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Above: On the right is the LG G3 and on the left is the forthcoming Nexus 6 / X.

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? How’s it going? I hope you are well and making great progress with your tech – especially if you are embarking upon a project using your mobile device applications and computer software! Did I tell you that I have now joined the Android tablet ranks? Well, I have! I will post up a review shortly! Watch this space for my reveal...

Ooooh, yes! It’s now the first day of October and you know what that means? Absolutely! That’s right... ...we are closer to the next Google Nexus range of toys: phone(s) and tablet(s) to usher in the next version of Android!

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"Shamu! Hee hee..." Bad Michael Jackson joke... 

What can I tell you that you haven’t already discovered through a web search on the subject of “Nexus 6 (X)”? Nothing other than I am looking forward to the reveal! These days I prefer not to do too much searching for clues and leave some space to be surprised. I don’t know about you but I do get tired of feeling disappointed after a massive build up! Hahahaha!

The one interesting aspect that I would like to mention is that it appears as though Motorola is manufacturing the next Nexus; “6”? I would like to think that it’ll be called Nexus 6 regardless of the biological Androids featured in the classic Sci-Fi movie ‘Blade Runner’. A mobile phone is different from a movie character and this shouldn’t present a potential litigation problem, right? This situation reminds me of when ASUS were being sued over the “Transformer” name! Pathetic! ASUS won by the way! Yay!

The Nexus 6 may be the penultimate design and release from Google Motorola before the baton is passed over to Lenovo! When Google first acquired Motorola I thought that one of the first things they would have done is the Nexus 5 but it still worked out great for LG! From what little I have seen the Nexus 6 looks very much like a bigger Moto X which is fine by me! If you haven’t heard the latest whispers the Nexus 6 may come at a nice 5.9” screen size. What? Too big? Not for me! The other whisper is that there will be a smaller version at 5.2”. I guess like the iPhone 6 situation! I am curious if the Nexus 6 model(s) will feature a 64-bit chip as my hope is that Google will show off the 64-bit enabled Android with style!

As I stated earlier, I haven’t bothered to look for “spec leaks” but logic tells me that the imminent Nexus 6 is going to be a great contender – more so than usual! I can’t say that I care too much if it’s 64-bit because a premium Android is blazing fast and, apparently, at least 4GB of RAM is needed to take advantage of the 64-bit chip architecture. I can’t confirm this repeated notion.


Again, like the handset I have vague details such as the codename: “Volantis” and that it’s either a 9” or 8.9” in screen size. Oh, there is a strong rumour that it will feature a 64-bit Snapdragon CPU! The 64-bit CPU wouldn’t surprise me as HTC is said to be in the process of releasing a 64-bit handset shortly! We’ll see!

It’ll also be great if ASUS was still in the game to produce the 7” Nexus tablet as it’s still a handy size. Despite the iPad market in continual freefall the Android tablet market is still vital! Why? If you have been following my articles on the subject of the tablet market you will know why Android tablets will continue to flourish! But if you haven’t been following my articles... ...here goes...

1. The Android operating system, unlike Windows and OS X, is not cut from a desktop operating system. Therefore there is no hardware to cannibalize as with the iPad Air cannibalizing the Macbook Air for example. In theory, because Android 5 will be compatible across different CPU architectures there is a possibility for an Android based desktop and the 64-bit tablet could very well be what Microsoft is trying to achieve with the Surface tablet; great idea that comes at a great price – so much so that a decent laptop is preferable!

2. Cost! The Android tablet comes in at different price levels to serve entertainment / social media, basic productivity to high end productivity.

3. The 3G / 4G enabled tablet has become the new “phablet” and it is just a matter of time before the UK (that’s where I am based) and International networks allow us to use standard phone SIMs. At the moment it’s either the Internet (data) or call / text limits. Not good! But one can use either a main handset as personal Wi-Fi hotpot (tethering) or a dedicated Mi-Fi device to keep you connected on the go!

4. Because Google Play is being populated with quality applications specifically for the tablet it means that it has yet to peak! Whereas with the iPad it has gotten to a point whereby you may as well add a bit extra and get a Macbook Air because there is no longevity in the iPad; next year your expensive purchase is outdated already! You are better off using software as opposed to apps. The iPhone 6 Plus will most likely eat into the iPad market.

Android tablets of today has longevity built into them as the operating system becomes highly optimized and remember that Android devices over the last 2 years is blessed with decent hardware; there is a good chance that the 2013 Nexus 7, for example, will be able to upgrade to the latest operating system (Android 5). I would imagine that a top notch tablet that is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range will last a good while! Just look at the Nexus 10 – it has stood the test of time!

5. Combining the points above, the Android tablet can be an inexpensive sketchpad of sorts that compliments a PC / MAC computer as the files produced on an Android tablet is compatible. It’s so easy to put the 7” Android tablet / phablet in a jacket / coat pocket and be productive on a bus journey for example. It’s not as precious as an iPad where you might feel uncomfortable showing it off in public – especially in London where crime is rife!

There you have it! There will come a time whereby we will stop using a PC or MAC desk or laptop as the Android apps have a greater potential fulfil our needs as we continue to embrace digital formats. It’s funny... I have seen apps that create physical greetings and postcards; why not just send the postcard digitally? We already do with WhatsApp and LINE. Why waste a tree for the purpose of such folly? It is Android that has given us a great range of cost effective handsets and tablets that everyone on the planet should have one by now! I love it that I can send a picture, video, recorded voice message, etc to anyone in the world! Okay, I have to admit to enjoying sending and receiving Christmas cards as such items become part of the decorations. Other than that the greetings and postcards are practically dead or dying! The cost of the domestic printer ought to come down somewhat! I digress slightly... ...as usual!

My jury is out on HTC manufacturing the next Nexus tablet as I feel that it hasn’t delivered the goods where the handset is concerned. Yes, the One (M7 & 8) are great looking handsets but the cameras let them down. The One isn’t complete as the Galaxy S4 & 5 is where the camera is concerned. Sure, the Galaxy S range looks minimal in comparison but the handsets deliver all-round! HTC has got to be on top of its game for the Nexus tablet and I hope they turn its fortunes around big time! HTC reminds me of none other than Rocky Balboa in that they keep taking knocks but come back with something potentially brilliant! C’mon, HTC!

I don’t know about you but I hoped that Motorola would get back into the tablet arena. Isn’t funny how circumstance can create the most amazing phenomena? From what I have understood early versions of Android could only support a low resolution and as a result that gave us the 7” tablet! Typically, Jobs laughed at the very idea of a 7” tablet made it clear that there would never a 7” iPad. Derisively, Jobs stated that tablet apps were nothing but stretched out phone apps. So, Google responded with Honeycomb, Android 3. Motorola put out the XOOM 10.1” tablet to mixed reviews followed by the XOOM 2. If I remember correctly there was some dispute with the “XOOM” name and along with the idea that Android wasn’t quite ready for a large tablet Motorola pulled the plug on its tablet range.

My how times have changed! I hope that Motorola will design and produce the Moto Nexus Pad X (???); I envisage that this tablet or set of tablets could be aimed at the mid-range with competitive pricing. I feel that the Moto X and G ranges are missing a tablet counterpart! So, the Nexus 6 phablet makes a great deal of sense. I feel that there is room for a nice 7” Moto Nexus tablet with slim bezels and that dual front-facing speaker design that is working well for Motorola right now! I reckon it’d be something if there was a 3G and / or 4G version(s) with a dual SIM slot enabling calls and data as Android folk are gravitating towards bigger handset screens. I don’t know about you but I LOVE these huge screens as it makes the consumption of media, surfing the Net and productivity such much better!

I guess I am dreaming – again! But that would be such a higher note (no pun intended) for Google Motorola to go out on before handing over the reins to Lenovo! All the best to Lenovo! Anyhoo... ...by all accounts the legacies of the Moto X, G and E is such a brilliant achievement! Just when you thought that Motorola weren’t happening! After the RAZRi the Moto X, G and E constitutes of a great return to form! And let’s not forget the customization of the Moto X by being able to choose from a great range of colours and unique materials such as bamboo and leather for the battery cover! Awesome! Oh, and the Moto 360 smartwatch! I must review the Moto 360 asap!


My girl lollipop... 

Now the rumour is that Android 5 will be called Lollipop as opposed to Lemon Meringue Pie which was looking very likely... ...in any event I can’t wait to experience the game changer that is Android 5! Google appears to have taken its time with getting the next version of Android right. I am quite sure that if Google followed Apple’s enthusiasm for jumping from iOS version 6, 7 to 8 with minor improvements I reckon we’d have reached Android 10 by now. And look at how iOS 8 has been plagued with inconsistencies... ...this is not to say that this can’t happen to Android but I get the feeling that Google have been putting Android 5 through the wringer!

I have understood that Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 will get the Android 5 upgrade towards the end of the year! Hurrah! Fingers crossed on that one! I do find myself wondering as to how far back can Android 5 go... Will it be possible for the Galaxy S4 and Note 2 / 3, for example, to get the update?

And if you are using a Cyanogenmod ROM on some of your handsets when will the Cyanogenmod guys have CM12 (Android 5) ready for installation?

One thing is for sure: Thanks to Google, Android and the awe inspiring manufacturers we get another Christmasesque experience! Bring it!

That’s something to think about!


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