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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! It is thankfully a cooler day! And in a bit I will be out taking photos on my Galaxy S4!

Twitter’s Biz Stone thinks that he has the answer to enable Facebook to bring in $1 Billion per month. I think it is a crap idea! Ok, a monthly fee could possibly work for professionals, the entertainment industry, online retail outlets, etc but it won’t work for ordinary people.

The best way for Facebook to generate revenue is to pay its users for clicking on ads that are relevant to them. Better still, when users take up a special offer they get a discount on their purchase.

By paying us to click on ads it will be a win / win situation:

1. The users gain a little revenue for their activities which can be used to add to their purchases.
2. Advertisers will invest more into advertising on Facebook.
3. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg will have monetized the social network for life!

Charging users for Facebook has been a persistent rumour from since I created my profile back in 2007 and recently Zuckerberg tried to implement a payment scheme for users writing to celebrities. I knew it was not going to work! There are so many fake celebrity profiles! Lol!

At the moment Facebook encourages users to “promote” their status update which is a stupid idea. Zuckerberg is not content to tell us how we should make our friends but dictates to us on how many of our friends can see it. It is annoying to say the least.

I’ve noticed that this does not make users abandon Facebook in droves. I don’t see a revival of MySpace either. I migrated from MySpace because of all those bloody restrictive rules! I have jumped into the fire from the frying pan by settling on Facebook! Jeez!

I am trying Google Plus (G+) and it is not bad at all. I am finding my way around.

That word “promotion” is a funny word that can get some people all riled up for nothing. As you know, I write about Tech and Social Networking, etc and some people get upset with what they see as “spamming” by my posting links to my articles in the appropriate discussion areas within Facebook Pages / Groups, Twitter and Google Plus Communities. What I do is for non-profit but it has some people throwing their toys out of the pram. However, these misguided folk think it is a good idea to post rude and irrelevant comments and become a troll. These sorts of people have caused Facebook to think about charging the likes of me for wishing to share my writing. Honestly, I think people need to calm down. People need to look up what “spam” actually means. People need to agree universally as to what spam is because Zuckerberg changes the definition at will and it has an adverse effect on people – it turns them into egotistical maniacs! Raving freaking lunatics! And that’s not funny!

It’s not about money. NO! It’s about social etiquette. Facebook and other social networks are creating Social Network Sociopaths who become extremely nasty trolls and cyberbullies.

Technology and social networking is producing Smart-Idiots; I’ve noticed that a lot of tech-folk aren’t able to read articles that criticises our usage of mobile phones and how secure we are. They just don’t get it. They are used to watching videos of somebody opening a box or some tech review. They can’t seem to understand any other context outside of tech reviews. It’s alarming.

Social etiquette should have Zuckerberg paying us for giving Facebook a revenue stream. I think if people were paid it may create a more stable mentality of its users. I think all social networking media should adopt paying users for clicking on relevant ads and making discounted purchases.

Let me know what you think!

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