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Colours to match the new Google inspired Motorola logo? 


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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you all charged up regarding the possibility of designing your own Moto X? Check this out...

"The first smartphone you can design yourself..." Oh, really? Joanna Stern from ABC News broke the news that Google Motorola will let customers select a colour for the back of the device and another for the trim. There will also be an option to have the phone engraved, a service Apple has made for iPods some time ago. It’s not exactly the same thing as being able to specify internal components. Oh, well...

Google Motorola may have given the wrong impression... This hotly anticipated Moto X has yet to be officially announced, ads in today’s US newspapers say the phone is "designed by you" and emphasizes that it’s made in good ol’ USA — great timing for Independence Day. As a result Google Motorola will be able to ship customized versions of the Moto X only days after customers make the order. Pretty neat, huh?

In addition to multiple colour options and personalized engravings, it is said that customers will be able to upload a photo which will be set as the default wallpaper on the device. Hmmmm, ok... The Moto X will be available to order from the Motorola website (and probably Google Play too)! Carriers are likely to have the stock black version in store.

CEO Dennis Woodside revealed in interviews that the flagship device would be available on a range of US carriers and a version running Android 4.2.2 is said to be in testing at Verizon. The “Droid” branding is being dropped! Oooh!

Reports reveal that Google Motorola will be adding expanded voice recognition abilities in the Moto X. The device can determine when you're driving, for example, and it will automatically switch to the speakerphone function. Users will also be able to launch applications like the camera by flipping the phone. At the moment the specifications are hushed but it is expected that we’re looking at a mid range handset.

You might think that this contradicts Woodside’s statement that the Moto X will be competing with the Galaxy S4, iPhone, etc but I am inclined to believe that it will be the price that will prove to be competitive. There are many people who don’t care for the highest quality camera, fastest processor, etc. Many consumers just want a handset that is capable of having enough storage for the most important apps and a camera decent enough to take pictures to upload to Facebook, etc.

Why should you be? Sure, many of us, including me, were excited at being able to specify components as well as the overall look but that’s the nature of us technology lovers: we take an idea like the ability to design our own handsets and add our own embellishments – almost literally! Lol! But there’s an indication that there will be two base models to design upon which could be based on storage capacity.

Many of the people who ask my advice regarding purchasing a new handset often have little or no idea about the internal components. Why, just last night I was asked to look over a potential purchase that featured 512MB of RAM. NO!!!!! Any handset released with 512MB is an epic fail in my most humble opinion. Please read the following articles:


Let me quickly explain why...

Although on the surface anyone would be forgiven for thinking that a handset costing £69.99 would be worthwhile it is when you start updating Facebook and other memory intensive apps that you become unstuck. The Blade 3 becomes so slow that you’d be better off jumping into your car or take public transport to catch up with your family and friends that you’d normally keep tabs with online.

If you have been following my articles on rooting then you will know that I have traded in the ZTE Blade 3 (along with other crap Android handsets). Which brings me to...

We know that the Moto X should be running Jelly Bean 4.2.2 – hopefully it’ll be able to upgrade to 4.3, etc as fast as the Nexus.

The speculation of Moto X specs indicate the following:

1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro dual core

Main camera 10MP

4.7-inch screen with a 720p resolution

I don’t think the above spec is bad at all – if it turns out to be true! I would expect the RAM to be a respectable 1GB or 2GB. Again, it is all dependent on the price. If the price comes in at around $199 then I expect these handsets to fly out of virtual and brick ‘n’ mortar stores rapidly!

Will a customizable Moto X come to the UK or anywhere else in Europe? Hmmmm...

Some of us have ‘Droid Rage’ whereby it’s power components for the sake of it and the above specs may disappoint. However, the Motorola RAZRi proves that a handset doesn’t need such power. Sure, I would like to see something like the Moto Pro X just because... It’s a fun thing - at least for me - to see manufacturers pack the fastest and powerful CPUs, large amounts of RAM, great camera features and so on into a premium handset! I am sure that will come further on down the line.

If you paid attention to the i / O conference, Google wants t Android to rule the world and it’s not going to happen with a handset with the most highest specifications. It’s going to be with a handset that the everyman / woman can afford. Moto Roll On!

Let me know what you think!

Take good care!

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