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 Above: Trash-Talk... "Business owners! Start putting these signs up and send a message to the Transhumanist trash. Speak out against Google Glass now, or forever lose your privacy!"

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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Here I sit in front of the computer feeling the chill in the air even though it is sunny outside! I hope the weather is treating you well where you are in the world. I can’t wait for the summer!

Hey, have you seen the reports about Google Glass wearing people are getting physically assaulted due to paranoia over privacy? Have you also seen people drum up further hysteria regarding the human merging with electronics? Here are my thoughts...

Yes, I want to delve into the weird world of conspiracy theories albeit briefly. Before the X Files became a worldwide TV phenomenon that brought us into the realm of the paranormal we had to read about such unexplained happenings in books that mysteriously would be brought to the forefront around Halloween. I remember a book of some sort that set out to explain / theorize on phenomena such as UFO sightings, the Loch Ness Monster, spontaneous human combustion, the Biblical number of 666 pertaining to the Devil, Satanists, and Witchcraft and so on. These sort of paranormal / occult interests were, at the time, back in the 80s as I was growing up, on the fringes and was, at the time of the threat of nuclear war, at the forefront of our minds. I imagined that there will be an “antichrist” that would come along in the guise of a US president and bring about the end of wars: Armageddon. And there was a film to accompany such concerns / fears: The Omen and its sequels. If it could happen in film it could happen in real life, right?

All of a sudden there were books of Nostradamus’ predictions that “predicted” the rise of Hitler, the Kennedy assassinations and much more. Fast forward past the new millennium and the rather ominous X Files spin off, Millennium and we’re still here! Isn’t that remarkable? We also survived the Mayan 2012 prediction and yet another film depicting the end of the world as we know it! Thank goodness! But looking back it was clear to see how we were being pushed to audible hysteria as opposed to mass panic. We practically accepted our fate pre-1999 (good Prince song by the way) and some of us bought into our own demise by buying such books on Nostradamus and other seers of Doom! Me? I never bought such books; I had better things to spend my pocket money on. But I did have a reading browse at my local bookstore. Oh, not forgetting the late night TV programs pondering our imminent demise.

I also remember such late night talk shows that spoke of aliens adopting the guise of human beings that are running the show; these aliens are in governments around the world treating us humans as cattle.

But what is different about our society since the human populated the planet? We eat, drink, sleep, fornicate and defecate. Not necessarily in that order – the New World Order but our poop still stinks! Nothing is new.

Do you remember when the PC threatened to be an essential part of the home where Jehovah Witness type people were warning us that the PC is the work of the antichrist? Have you heard of people saying that they saw the Devil appear upon the computer screen? Hahahaha! Crazy, right? Before then it was the TV that was the all Seeing Eye that could look into our living rooms and monitor us. Gosh! Golly!

Yes, today the computer is not only a part of the living room furniture it is also a part of our pockets in the form of smartphones. Social networking sites have become a part of the human mental condition. Social networking was already a neurosis before the likes of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We as humans naturally form bonds through clubs (yes, I was a member of the Amiga computer club) and later on through Internet relay chatrooms (IRC) and then forums. Why, I even invented my own network of computer musicians based around a certain music making software but I didn’t have the programming knowledge to turn it into an enterprise like MySpace.

Anyhoo... I digressed a little... Now we can access just about any information online. I am sure that we’ve heard about this New World Order of Freemasons known as the Illuminati. I am quite sure that we are aware of this supposed Illuminati extensive membership list: President Obama – in fact all the Presidents; Jay Z, Kanye West, the Kardashian family, Madonna, etc! You name them and the chances are they are a member of this, er, secret, society who are in the background pulling the strings. Huh? Yes, I know... ...a contradiction in terms. However, the New World Order is on its way!

As a little boy I was rather hoping that I’d come in to a rather fortunate accident that saw my mangled beyond repair body parts be replaced by bionic ones as in the 6 Million Dollar Man TV show. At best the series inspired me to run fast and jump higher and further than anyone else at school. I was a promising athlete until late night TV and coffee put an end to my training. Hahahaha!

But anyway, if the New World Order is not enough we have to be fearful that part of that agenda is to turn mankind into a machine! GOD FORBID that my electronic mind will be run by iOS! NO!!!! But seriously... ...a short while back I wrote about the possibility of being spied upon through social network accounts and through the advent of the Motorola Moto X handset that was always on to not only listen to the command “Ok Google” but what the mic picks up through being snooped upon by government security agents. This has come to pass with the revelations coming from whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Despite the notion of Big Brother spying upon us it didn’t stop the Boston Marathon Bombers. I doubt very much that those who are doing the spying can effectively prevent crimes as in the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report. We have lived with the notion that our phones are constantly being tapped for certain suspicious key words. When viral rioting broke out in the UK after the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan several people were arrested for organizing their rioting outbreak on Facebook and Twitter; it wasn’t surprising that such arrests arose from such foolish antisocial behaviour online. Still, the people arrested weren’t hardcore terrorists with access to all manner of weaponry. But what will happen and has probably happened is that those who are intent on doing wrong will not congregate online to plan mayhem. So, the only thing left for the aliens behind the New World Order to do is to be able to arrange for mass implantation of a chip that will be able to read our minds thus the alien shadow government will be able to keep tabs on us. Genius!

That’s where Google Glass comes in... Glass is supposed to herald the start of this process... Gadzooks!!!! One day we will all have a premonition sent to us by our sponsors!

Don’t you just love it when technology introduces new terminology to the English language and possibly other languages too? I know I do! Hahaha! Goole Glass wearers have been attacked because of the fear that privacy has been breached. While I can understand that one might feel a little uneasy in front of someone wearing a device that is capable of surreptitiously taking our picture and video without our knowledge but think about it: what could we be possibly be doing in the public domain that we’d fear for our privacy being breached? What? That’s not your wife or husband! Ok, I will delete those files! Nobody cares! The fact that you fear your privacy being breached in the public domain is on your consciousness; you may be doing something that you shouldn’t be doing! Again, who is going to know about it apart from you? Who will care wearing Google Glass or not?

It is far easier to take someone’s picture without his or her consent using the smartphone. How many times have you secretly taken a photo or video of people you find attractive? How many times have your filmed / taken a photo of someone or a group of people wrong doing on your phone?  Why, just earlier on today I have taken several pictures of my neighbour placing trash in my garden recycling can!

When accessing Facebook on public transportation I am surprised that I or anyone else is not attacked for being mistaken for taking a sneaky picture or video! Most people don’t like their picture being taken and I can understand how it feels when one thinks someone is taking one’s picture in secret. We duck out of the way when someone has their camera pointing in an area that we have stumbled into. It’s natural. In Central London I am always ducking out of the way of a photographer! Sometimes I even have someone asking me if it’s ok to photograph me! Wow! It happens!

The point I am making is that some of us are too paranoid about technology let alone Google Glass! There far more disturbing ways in which our privacy can be breached!

When you went for lunch at work today to go to the cafeteria or restaurant did you leave your heavy bag in the office thinking that it is safe? Let me tell you something that happened to me... Where I used to work I thought nothing of leaving my bag in the office when I went to lunch. I have since discovered that the so called managers took it upon themselves to look into the contents of my bag while I thought it was safe upon my seat as I ate my lunch. Wonderful!


I think we are a long way off from being able to move our conscious mind into a machine. It’s ironic that those who are whipping up hysteria over Google Glass are using a computer to spread the word! I bet you any money that if that person had an unfortunate accident where a limb is irreparable that he or she would consider a bionic replacement to maintain some kind of normality.

How about people who suffer crippling pain from bone conditions that could do with a replacement? A replacement joint is not going to transform the recipient into a remote controlled robot! In fact anyone believing in this New World Order Mind Control By Alien Invaders Who Are The Shadow Unified Government is being remotely controlled by fear (of such a concept)!

It’s amazing that people can utter such amazing claims without proof and that people actually believe them!!!! I guess that’s the human condition: The Need To Live Out Tabloid Fantasy. There has always got to be some form of bogeyman or bogeywoman to sneer, aim derision at. Will we ever grow out of it through evolution?

No, I am not suggesting that the individuals who have bought Google Glass have sold out. Uh-uh! In fact I have learned that Google has sold out of the Google Glass units that were placed in a one-off sale today! It’s not surprising! Google Glass is an exciting piece of our technological evolution / revolution that has so much potential to change the way in which we interact with each other and the world.

It’s good to know that despite the far out conspiracies regarding our demise through alien wielding technology used to enslave us hasn’t stopped us from progressing. If this is an alien invasion it’s too bloody slow!!!
What do you reckon?   

Take good care!

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