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Above: Tim Cook in the Biggest iPhone launch. Biggest rip off???
Above: The Galaxy Note 4. Superior camera, screen, functionality and hardware!

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well with you and yours! I also hope that you are making the most of your wonderfully wondrous technology!

I tell you... ...the Apple biased media is freaky to say the very least! What am I on about? Another Apple attack? Don’t be so quick to judge! Read on...

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Yes, that’s right! You read correctly: Apple and the so called tech-media think that we’re stupid! Yes, you as an iPhone user and us Android users! As a tech journalist I have been following Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, etc. And what has emerged is a strong pattern with regards to any Apple keynote and the launching of new tech such as the latest iPhone models which comes across to me as déjà vu! What do I mean? Glad you asked! I will tell you!

I have observed since the launch of the iPhone 5S – especially - that there was a “record pre-order” only to learn further down the line that actual sales targets were not met. And as a result the value for Apple stock went down. Hmmmm... Maybe, just maybe that the “record pre-orders” were genuine but weren’t fulfilled in the end... Perhaps there was a change of heart for another device... ...The Galaxy Note 3?

This year it’s as though the headlines have been recycled! Yet again there is another “record pre-order” for the iPhone 6 and 6L! It is said that they are on target for 100 million units to be sold at the end of the month! Did I read it right? Really??? Again, I suspect that later on – perhaps early next year – the real figures will be revealed! I can hardly wait! This I have to see! As usual, I am not taken in by such phoney headlines! This is the Apple PR machine kicking into first gear!
It is so very disturbing to see how the Apple PR machine works even though I have witnessed it before. However, we must keep our wits about us! Have you noticed that all of a sudden there are “security issues” with Android? Coincidence? I don’t think so! Have you also noticed that Android is constantly “plagued with malware”? What’s funny is that these reports do not list the malware posing as apps! Lol! Whenever there is an iOS vs. Android discussion an iPhone fan boy (it’s usually a boy) brings up the issue of malware and when I ask for specific apps it brings about the end of that discussion and they go on to the next argument. Guys ‘n’ gals: I have 8 Android devices and I have never experienced a malware issue! Three of my Android handsets are rooted and there is no malware (touch wood) in sight!

So, I guess that these “reports” (sic) are meant to scare would be iPhone defectors from defecting! Trust me, if there was malware on my Android devices I will know about it! And, for your information, any mobile device and operating system is open for all sorts of potential nasties in the form of malware, ransomeware, viruses, etc! As long as there is a system to exploit someone or some people will have a go!

Where Android apps are concerned I do like to support developers by making a purchase and I have yet (touch wood) experienced unexplained / unauthorized monies being removed from my account. I can tell you that when people download illegal copies of apps and access “free porn” is when the chances of being opened to privacy and security breaches increases. Yes, some dodgy apps do make it onto the Google Play Store and is removed as soon as it is detected / discovered. Then there are the “free apps” that relies upon “in-app-purchases” as a revenue stream; both Apple and Google have had to refund shocked and angry parents whose children have managed to run up enormous bills without realizing that funds are being removed from Mommy’s and / or Daddy’s of credit / debit cards. The children felt as though they were paying with the equivalent of Monopoly money! So, if anything that’s where or what the actual “malware” is. Some apps are what I call “baitware”! By that (baitware) I mean the app requires some purchases to extend the usability / advanced functions. Nothing necessarily wrong with that business model but it would be so much better if the developers were more upfront; there again some people would give the app a miss!

Please let me know if you have been the victim of malware, ransomeware, etc. But even downloading official freeware on the PC / Mac can lead you to accidentally downloading malware, spyware, etc. I have to reveal that one of the biggest Apple biased tech media out there is CNet! CNet has a site called CNet Downloads and it is crap! The amount of times I have downloaded “freeware” only to discover that it’s trying to take over my browser preferences, etc. It's double standards!

I read a headline: Cook takes Google’s model apart in a paragraph (or two)! Basically, Tim Cook goes on about the issue of privacy and how Google will scan emails, for example, to find keywords that will deliver appropriate ads straight to the user and how the users are the commodity. But Google never made this a secret! Google have announced its intentions and I don’t mind at all! It’s not as if people are sitting there spying on my email - nobody is reading it word for word! Plus I use Gmail mainly for business communications. Not only that, Edward Snowden cannot return to the USA because he let it be known that Apple, Google and Microsoft have complied with Intelligent Agencies spying on the digital output mobile devices and computers. What did Eric Schmidt say? “If you are doing something that you shouldn't be doing then maybe you shouldn't be doing it...” That’s an indication, to me at least, that we are being spied upon! If I wrote a keyword that is associated with a breach of national / international security within an email, blog, etc then a computer algorithm will flag it for investigation. I can live with that as I would imagine and certainly hope that such flags can prevent horrendous acts of terror! But I am not convinced about anything Tim Cook says regarding privacy; he, at the end of the day, is a salesman and he wants you to buy an iPhone 6 or 6L.

I have summed up Apple’s business model in one word ‘exploitation’. He’s taking you for a mug in that he can put out a couple of lacklustre handsets and make people pay over the odds for them! Hey, if that’s what you want to do... problem! It’s your money! Well, it’s now Apple’s! Ha ha!

As you know, what Apple is good at is hijacking the ideas of others and claiming it as its own. It’s done that with the development of iOS and interactive notifications and now bigger screens and NFC payments. Look at all the (thou protesteth too much) unwillingness to give the iPhone a bigger screen with all the “science” behind the decision until now! Look at how contradictory that is! Look at how contradictory to have McDonald’s in its Apple Pay scheme when there is a focus on health! It’s laughable! "Warning: You have consumed 2 Big Macs and the only walking you have done today is to McDonalds..."

It is possible that the Apple Pay NFC payment revolution might just roll off the cliff of technological doom and be a relic of failed technology? There is a reason why NFC payments haven’t exactly taken off! Here in the UK we can touch our handsets on the London Underground to pay for our train fare. Given the fact that there is more chance of dropping the handset or having someone snatching it from your hands it is not very practical. NFC is great for transferring files to others with the capability! I would rather use a cheap bracelet to make payments in that manner than to take out my expensive Galaxy Note Edge (I wish) and risk dropping it or have it stolen!

Then the Apple Racket Science is aided and abetted by these so called tech media... ...oh my goodness... The idiotic reviews that I have seen on the iPhone 6 & 6L in comparison to Samsung handsets beggars belief! It’s madness!

The reviews are so, so stupid it is unreal... In one review the “reviewer” (sic) is stating how the Galaxy Alpha’s metal edge “cuts the users fingers off”! What??? And how “wonderful the iPhone design is” in comparison to the Galaxy Alpha... Uh-uh... “The back of the Galaxy Alpha is made of 80s recycled plastic gadgets...” I am paraphrasing but I am not far off! But nothing can be further from the truth! The fact is that I have held the Galaxy Alpha in my hands and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and felt! The reviewer went on to say how much the "battery has improved" with the iPhone 6 and everyone knows that a fresh battery is like a newlywed; give it some time and you will see how the life drains out of it in everyday use! Maybe a "newlywed" was a bad analogy but you get the meaning! Every battery is like that – including that of Android devices! But I know that Samsung handsets feature a removable battery and that is a boon unlike the fixed battery of the iPhone!

Now Steve Wozniak has gotten in on the act by saying that he has "ditched" his “beloved” Android handsets for the bigger screen iPhones! Hahaha! Wow, things must be bad if Apple have to rope in the Good Steve to sell it! The 6L is in danger of failing target sales and Apple are pulling out all the stops to sell a few 6L units and to stop iPhone users from defecting to the Galaxy Note 4. It’s not just about bigger screens...

Above: The Galaxy Note Edge. Do you still think that the 6L is better?

Another reviewer says that even though the iPhone 6L screen is “not as sharp or bright as the LG G3 or the Galaxy Note 4 and Edge it’s still a good screen...” Hahahaha! He or she went on to say, “...the 6L enables me to get work done without resorting to any of the many computers” at his or her disposal. OK, so that tells me that all the hype about the smaller 3.5” and 4” iPhones was exactly that: HYPE!!! I can tell you that as an Android user there are days when I don’t turn on my PC because I am able to get my work done on my Android handsets! The reviewer wasn’t finished...

“The Galaxy Note split screen is just a gimmick; the 6L screen is nice and big which cuts out the need for the iPad...”

WOW!!! Can you believe that nonsense??? The Galaxy Note 3 (and the upcoming 4 and Edge) split screen is far from being a “gimmick”! Imagine cutting out an image from a website and dragging it into the email app and sending it on! Oh, what’s the matter? You can’t imagine it? That’s because you are not using the Galaxy Note! Simple!

But at least the reviewer (hee hee) has had to concede that in "landscape mode it's not as good" and that typing in that mode "is not satisfying"! Admittedly, landscape mode isn't that great on some Android handsets too! Portrait mode is always the best for word processing for example. 

No doubt that you will enjoy the 6L screen and in turn you will be more productive without resorting to a Macbook (or any other computer) and you will probably bypass upgrading your iPad Air this year as a result. Hey! That's an idea! Sell your iPad Air to help pay for the 6L! But the 6L is no match for the Galaxy Note 3 let alone the latest versions, 4 & Edge when it comes to productivity and hardware! The iPhone 6L is outgunned!

What I have gleaned from those, er... ...”reviewers” / propaganda creators is that the Samsung products are superior because they have to play up the iPhone shortfalls and dismiss the great advantages that can be had from the Galaxy Note and Galaxy handsets in general. This is definitely not journalism. They are certainly not words one can take seriously as a consumer.

There is a reason why Apple shares went down in value after the Samsung reveal and that’s because they have put out superior products whether you like it or not!

That’s something to think about!

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