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"Android is very bad! Windows RT is so much better!"

"Being negative is not how we make progress...”
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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Yes, it’s a boy! Well done Prince William and Kate!

I hope that you all are in the best of health and making the most out of your beautiful tech! Yes, indeed... Tech should enhance our wonderful lives and that’s why the words of Google CEO still echoes in my mind and why I laugh at some Fanboys and Fangirls.

“We should be building great things that don't exist... Being negative is not how we make progress...” I so strongly agree with those sentiments and it is chiefly why I haven't been happy with Apple and Microsoft; the two technological giants seem to have this Cold War agenda against each other and, of course, Google. I think it is silly! It’s counterproductive!

What do we want from an operating system?


To be able to do perform day to day tasks such as word processing, photo editing, video editing, etc with ease.

To connect - whether it’s going online or using communications applications.

All of the above can be applied to just about every operating system on the planet. Naturally, there will be some advantages and disadvantages between the respective systems but they share a great commonality. And with commonality there is scope for a unified effort to bring us together regardless of our preferences. Some people like iOS but I don't and that’s good. But I am very happy to be able to communicate with my Adorable Friend through apps like Viber, WhatsApp, HeyTell and so on. How would it be if the producers of Viber said, “We're only going to stick to Android”?

I am quite sure that we'll be seeing more technological enterprises producing more mobile operating system alternatives which are an exciting prospect for those who love technology rather than Apple, Google or Microsoft. Me? If something new comes onto the market that will be of benefit then I am all for it! And that’s why I laugh at some Fanboys and Fangirls who have allowed themselves to become so trapped in their thinking with stupid sentiments such as, “Nokia is just fine with Windows 8. Why spoil a good phone with Android?” This dumb viewpoint arose from my articles on why I think Nokia should go Android. I am not advocating that Nokia should drop Windows 8 all together, far from it. It’s just that I think Nokia can always bring something new to the Android table and serve those who have a preference for the popular operating system (Android). My reply to that person is, “Freedom of choice.” Seriously, I have no time to waste in telling others why I think their non Android preference is wrong, bad or dangerous to their health: If people are happy with iOS and Windows etc then that’s fine with me. But I am always interested to learning the advantages and disadvantages of these operating systems though as this is a fascinating subject for me.

I wonder as to why the two main technological giants have become so rigid with their approach to consumer products. If you have been reading my articles on Apple then you will know that my attitude is: Give the iOS users what they want and not what you think they want. With Microsoft I think the current CEO Steve Ballmer comes across as a little stubborn in his ways and I think that this is based on Microsoft in its heyday – if they ever had one because they keep stuffing it up with some stupid crap with just about every operating system release.

I noticed that although many, many people read my little ‘Tech-Game’ article that I posted yesterday they didn’t play it because they know who’s who! Lol! Yes, I think Steve Ballmer is very much Dr. Evil! Ha ha! Ballmer thinks that the best way for Microsoft to beat the competition is to say uncomplimentary things about them. YAY! Way to go, Steve! As another distinguished doctor would say, “How’s that working for you?” Yes, Steve... Just how is that working for you and Microsoft? That’s right: Billions of dollars down the pan! Nice going!

Again, the biggest mistakes regarding the Surface tablet is that it does not feature the Intel chip and it runs Windows RT. The biggest mistake that Steve Ballmer has made is to not understand the market. Despite the calm claims of Apple’s Tim Cook, Windows desktop computers rule and that’s Microsoft’s strength and weakness at the same time. Let me explain...

A Windows desktop PC can have a long shelf life and therefore Windows PC owners do not have a tendency to discard it a year later as (some) tablet owners do. This is a great strength. The weakness aspect is that many families are bypassing the PC because all they primarily want to get online and surf the web. Back in the day if I wanted to enjoy the Internet in all its glory then my only recourse would be to purchase a Windows or Mac PC and because I had lofty ideas on becoming a graphic / multimedia designer the PC was perfect. Today, many households do not have such creative ambitions in mind. Oh, I also do music once in a while with the aid of a PC and given a good wad of cash I’d probably buy a better PC to that end goal. Yes, so because the average household has no desire to use their desktop PC for anything other than social networking and surfing the Web it has become redundant to the tablet which, as you know, is portable and inexpensive where Android tablets are concerned or if iPad inclined many folk can pick up an iPad through computer exchange stores and online.

In my mind Windows RT and Surface was never going to fly; it’s a good idea poorly executed. I am inclined to think that Microsoft blew an opportunity to create an affordable PC in a tablet form. There could have been at least two versions:

A netbook experience for non power users and practically a desktop PC in a tablet form for power users whereby the user is able to, like me, do their music, video editing, desktop publishing while not being chained to a desk so to speak like I am right now. Mass produced these ideal PC tablets would be a lot cheaper.

I would imagine that it should be possible to gut Windows RT out of the Surface tablet and replace it with Android due to the ARM chip compatibility. If it wasn’t for Steve Ballmer’s pride I believe that the Surface sales would increase with the knowledge that Android could be installed on it instead. I am surprised that Cyanogenmod or someone else hasn’t done that already. I predict that over the coming weeks, months that the Surface will continue to plummet in price purely because there is not a high demand for it.

I guess that Microsoft would never back down from their current stance and produce cost effective Android tablets that have such a good quality as the Surface. I can just see Microsoft making a fairly good compromise in producing inexpensive Android based tablets that will feature the Office in app form – not that people really need Office in app form due to great alternatives that are available on both Android and iOS. That said, I do see a scope for people, like me, who have a decent desktop PC and a tablet of some sort, most likely Android, to create documents on one platform and edit / finish on another i.e. from Android tablet to Windows PC. I can do that now on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

I have also been thinking a lot about the possibility of acquiring the Samsung ATIV Q. That’s something that Microsoft can explore: dual Android and Windows devices. I think it’ll work. Sadly, due to such rigid thinking Microsoft would never do it. Steve Ballmer would rather lose more Billion$ than to join forces with what he sees as the competition. Besides, he, like the late Steve Jobs and now Cook and co have kicked up a stink against Google Android that would make any of them look a little silly in collaborating. I think it is a shame.

On the other hand when the Surface reaches a rock bottom sale price of £150 I might just snap one up in the hope that independent developers such as Cyanogenmod would have the Surface on the list of devices! You just never know! Lol!

Take good care!

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