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The invite: iCloud users wish you could say more too.
False sense of security: Have you removed your compromising pictures yet?

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? I hope you had a good day and if your day is still unravelling I hope you will spend that time well! Life is short! Today, I learned that a woman in North London was beheaded by a man that, by all accounts, should have been in a mental health institution. May God rest her soul! And let’s hope this man gets the mental care he needs! Jesus wept!

And to think that some people only have nude photos stored on Apple’s iCloud to worry about!

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It couldn’t have happened at a worse time that celebrity nude photos have been stolen from Apple’s iCloud storage facility just days before the iPhone 6 launch! As per usual Apple can only admit so much and puts it down to the users not taking enough preventative measures to circumvent hacks! Apple could have a point there! Some people do not take enough precaution and assume that password protection on their accounts is good enough. However, the fact remains that a bunch of celebrities had their nude photos stolen and quite frankly I couldn’t care less! I had hoped that the Internet would have moved on from “leaked” or “stolen” celebrity nude photos what after Kim Kardashian’s and Paris Hilton’s sex tape that did a good job of promotion thus furthering careers in uselessness. And it’s common knowledge that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee signed contracts on their “leaked” video! C’mon, who really cares about seeing nude celebrities these days? Okay, it can be sometimes funny to see a wardrobe malfunction such as Britney Spears in her “Southerngate” scandal; if you are going to go commando, insist upon wearing a short dress and exit out of a vehicle in front of paparazzi and the public alike then you might want to consider a strategically placing of the hand over that area or handbag or something. More to the point the celebrity vagina is no different from the non-celebrity one and that’s where the concern lies. Everybody that uses iCloud is in danger of having their privacy breached!

Apple is, in my opinion, crap at PR. They could have used the opportunity to admit that they have found a vulnerability in the iCloud code and are addressing it. But what do they do? Yes, they blame the user. And what does this inspire in the user? Distrust!

It doesn’t help that there’s a movie out staring Cameron Diaz entitled, ‘Sex Tape’ that features the use of Apple products – including cloud storage.

The result is a drop in value of Apple stocks.

Perhaps this will change the nature of the iPhone 6 launch; Cook and co love to launch into an attack on “those other guys” and they will look just stupid if they continued that tradition. I wonder if Apple will bring up the subject of stolen celebrity nude photos from their iCloud...

Wow, Samsung was on top form yesterday! It seems that by adding a real metal edge on the Galaxy Note 4 has pleased those that have been saying that Samsung premium handsets feel “cheap”. Then they delivered the Galaxy Note Edge that looks pretty futuristic and out there thus making it desirable. When I first saw this prototype – I think in 2012 – I wanted it! As a Samsung handset appreciator I feel as though I have been waiting eons for the Galaxy Note Edge! Even though it is a “limited edition” I am sure that will increase the desire all the more! Is the Galaxy Note Edge a gimmick? Uh-uh! I think the Edge Display is very, very useful as a shortcut to the most used apps and I do love the virtual camera shutter button when the camera is launched. Both the Galaxy Note 4 & Edge feature a QHD display that makes it impossible to see any pixels. I couldn’t see any pixels on the Galaxy S4!

If that the Galaxy Note 4 & Edge weren’t enough Samsung showed in more depth the Gear S smartwatch with 3G SIM! Yes, it’s no secret that Samsung have been trying to anticipate the much rumoured iWatch and the Gear S looks very formidable indeed! The only thing it can’t do is make you a cup of coffee in the morning! Lol! It’s tracks your movements in sporting activities, monitors your heart rate, warns you if the UV light becomes a potential danger to the epidermis as well as the usual functions of a watch i.e. telling the time and the setting of alarms. I just love it that we can take calls on it! But I am sure that Samsung isn’t done with the smartwatch yet. I reckon the reason why it uses Tizen as opposed to Android / Android Wear is that Android may be too big for a small device and that Android Wear may not be powerful enough to run other functions. This is just speculation on my part! Anyhoo, I am very curious to see what the iWatch will bring.

iWatch – if it is called that – would probably do the same thing as other smartwatches i.e. monitor health and sports activities; nothing that Android Wear and Samsung Tizen haven’t done already save for maybe a unique Jony Ive design. Obviously, the anticipation is most high amongst the Apple / iPhone fans who have witnessed Apple being piped to the post several times over!

Then Samsung dropped the Videorome looking Gear VR and it looks spectacular! Price depending I think the Gear VR could do very, very well! I am not a game player by any means but I am interested in one!

So, what can Apple bring on the 9 September?

Well, after Samsung’s big day at IFA Berlin Apple shares fell again!

Apple falling shares aren’t an indication of the retail marketplace – until a handset or tablet doesn’t sell as anticipated.

Because Apple was first out of the gate with the iPhone and iPad big things are expected of them. I understand the pressure. I understand the feeling of needing to denigrate the competition. Apple could learn a lot from Samsung in that they (Samsung) admitted that they’ve lost ground in the Asian markets; they weren’t happy about the Galaxy S5 sales even though they are respectable and yet they still kept coming with innovation in other areas: Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR!

I am hoping that Apple has eaten some humble pie and has concentrated on innovations in technology rather than innovations in insulting the competition. With the iCloud Nude Stolen Celebrity scandal Apple have had its ass served to itself!

Roll on 9/9/14! Show us what you’ve got!

That’s something to think about!


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