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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! It makes you wonder, right? Android 4.3 makes you just wonder what the full-blown version 5 will have in store for us Android users. My mind boggles...

Is there any real competition for Android? Ubuntu? Ubuntu can coexist with Android so Ubuntu isn’t a threat – at least I haven’t been able to identify a threat. Tizen? Tizen has yet to make its debut and it is believed that Samsung will debut a Tizen based handset later on this year. Tizen is yet another Linux based operating system that could lend itself to being compatible with Android. Tizen has the potential to go the way Samsung’s own Bada has gone. Bada what?

iOS is a relative threat in that Apple will want to add routines for technologies to come such as HD resolutions beyond the standard 1080p. I do believe a race is on for the first mobile device to incorporate a camera capable of recording 4K television screens — 3840 × 2160! That’s twice the resolution of 1920 x 1080! I would imagine that it’ll take at least two years for this to happen; before 4k cameras the immediate race is to incorporate a HD camera that can record at 60 frames per second and the iPhone 6 could be the one. There’s no doubt in my mind that Samsung is already on it! 60 fps on the Galaxy S5?

One of the attributes of Android 4.3 is to accommodate the 4K resolution with a pixel per inch density of 640! Does this mean that Chromecast is future proof? Oh, you may have heard that the Chromecast dongle USA has sold completely out! I am not surprised.

Chromecast has just become a breakthrough product that has taken off where Google TV has been struggling to take hold amongst the various cable and freeview boxes out there. Chromecast is the beginning of the reinvention of the Chrome TV concept. I am guessing that the next step will be Android TVs that will feature advanced versions of YouTube, Google Music and so on. It’s highly likely that Samsung will be behind the Android TV closely followed by LG and Sony! TV in the not so distant future under Google will be amazing. Those massive screens of Sci-Fi movies that is part computer and part TV will become a reality.

Android 5 – when it arrives – is going to be phenomenal! What are the odds of Android 5 coinciding with Nexus 5? And what manufacturer will be behind it? Will it be LG again? Or is it now the turn of an up and coming manufacturer such as ZTE, Oppo and Huawei? Hmmmm, using the process of elimination... ZTE, what advances have they done lately? Since the Grand X it seems to me that ZTE are going backwards with the Blade 3 budget handset that is not up to much once the applications receive an upgrade; the camera isn’t up to much too! Oppo has released the amazing looking and featured Find 5 with a 13MP camera that does 120 fps and I assume that’s not full HD through non-disclosure. Rumour has it that Find 6 will feature an 8MP front-facing camera for the ultimate selfie! With such spec Oppo could deliver a phenomenal Nexus 5! Huawei is an interesting manufacturer that tries to deliver good budget handsets that do not live up to expectations. Huawei succeeds with their premium handsets and has parallels with Samsung. Huawei’s Ascend P6 looks brilliant and perhaps they have earned a shot at the Nexus 5.

Or is it Asus’ turn to have a go at the Nexus handset seeing as they have done exceptionally well with the Nexus 7 mark II tablet?

On the other hand it could be Samsung again and why not? In my humble opinion I think the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a remarkable handset and so is the Note 2 (and I presume 3 also).
Android 5 is a big deal and Google could make a big deal by releasing the following:

Nexus 5 4.8”

Nexus 5 phablet

Nexus 5 mini

Nexus 5 Zoom

Nexus 5 Moto X

Well, my ability to predict what Google will do next has been abysmal. But Google has the scope to do all of the above.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict Android 5 with the Nexus 5 around November or December 2013.

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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