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Good early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! It’s 02:27 AM and I can’t sleep for the heat... It’s so funny that when I decide to take a break for a day or two I always miss something... Hahahaha! Yes, that’s right... I am talking about Canadian network, Rogers, outing the Moto X. Here’s my take on it...

I take my hat off to Google Motorola for this “leak”. If you have been following my articles then you will know what I think about “leaks”. Oh, you don’t? You haven’t been following my articles? Not to worry! Here’s briefly what I think about “leaks”:

1. Designed to lower expectations in a tech world that seems to hurtling towards the future at a fast pace until a new mobile device hits the market and it wasn’t what you were expecting.

2. Now that you have seen the future coming in a forced déjà vu you are then focused on the functions.

3. Leaves you wanting more (info).

When Canadian carrier / network Rogers put the promotional video out I knew it was just to tease. Why? Because the video does not tell or show you anything that you didn’t already know through the “leaked” photos – including the one with Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt!

We knew what to expect in looks; it looks like a standard Nexus inspired design. We’ve learned to expect that the Moto X will be geared towards extensive Voice Commands and that Google Now is going to play a big part in it. We’ve also come to expect that Google Motorola would like to do something by the way of redefining the camera. Sure, the camera in the video doesn’t look like it is going to be groundbreaking but just as long as it takes some decent shots!

The video does not say what the specs are. Lol! Most – if not all – proper promotional videos tell you the whole shebang: processor, RAM, storage, etc. We have an idea of the spec but naturally we want confirmation.

We don’t even know what the camera entails other than two shakes of the wrist to activate it via the sensors that we’ve been reading / hearing about. Google have been saying for quite a while now that they want to do something special with the camera apart from orb photography. I am very curious about the camera and I would love to get some info on it. 10MP is ok – if the rumour turns out to be true. I have noticed that Nokia and HTC have some interesting camera technology going on and perhaps the camera in the Moto X will surprise us!

I wonder how Google Motorola will launch the Moto X now... What kind of press launch will they stage? We’ll see...

Why do I get the feeling that Google Motorola are monitoring as to how many times that now banned Rogers video is being looked at regardless? Hmmmm... Lol!

It looks like the moto will be released next month! Not too long to go to see what it’s all about!

I also get the feeling that I want one! Lol!

There’s another rumour going that the custom features will include metal and wooden finishes for the backplate but if this is true it will be faux – printed onto the carbon fibre. Hey, wait a minute! What happened to the nice Kevlar material? Hmmm... Well, if it keeps the price down to rock bottom...

Let me know what you think!

Take good care!

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