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Here's another unlikely concept mock-up.


Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers... I hope that all is well with you and that you’re getting max joy from your tech!

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Here’s the latest rumour regarding what is probably the world’s most anticipated smartphone... ...Galaxy SIV!

If you love smartphone technology like I do then you are probably going nuts about the imminent release of the next generation Galaxy S! The Galaxy SIV!

It just keeps mounting up...

Flexible 5” full HD screen.
Wireless charging.
13MP main camera.
2MP front-facing camera.
Exynos 5 Octa platform, with octo-core A15 processor and octo-core Mali T658 GPU.
2 GB of RAM.
Android 4.2.
S Pen
Multi-windows like the Note II!

A source at Samsung USA can be quoted to have this much to say, “The Galaxy SIV is going to blow minds...” That I can believe!

What I don’t believe is this rumour: “Samsung Galaxy S4 will go on sale in early April, while the East European countries will be the first to get their hands on the new Samsung handset.”

Why not release it for the hungry markets that are the UK, Germany, France, etc? That would make sense... Would it make us, in the UK, ravenous knowing that Eastern Europe will be the first to enjoy the beautiful beast that is the Galaxy SIV? I just know that I want it already! An upgrade is due in April! Woo!

Here's one of the prototypes shown at the CES.
Let’s see...

How likely will the SIV feature the flexible Youm screen? Hmmm, just about every Android handset manufacturer features a 5” as standard; some are going higher than 6”! Will Samsung go that one step further and bring one of those prototype handsets shown at the CES - featuring the flexible screen – to life? It’s 50 / 50. On the one hand Samsung has great competition this year and it presents the problem of having to stand out from the crowd. How are they going to achieve that without the flexible screen? I would imagine that Samsung would tweak the Super AMOLED screen to have a 440ppi. The flexible screen is maybe too advanced for this year – it is wishful thinking! Of course it is! This new Super HD AMOLED display will be milked for other Galaxy IV variants i.e. SIV mini.

It is said that the user will be able to control the screen with eye movements – taking the Smart Stay feature further. I would imagine that it is possible to use the eye to scroll let’s say a web page or to pause a video when the eye moves away. I’d give this one 80 / 20 in favour!

Wireless charging is very likely. 90 / 10 in favour.

Exynos 5 Octa CPU; this is very likely. I would imagine that the SIV will be built to take advantage of LTE 4G – it’s going to be a fast handset! 90 / 10.

S Pen is very likely. It works exceptionally well with the Galaxy Note II. Why not continue in the flagship handset? After all, Samsung has bought 5% of Wacom - the manufacturer of digitizing tablets and electronic pens - to ensure that the S Pen concept continues to develop. 90 / 10.

The 13MP camera is long overdue and now all premium Android handsets this year is going to have a 13MP camera as a standard. 100 / 0!

I am a little surprised that there is no mention on S Voice. I think S Voice is really good and underrated. I don’t think it was ever intended to take on the likes of Siri, but as a means to verbally command the launching of apps, set alarms and make entries in diary for example. S Voice was not intended as artificial intelligence. If you ask, “Who’s the president of the United States?” It’ll perform a web search based on the key words, ‘United’, ‘States’ and ‘president’. It could very well be that S Voice will be able to do more with SIV. Even though Google Now is great, it’s still worth pursuing an assistant with artificial intelligence.

There’s also no mention of battery capacity. I am guessing it’ll be the same as what’s in the Note II, Li-ion 3,100mAh. I think that needs to be Li-ion 4,500mAh!

Feel free to leave your wishes for the SIV!

I am inclined to think that the HTC M7 poses a bigger threat than the X One Plus; the M7 is scheduled to be released in March. Could it also be the iPhone 5S or 6 is due in the summer? But I think that Samsung wants a head start on sales – the earlier the better; they want to smash the sales record held by the SIII! I think they’ll do it too!

I wonder where there launch will be taking place.

Bring it on!

Thank you for reading!

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