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Above: Immersed in the Galaxy Note 3. Some women like it big! 

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7 September 2014, Central London:
I know, I know... ...this one is a bit of a cheat in that it’s not strictly a “tablet” and in my eyes it’s not even a “phablet”. I see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as a handset but not everybody will see it the same way as I do so I thought I’d include the sighting of a Galaxy Note 3 in the wild as it were!

When I spotted the woman on the bus with Galaxy Note 3 I first thought it was a 7” or 8” tablet. But on close inspection I realized what it was. This is what some iPhone users long for: a nice beautiful screen that puts the “retina” concept to bed! This woman was so immersed into her screen that she seemed cut off from her immediate surroundings. She was in her element!

The Galaxy Note 3 appears to be very popular on the streets – more so than the Galaxy S5! For a lot of people the Galaxy Note is a happy and handy medium between a phone and tablet. I suspect that the Galaxy Note 4 and its Edge variant will sell a whole lot more than the Galaxy Note 3. By the looks of things it has taken over the Galaxy S as the main premium handset. Samsung has to do something drastic in the design department to revive the Galaxy S!

A little bit about the Galaxy S5 and why I think it didn’t take off like it should have...

For starters who can remember the Galaxy S5 launch? It’s a vague memory compared to the Galaxy S3. In my opinion Samsung has to get back to that kind of launch standard with the Galaxy S! The Galaxy Note 4 launch was several steps into the right direction where the launch of a new product is concerned!

I don’t think people understood that the Galaxy S5 was created for everyday life with the heart rate monitor, dust and water resistance and design improvement. It was meant for busy people on the go! But I do think that the Galaxy S5 will be a slow burner and seep its way into the mainstream like the GS2 did! In fact the GS2 still sells today!

Also people were expecting a QHD screen and more of a design departure. As a result the Galaxy S5 gave up some of its market share to the deserving LG G3 and HTC One M8.

I am also inclined to think that the Galaxy S could possibly benefit from taking the best of its variants and place them in the following:-

Galaxy S6 Ultra – here we have the camera that is featured on the KZoom but better! The GS6 Ultra should have a 5.7” screen to accommodate for the updated camera lens. It should also have a curved edge for the camera (amongst other functions)!

Galaxy S6 Standard – this handset features the 5.5” screen and is obviously an upgrade to the GS5.

Galaxy S6 Mini Ultra – I think that 4.7” handsets could be on the way out. The GS6 Mini Ultra is a 5” screen handset that features ultra thin bezels to make the handset seem smaller. This will appeal to the individuals who want style over hardcore hardware.

There is room to create Galaxy S models based upon sports and outdoor activities. And there is room to create a Galaxy S model based on a strong camera that will compete with compact cameras.

Lately it seems that I am on a streak with my predictions... No sooner had I completed my article on the future of the “phablet” and how 7” tablets have become the new phablet – what with 3G / 4G built into them – I started to see articles come out in agreement with my observations.

I would imagine that Samsung will be able to push the Galaxy Note up to 6.5” inches in the future. Perhaps the next thing from Samsung is handset that folds out into a 7” tablet!

Yes, I am getting my idea of a phablet! It’s a 7” 4G enabled tablet and it should be with me within a few days! I am not going to say what it is yet... But it’s on the way! I will let you know and then do a review on it.

I can tell you that I am getting it primarily to replace a handset that has stopped functioning and that it’s 4G which will enable me to watch videos without the buffering that can happen on 3G. I am also getting it for the purpose of music making. We shall see... I am a little excited as it’s my first tablet – there are expectations! Plus there are certain tablet apps that are not available for the 5.5” to 6” tablet.

On the other hand, I really do see this move as the replacement of a handset. If I were to get a proper tablet for more than just music I would opt for another model either 8” or 10”. And by the time I am ready I suspect that there will be a host of models with a 64-bit CPU. I am also hoping that the tablet I am getting will be able to get an upgrade to Android 5 later on this year. I do think that Android 5 should be compact enough so that it can upgrade devices with a modest specification i.e. dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

Yes, Synapse Circuit Readers! I will be keeping a lookout for more tablets on the streets! I have yet to see the iPad / mini!

The score so far:

LG G Pad 8
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 & 3
Galaxy Note 3

Something to think about...

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