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Above: The powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 6L? No contest!

Above: Android 5, "L". It's going to be amazing! The Galaxy S5 and Note 4 may Android 5 later this year! Now that would be something! Fingers crossed! ;)



Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! As always, I hope that is well with you and that all is going just how you want it to be – if not better! Golly!

Hmmmm... I tell ya... The so called tech media goes crazy... CRAZY!!!! Yes, whenever Apple releases an iPhone the tech media does its utmost to pull the wool over our eyes! Gee whiz!

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The latest and most comical headline I’ve read so far goes like this, “Android users are deserting in droves ahead of iPhone 6 launch, trade-ins up 200%...”

And guess what? “Samsung trade-ins have tripled this week...” Really?! What a coincidence! Let’s put it in context: Intelligent Samsung user owners are trading in non-descript handsets for the pieces of technological junk that is the iPhone 6 & 6L???? NO!!! Android users, mainly Samsung users, were just waiting for Apple to bring out a large screen??? Okay... That, er, makes a lot of sense... NOT!!!

As good as the iPhone is there’s no way I would trade my Galaxy S2, S4 and Note 2 for the recent models! What would I do with the iPhone 6 that I don’t already do with my Android handsets? I am extremely happy with Android and I do not see a reason to jump ship! Sure, I realize that I am only speaking for myself and my thoughts do not amount to the Android collective – ex-amount of billions of Android users around the world. The S Pen on the Galaxy Note 2 is simply divine! And if you’ve been following my articles you know that I have got the Galaxy Note Edge in my sights! Gotta have it! Simple as! The innards easily blow the iPhone 6 and 6L out of the water and into evaporation! The QHD screen on the Galaxy Note 4 and Edge is worth it alone! A QHD screen is going to require some great supportive hardware to make it all worthwhile! There is no way that I believe that and all the iPhone 6 related headlines. Apple’s PR machine is a beast – if you are susceptible to the nonsense! I guess that Apple thinks by putting out such disinformation people will lose their marbles and join in the hoards of Android deserters defecting to iOS! Hmmmm...

No doubt you have read or heard about Cook’s pledge to keep iOS users’ privacy safe but to me that just a feeble attempt to put Android users off. Google have responded by stating that the forthcoming “L” – I suspect it’s Lemon Meringue Pie – will feature encryption by default! Hurrah! It’s to be expected that Google would defend Android but if the operating system is so flawed then why is it the most popular mobile operating system in the world? Besides there are good protection apps available on Android to boost security: Avast, AVG and a few others. And that brings me to the subject of “malware”... I will get to malware in a bit...

Considering that Android L is around the corner there is no way that I would jump ship before giving it (Android 5) a try! I can’t begin to convey my excitement over the new and improved 64-bit Android 5! Whatever it will be called it’s going to be superlative! 64-bit devices have started to enter the marketplace! C’mon, who wouldn’t want to experience Android at its best?

Recently I purchased what I call a “phablet” – a 7” 4G enabled tablet and I was and still am impressed by how fluid it is! I will bring you the review soon – even though this tablet has been on the market for some time now. That said, I haven’t seen a proper review on it. I will do my best to hit you right between the eyes with a thorough review! Coming soon...

When the iOS fan boys ‘n’ girls keep going on about this “lag” on Android some of us – including me – keep expecting to experience this lag but these days lag is not an issue! Okay, I was taken in to purchase a Motorola RAZRi and it is quite laggy but not disturbingly so! I ought to look on the CyanogenMod site to see if there is a ROM for it... I digressed a little – as I sometimes do! But the gist – if you haven’t clocked it – is that a majority of iPhone / iOS users haven’t tried out the latest premium Android handsets to understand how redundant “lag” is today! The LG G3 is stunning and it doesn’t lag at all! And it’s the same with my Galaxy S4 and Note 2... No lag! And this phablet / tablet that I mentioned earlier is great! And what’s more it’s MINE!!! Review coming soon!

Yes, it’s the new iPhone season and you can expect a more concentrated effort for the so called tech media to hype up the subject of “malware” on Android. Malware and lately “ransom-ware” is “rife” on Android. Golly jeepers! Hang on... Can you smell it too? That’s right: whenever the subject of “malware” and “ransom-ware” comes up no, er, ahem, <cough> journalist cares to list these calamities masquerading as Android apps!

When the occasional flame erupts between iOS and Android what tends to happen is that iOS device owners bore you to death with this “premium” idea as though it’s only unique to Apple and when you point out to them that the “premium” materials that make up the iPhone is prone to damage easily the subject then goes on to “lagging” issues... From there they then go over to “malware”, etc. And you say, “Oh, yeah? List the malware masquerading as apps?” What happens? No response! You know... I will use one of my old handsets as a means to purposely see if I can download this “malware”. I am looking forward to this experiment!

I read a headline: Cook takes Google’s model apart in a paragraph (or two)! Basically, Tim Cook goes on about the issue of privacy and how Google will scan emails, for example, to find keywords that will deliver ads straight to the user and how the users are the “commodity”. But Google never made this a secret! Google have announced its intentions and I don’t mind at all! It’s not as if people are sitting there spying on my email! Plus I use Gmail mainly for business communications. Not only that, Edward Snowden cannot return to the USA because he let it be known that Apple, Google and Microsoft,etc have complied with Intelligent Agencies spying on the digital output from mobile devices and computers. What did Eric Schmidt say? “If you are doing something that you shouldn’t be doing then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it...” That’s an indication, to me at least, that we are being spied upon! If I wrote a keyword that is associated with a breach of national / international security within an email, blog, etc then a computer algorithm will flag it for investigation. I can live with that as I would imagine and certainly hope that such flags can prevent horrendous acts of terror! But I am not convinced about anything Tim Cook says regarding privacy; he, at the end of the day, is a salesman and he wants you to buy an iPhone 6 or 6L.

I have summed up Apple’s business model in one word ‘exploitation’. He’s taking you for a mug in that he can put out a couple of lacklustre handsets and make people pay over the odds for them! Hey, if that’s what you want to do it is your money! Well, it’s Apple’s money to be precise!

 As you know, what Apple is good at is hijacking the ideas of others and claiming it as its own. It’s done that with the development of iOS and interactive notifications and now bigger screens and NFC payments. Look at all the (thou protesteth too much) unwillingness to give the iPhone a bigger screen with all the “science” behind the decision until now! Look at how contradictory that is! Look at how contradictory it is to have McDonald’s in its Apple Pay scheme when there is a focus on health! It’s laughable!

Siri: You have exceeded your Big Mac quota for today. Purchases at McDonald’s will be unavailable today. I suggest that you walk home...

 It is possible that the Apple Pay NFC payment revolution might just roll off the Tech Didn’t Work Out cliff and turn to dust. There is a reason why NFC payments haven’t exactly taken off! Here in the UK we can touch our handsets on the London Underground to pay for our train fare. Given the fact that there is more chance of dropping the handset or having someone snatching it from your hands it is not very practical. NFC is great for transferring files to others with the capability!

Then the Apple Racket Science is aided and abetted by these so called tech media... ...oh my goodness... The idiotic reviews that I have seen on the iPhone 6 & 6L in comparison to Samsung handsets beggars belief! It’s madness! MADNESS, I TELL YOU!!! Muhahahaha!

The reviews are so, so stupid it is unreal... In one review the “reviewer” (sic) is stating how the Galaxy Alpha’s metal edge “cuts the users fingers off”! What??? And how “wonderful the iPhone design is” in comparison to the Galaxy Alpha... Uh-uh... “The back of the Galaxy Alpha is made of 80s recycled plastic gadgets...” I am paraphrasing but I am not far off! But nothing can be further from the truth! The fact is that I have held the Galaxy Alpha in my hands and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and felt! The reviewer went on to say how much the battery has improved with the iPhone 6 and everyone knows that a fresh battery is like a newlywed; give it some time and you will see how the life drains out of it in everyday use! Maybe I shouldn’t have used the “newlywed” analogy but you get what I mean. Every battery is like that – including that of Android devices! But I know that Samsung handsets feature a removable battery and that is a boon unlike the fixed battery of the iPhone!

Now Steve Wozniak has gotten in on the act by saying that he has ditched his “beloved” Android handsets for the bigger iPhone 6 screen! Hahaha! Wow, things must be bad if Apple have to rope in the Good Steve to sell it! The 6L is in danger of failing sales targets for the reason that many iPhone users prefer a smaller screen! Young women seem to love the small iPhone form as it can slip into a front or back pocket without the danger of causing the thing to break upon sitting down! That said, the amount of times I’ve had to tell a young lady that she’s in danger of losing her phone out of her back pocket... The movement of the buttocks pushes the iPhone to the top where it can easily fall out or be stolen in a crowded situation.

It’s not just about bigger screens... Another reviewer says that even though the iPhone 6L screen is “not as sharp or bright as the LG G3 or the Galaxy Note 4 and Edge it’s still a good screen...” Hahahaha! He or she went on to say, “...the 6L enables me to get work down without resorting to any of the many computers...” at his or her disposal. OK, so that tells me that all the hype about the smaller 3.5” and 4” iPhone was exactly that: HYPE!!! I can tell you that as an Android user there are days when I don’t turn on my PC because I am able to get my work done on my Android handsets with ease! So much so that I don’t think about it! The reviewer wasn’t finished...

“The Galaxy Note split screen is just a gimmick; the 6L screen is nice and big which cuts out the need for the iPad...”

WOW!!! Can you believe that nonsense above??? The Galaxy Note 3 (and the upcoming 4 and Edge) split screen is far from being a “gimmick”! Imagine cutting out an image from a website and dragging it into the email app and emailing the picture! Oh, what’s the matter? You can’t imagine it? That’s because you are not using the Galaxy Note! Simple!

No doubt iPhone users will enjoy the 6L screen and in turn become more productive without resorting to a computer and the need for the iPad will die a death (as predicted). Even so the 6L is no match for the Galaxy Note 3 let alone the latest versions, 4 & Edge when it comes to productivity!

What I have gleaned from those, er... ...”reviewers” / propaganda creators is that the Samsung products are superior because they have to write around the iPhone shortfalls (they are making do) and blatantly dismiss the great advantages that can be had from the Galaxy Note and Galaxy handsets in general. This is definitely not journalism. Such words cannot be taken seriously by the consumer.

There is a reason why Apple shares went down in value after the Samsung reveal and that’s because they have put out superior products whether you like it or not!

That’s something to think about!

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