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Apple's patent for iDevices and Macintosh projectors.

The innovative Samsung Galaxy Beam. Is there more to come?


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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! The heat is on! I am sitting here roasting in my on juices that are evaporating as I type! Ah! I can’t complain... The UK had the longest winter recorded, so I am going to do my best to enjoy free vitamin D!

I have always said that the one thing Apple is good at it is reinvention... They reinvented the computer, redesigned it, they’ve taken the electronic newspaper and turned it into the iPad – even though Microsoft developed the tablet PC and scrapped it, the MP3 player became the iPod and so on...

The next thing Apple may reinvent is the mobile device projector. They’ve applied for a patent in which to do their own version of a built-in or external projector in and attached to their devices. The idea is a great one! I can see presentation coming from the iPad looking brilliant at a business meeting, etc. Cool!

Well, it just so happens that Samsung got there first with the Galaxy Beam handset which worked very well – surprisingly so! However, I don’t think that the world was paying particular attention to the Galaxy Beam. Never mind...

What I do see happening is Apple being very successful with their mobile device projector simply due to the fact that many people see them as technological trendsetters and I can see some typical Apple ads showing off their latest reinvention. This will in turn have Samsung revisiting their idea and as their tablets become increasingly popular – especially for students and business users – we’ll start seeing a projector in their tablets and possibly handsets too! I reckon the Galaxy Note should have a built-in projector! Hmmmm... I have heard rumours about possible 3 or 4 different versions of the Galaxy Note 3 and it is feasible that one of them could contain a projector as the Galaxy Note is a popular device amongst business people. I guess some of us are counting down the days to the launch of the Galaxy Note 3!

But going back to Apple... I really hope that they will get the built-in projectors very soon! Perhaps we’ll see this in the next year or 2015!

Let me know what you think!

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