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Terry Myerson

Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... Can I ask you something? Do you find it odd when representatives of rival technologies attack the competition in public? I do! It’s even odder when the person doing the attacking represents a technology with gaping holes in its system.

Yes, I am talking Microsoft...

Terry Myerson is corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division, overseeing the strategy, development, marketing and sales of Microsoft software and services for Windows Phones worldwide.

Previously, Myerson led the team responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Windows Phone 7.0 and Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, including the user interface, applications, supporting Web services, and the operating system.

During an interview he, Myerson, kept taking swipes at Android. “Android is a mess...” The words ‘pot’, ‘kettle’ and ‘black’ comes to mind.

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft was out there in the lead of all things IT and just because of a fluke. Gates was at the right place at the right time and the rest is history. What about now?

Let’s face it, Microsoft has produced more turkeys than a turkey farm. What was the name of their mobile music player? Zune? Then there are the monstrosities that are Windows ME and Vista; they were terrible! Windows XP and Windows 7 have their flaws too: they can’t self-update. The operating system – at times - can’t authenticate itself too! So, what happens? You have to call up Microsoft or email them to prove ownership and in the meantime you just might get a nasty virus like I did. Ironically, I had to install the latest service pack to install a virus checker and that’s when I received an authentication error. I ended up with a virus instead! Great! I was annoyed to say the least! But I must keep this blog family friendly! I also have a PC that is unable to update Windows 7; each time I work with the PC I get a “New updates are available...” message and the PC goes through a futile process of trying to update only to revert again. It does this every single time. I am trying to work out how to prevent this happening in the future. Now to be fair to Microsoft, these inconsistencies could be down to the hardware. I have another PC that I built myself and I have no problems with updating Windows 7.

The good things about the Windows PC are that you can put ‘em together like Lego and that you can get a great range of software for just about any task! Just the other day I was watching a YouTube video on how to build a “Hackintosh” (building what is effectively a MAC with PC parts) that boots the MAC OS as well as Windows and my thoughts were, ‘Why bother with the MAC OS when you can just purchase Adobe video software for the PC?’ Then it hit me: Microsoft operating systems aren’t as solid. It’s a shame!

I have to say that the thought of going Windows mobile does not fill me with glee; it’s a confidence issue. Besides, Microsoft has not brought anything new to the table when it comes to mobile devices. They had the tablet PC idea but weren’t visionary enough to develop it! The Surface? I think that the Intel version of Windows 8 is a lot better than the RT version but it costs!

And when it comes to the mobile phone, Microsoft isn’t doing anything daring or groundbreaking either. Uh-uh! It’s Android that is leading handset innovation and that is probably down to one thing...

I have said it numerous times and others have said it too... The talk of ‘fragmentation’ has been over exaggerated. I have 7 Android handsets with different Android versions and I use them all transparently!

That said, I think that ‘fragmentation’ is becoming less of an issue each time a manufacturer brings out the latest handset. What we see happening is that there is uniformity amongst manufacturers to produce a new standard: HD resolution screens; the one element that will make it easier for Android developers to create better looking applications. I reckon that this time next year it’ll be Android 5 – Key Lime Pie, 4.2 – Jelly Bean and 4 – Ice Cream Sandwich that’ll be the only operating systems on handsets.

I wish that Terry Myerson and Microsoft in general would just concentrate on making their products the very best they can be.

THE LAST THING THIS INDUSTRY NEEDS... another Jobs or Cook. Sore losers make for bad products and ultimately bad business. Just look at Apple’s example, the iPhone 5 should have and could have been so much better. The iPad mini really shouldn’t have undercut its own iPad! That was stupid in the extreme! Now they are paying for it and the shares have dropped. The amount of time they spent on suing the competition they could have created some great new designs for the iPhone and iPad! Here’s hoping (I am always hoping) that the iPhone 6 will deliver!

Microsoft has to do the same: INNOVATE! Don’t hate. Innovate! I don’t part with my money for some idiotic hate campaign. I pay for good products. So, Microsoft, let’s see some good – if not outstanding – products!

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