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PART 7   

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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you doing tonight? Do you watch a lot of TV? Cable TV is a truly odd concept in that one does not get to choose the channels. I guess if it were up to me I’d end up with about 10 channels... Anyway, on with the article...

Yes, that’s what happens when your root your phone and install a custom ROM. Lol! You lose Sense if you have an HTC, TouchWiz / Samsung and so on. But you know this already if you have been following my articles on rooting and have successfully rooted and installed a custom ROM. Well, done! Forgive me if that came across as patronizing; I didn’t exactly sail through rooting myself. It makes me feel so proud that some of you have told me, through Facebook, that you’ve rooted your handsets! Great!

The only handsets that I haven’t yet rooted are my Galaxy’s S4 and Note 2. I will get around to it at some point... It’s not a great priority right now.
I said that the last article on rooting was the last until I could think of anything relevant to add. Well, I here I am with part 7! A couple of friends of mine were quite impressed with my newly acquired second hand HTC One X – they both have the One X + and they wanted to know why my HTC One X looks so unique. So, I told them about rooting and how I installed a custom ROM from Cyanogenmod that did away with the Sense skin for a pure vanilla Android experience. I also let my friends know that there are other custom ROM sources such as Paranoid Android, MIUI, AOKP and so on. I also revealed the following:

ADW Launcher – Sense / TouchWiz replacement
Kii – keyboard replacement
Utter – Voice Command substitute
HD Widgets – Weather / clock widget

I have now given them the task to root their HTC handset and install a custom ROM by this weekend. We shall see...

Since then I have purchased the Nova Prime launcher as it has better features than ADW Launcher. Now I am able to use my custom made 720 (width) x 1280 (height) wallpapers that I have created in Photoshop. In fact I bought Nova Prime by TeslaCoil Software in the early hours of the morning. The only fault that I found with it was that I wasn’t able to create shortcuts for my Facebook Pages with the Facebook Pages Manager app; a tad annoying as my pages was just one click away. Bah! I hope that TeslaCoil Software will fix that soon. Over the next few days I will be exploring the features and may well review it soon.

In the meantime, enjoy modding your Android!

Remember: You can always unbrick your handset. Don’t panic!

Let me know what you think!

Take good care!

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