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VHS TO DVD 7.0 DELUXE (PC), £59.95


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Here’s a scenario for you: You have loads of material on VHS tape i.e. your wedding video for example and you want to surprise the Missus or Mr for the anniversary and convert the analog or analogue video to digital before the tape corrodes. Do you have a PC or MAC? You are in luck!

Setting up the devices is very, very straightforward; all the cables are included to connect to a VHS recorder, camcorder, stereo, etc. If you can connect your VHS recorder, DVD / Bluray and / or a cable TV box then you can set up the Honestech video kit to your PC (laptop / desktop) or MAC. I think just about everyone has connected a composite (red, white and yellow) cable between an audio / video box of some description. The other supplied cable is a USB 2.0 cable that goes from the video box (VIDBOX) to the computer. Simple!

If your old video equipment has an S-Video connection you can also connect it to the VIDBOX only the S-Video cable is not included in the kit. Bah! Just kidding, an S-Video cable can be bought from a good electronics store. You’ll probably have one spare anyway.

If you are fortunate or unfortunate to have the early camcorders capable of HD recording you will be pleased to know that the video boxes supports HD video up to 1920 x 1080 in resolution.

Above: VIDBOX for MAC. You can see how easy it is to connect your VHS recorder and / camcorder (one device at a time) to the video capture box (VIDBOX) and to the computer. 

Here we have Video Editor 7 (in the PC version). The MAC version works with iMovie. Going back to Video Editor 7... ...Video Editor 7 is a – surprise, surprise – a video editing software that allows you to edit the captured footage where you can add a voice over, background music, etc and burn it to DVD or Bluray with custom menus. Video Editor is very, very good at what it does. The chances are you won’t need all the transition effects that come with it. The titling effects are quite impressive! It reminds me of an argument that I had with a “pro” who wanted me to edit her video footage (that I mostly shot) and use all the transition in the software. I told her that if she wants to impress professionals in her field she ought to stick to simple black fade in and outs. She wanted the kind of transitions that you’d find on those God awful “funny video” shows whereby people send in their video clips of their (fake) high jinxery! Yes, I made up the word “jinxery”! What are you going to do about it???? Huh???? Lol! Needless to say that I quit working with that woman! There’s no way that I am going to put my name to a video production full of lame transitions. YUCK!!!! So, please, get hold of these very cost effective video capturing and conversion kits for your respective systems. They each represent tremendous value in that you the cables, a cost effective capturing video box or VIDBOX as Honestech prefers and with the PC version you get video editing software that allows you to edit and create DVD / Bluray discs. Furthermore you can output video straight to YouTube and convert for devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

There are very easy to follow instructions for the most stubborn of technophobes out there. Someone with a severe lobotomy can use this video kit! Lol!


Synapse Circuit Platinum for value for money and capability! You simply CANNOT go wrong! So go right to the Honestech site and get a hold this amazing kit!

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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