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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! I am so happy to say that we, in London, UK, are blessed with another day of wonderful weather! I hope the weather is equally as wonderful where you are!

Thank you so much for reading my last article on the differences between Apple and Samsung. I can see how much you have enjoyed it from the amount of readership recorded! It has been said that the article was biased towards Samsung but my argument is this: Samsung is the company that has produced the most innovation regarding mobile technology. I have acknowledged that fact and if that makes me biased then I am biased. I was very complimentary of what Apple have achieved but it is not down to me that they are hell bent on marring their wonderful achievements with their ‘feel sorry for us, the originator of the iPhone which now looks prehistoric compared to the competition’ adverts. It’s not down to me that they are not good sports when it comes to acknowledging what the competition has achieved. I wish that would change but I can’t do anything about it. So, I ask...

The reason why I am asking is because things do not appear to be going Apple’s way at the moment what with the loss of the eBook price fixing case. It looks like Apple has changed the world again – they have made eBooks more expensive. Wonderful!

Apple has lost some patent cases and won some against Samsung and others. They’ve recently dropped the suit over Amazon calling its app store, ‘App Store’. But it’s getting to a point whereby Apple comes off worse if they win (because what they are arguing over is so petty) and when they lose you get to see the grotesque face beneath the mask of smug coolness.

What makes Apple behave like a spoiled over privileged child? Do you ever ask yourself that?

There’s is no doubt in my mind that Steve Jobs was not only very intelligent, driven, charismatic and a tyrant when it comes to willing his vision into being. Who isn’t like that when one has a gifted mind that can potentially change the world? Jobs reminds me of Captain Ahab with Android / Samsung as Moby Dick. Or David Cronenberg’s Seth Brundle who became genetically spliced with the genes of a fly; the “telepod” a metaphor for the iPhone that he is spliced with at the end of the movie.

We’ve seen how Jobs practically and singlehandedly take down Adobe by refusing Flash for the purpose of control over the App Store. Security issues was just a smokescreen to prevent talented developers from creating Flash based apps that could provide a revenue stream for Adobe. I did think that Adobe would have put up more of a fight on behalf of their once beloved Flash.

It became clear as to how delusional Jobs was not just because he was once pushed out of his own company but for wanting to go “thermonuclear” on Android and prepared to waste billions in taking down the most used mobile operating system on the planet. I am sure that had Jobs lived he would have been pushed out of the company again simply because he would have wasted so much time and energy into suing Google out of business for Android instead of coming up with more innovations / reinventions, iLetoff the digital kettle that senses when you might need a coffee or tea through transmitting your stress levels from the iPhone. Clever, huh?

Apple is like one of those newfangled cult religions... The Church of Apple and the Spirit of Technology... I am a jealous God so therefore do not buy from the competition or thou shalt not buy from other Gods.

That’s how Apple comes across: only they can do technology! They inspire division rather than unity and I firmly believe that technology should unite us all. But like Jobs, Tim Cook comes as a false prophet.

“More people view the web on the iPhone and iOS devices than the other guys (meaning Android mainly and Windows, BlackBerry is secondary)...”

I am paraphrasing here, but when I heard those words uttered at this year’s WWDC I couldn’t believe it; Android is the most popular operating system in the world and people aren’t accessing the web from their devices? C’mon, who is he trying to fool? It has recently been reported that Samsung has taken over the iPhone for devices surfing the web. But common sense tells you that already.

“Just look at the situation here...” Or words to that effect describing the fragmentation of Android
Doesn’t Cook understand that Jelly Bean is quickly overcoming issues of fragmentation simply due to the fact that when consumers upgrade to the latest handsets they’ll get Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.2? Now Jelly Bean is the most widely used version of Android.

It is also brilliant that some handsets have been able to install the latest version due to rooting and developers such as Cyanogenmod.

Cook is finding himself eating Jelly Beans! Lol!

I guess this could be another reason to delay Key Lime Pie; Google wants to get every manufacturer up to speed with the latest version of Android before moving on. I do think that Google ought to standardize budget handsets so that manufacturers can stop using Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich on their devices.

There’s that word again, “innovation”.

Let me tell you right now: This article is not intended to hurt Fanboys and / or Fangirls. It’s about looking at the mentality behind Apple. It’s about acknowledging Android has brought about a consistent and most amazing innovations in mobile devices in comparison to the iPhone’s half an inch.

My Adorable Apple Friend defends Apple for the sake of it. I put to her this question: When a new movie is released and you want to see it would you prefer to see it on the TV screen or the cinema? “The cinema.” She answers. So, the big screen is better than the small screen? She can’t answer. And before you can say, “battery drain” I say, spare battery.

Apple can no longer claim “thinnest phone in the world”.  So, it seems like they are on the ropes. While technically the iPad has been surpassed by the Samsung Nexus 10, Android has yet to produce a convincing argument for expensive tablets. Don’t get me wrong, I love high end Android tablet but I don’t like the high price that comes with it. They (Android) are taking a lot of time in surpassing the iPad standard when it comes to decent apps; they are getting there. But at the same time I think the Nexus 7 is a great little half-way tablet. I am looking forward to seeing what the second generation Nexus 7 brings us. For me personally, I think the iPad is too costly. But I cannot and do not wish to take anything away from the great design and apps available for it.

If you love Apple and their iOS devices that’s great! Good for you. I am not interested in iOS vs. Android in the negative sense. I enjoy how Apple and Google strive to make their respective operating system the best.

Apart from the likes of the NSA catching terrorists, rapists, paedophiles, murderers, etc from snooping on mobile phone communications, I would like for Apple to come off its high horse and mingle with technology lovers and start looking at ways to share the wealth of knowledge.

Google bailed Apple out with their maps app. Google are making it possible for developers to develop games that can be played regardless of operating system. They also give iOS users an alternative browser in Chrome but iPhone users can’t make it their default browser.

It would be nice for Apple and the consumer to encourage app development for Android, Windows and BlackBerry users. I would love to be able to push Apple in that direction instead of being a bad sport.
Stranger things have been known to happen. Lol! Here’s to technological unity!

Let me know what you think!

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