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Android & Chrome merging will give us even more devices to choose from!

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Good evening / early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! What’s happening with you? I hope that all is well with you and yours! I had to visit the dentist earlier... The anaesthetic is finally wearing off! I’d like to invent anaesthetic chewing gum as it will:

A) Prepare you for a dentist visit.
B) Prepare you for an argument with your nearest and dearest!

Lately I have been reading of a possible merger of Google Android and Chrome to happen this June to coincide with the Google i / O conference this year. A couple of years ago (at least) I had it in mind that such a merge was inevitable.

Whatever the next version of Android will be called I think it is going to be pretty darned amazing. There’s a lot of scope to be had from merging Chrome with Android.

When Sundar Pichai took the reins from Andy Rubin one of the things he stated was that there’s no plans to merge Android and Chrome yet it seems to be happening what with Google Now becoming integrated into Chrome with Voice Search. Hmmmm... I wonder if my mic input is being tapped... Hmmm... Anyway, I wonder how difficult it would be to actually merge Android with Chrome. It seems to me that Google has a split personality by having two separate operating systems. Still, it’s better than a bipolar Apple in that iOS is cannibalizing OS X and they are not happy with themselves; one minute there’s euphoria regarding the next iPad and then comes the depression when the iPhone 5C bombs, iPhone 5S – with the exception of the 64-bit processor – is pretty much behind the competition.

Luckily for Google it doesn’t manufacture anything and will not suffer like Apple is suffering. You have to acknowledge that Google is doing remarkably well with its Android Nexus devices and Chromebooks!  But just think of the potential that can be had with the Android and Chrome merge.

With Android and Chrome merging it creates a unified ecosystem whereby Android can run Chrome apps and vice versa!

I was wondering why Google shut down devices that featured a dual Android and Windows boot. Do you remember the Samsung ATIV Q (at least I think that’s what it’s called)? The ATIV Q looked like a sweet bit of tech that was poised to wow the world and all of a sudden it was a no go! And recently Asus got the Google treatment to stop the release of dual Android and Windows devices. But that was all of a sudden; one Tech minute Google didn’t seem to mind such dual devices and the next they are pulling their support.

I think the reason behind Google pulling their blessing is because:

A) Microsoft has been raging an anti-Google trust campaign. That’s bound to piss Google off.
B) The Android and Chrome merge is happening.

Can you imagine the potential? Apple would have a meltdown due to the fact that Google would have created a uniform operating system that can run on handsets, tablets and Chromebooks, etc. And if that became a reality my PC days would be numbered.

What stops me buying a Chromebook is that I have two solid PCs and none of which can play a 4K video clip! However, the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 is able to record and playback 4K video. So, in order for me to work with 4K video on my PC is for me to invest into a new monitor and most likely upgrade the CPU and RAM. With each passing day the PC is becoming less relevant.

Android mobile devices would take on a whole new meaning! What are the odds that Google announce a 64-bit Android / Chrome this June?

What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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