, it’ll come from Samsung. Watching them reveal concepts and working prototypes at the recent CES suggests that they are far ahead of the game. It is only a matter of time before they make these concepts / prototypes available to the public.

Now are Samsung going to preview this Q handset or are they going to show it in full? If they were to reveal the Q at the MWC would it detract from this fever pitch anticipation of the Galaxy SIV? Would it split the SIV market? I am thinking to myself, ‘Maybe I will go for the Q instead of the SIV...’ I have the one upgrade left that is happening in April and I want to use it wisely!

Apparently the Galaxy SIV will be revealed on the 14 March 2013, New York. It has yet to be confirmed (as far as I am concerned). We might know about that date either during the MWC or after!


I can’t hide my excitement over possible Samsung handsets... The Youm video was just mind blowing! Samsung are making the sort of devices that you’d expect to see in a Sci-Fi movie.

I am looking forward to knowing more and to watch their press launches!

If I get any more information I will be sure to blog on it!

Thank you for reading!

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