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APPLE TALK 5: 9/9/14 EVE
Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers. How are you doing? I hope that all is well in your world! Are you all charged up for tomorrow? No doubt if you are an undying Apple / iDevices fan you are frothing at the mouth! If you happen to be one of those “other guys” you are curious! And if you love technology in general you are, like me, very curious about Apple’s big reveal!

What do I think? Hmmmm... I’ll tell you what I think...

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Unless you live in a hole you would know that Apple have hired yet another design icon in the form of Marc Newson to join Jony Ive’s team. It will be interesting to see what Newson will bring to Apple. So, perhaps we’ll see a little arty documentary video of Newson come tomorrow to introduce the unaffiliated.

I don’t know about you but I think that Apple’s design factor is overrated. <ducks flying objects flung at my head by Apple fanatics> Seriously, I think that other manufacturer designs get overlooked. ASUS, Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo / Motorola, Xiaomi and Huawei have created some amazing designs from the standard handset to the tablet and phablet! I look at the iPhone, for example, and I can’t say that I find it a thing of beauty to look at. I look at the Galaxy Note 2 and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into it. This is not to say that Apple / Ive don’t put a lot of thought into their products but I think they are as wonderful as the (biased) tech media makes out. I look at the LG G3 and marvel at it. The iPad is undoubtedly a fine device but the LG G Pad looks wonderful and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is just a stunning piece of work!

Apple designs are great to begin with until the competition unleash their own devices. Yes, when I first laid eyes on the first ever iPhone I was impressed; I loved the form and the icons within iOS. Then the HTC Hero came out and that was my second touch screen handset upgrading from the LG Viewty KU990 – another iconic handset (I could have been touching the screen with an oversized leather glove it was that bad). HTC has made some of the most fantastic looking handsets in the world from the Hero to the Desire to the One X and now the One M7 / M8. While Samsung handsets have mastered minimalism to great degree from the Galaxy S1 right up to the present Galaxy S5, Note 3 and now Note 4... Oooh, the Galaxy Note Edge is sublime! One can see a design process and progress with Samsung handsets. Let’s face it, whether you like Samsung or hate them they have paved the way for the whole of the large screen industry that accommodates the much talked about iPhone 6L.

Now if those “leaked” photos of the iPhone 6L 5.5” handset are real then I do not see much by the way of a “design” going on (outwardly of course). From what I have seen so far the iPhone 6L and the new standard 4.7” version looked scaled up from the iPhone 5S. I find that quite boring.


Is it possible that we’ll be seeing a 6C version of the iPhone? I’d be surprised just because the 4.7” version will be quite an experiment. It is hard to see / understand where Apple is going with the 4.7” handset considering the once stringent viewpoint that the 3.5 and 4” versions were designed with the thumb to screen ratio (in that it should be easy to reach all four corners of the screen without effort). Will 4.7 inches prove to be too much for the sensible 5S / 5C users? Is Apple catering to market demand or does it feel compelled to follow trends set by Samsung / Android?

And we still don’t know if 5C was a success. Presumably the costs of the 5C and 5S will come down to make them lucrative to those seeking an iPhone bargain!

There’s a rumour that we’ll be seeing some new iPad models and one model will feature a 13” screen! Gosh! Now considering the iPad market is in decline I wonder if there secret plans to stuff essentially what is the Macbook Air into an iPad! Now would be the time for Apple to pull something more practical out of the bag! We’ve seen that they can take an umbrella stand and turn it into a Mac Pro!

What do you think the future of the iPad could be? Can you envisage a 13” iPad? Do you agree with me that somehow the Macbook Pro should morph into a tablet?

Look at the odd Surface Pro 3 as an example of how a piece of tech can go horribly wrong. The UK ads go along the lines of this, “Surface Pro 3; the tablet that can replace your laptop...” However, the Surface Pro 3 is being advertised with this flimsy looking blue keyboard that it may as well be a laptop! And the cost of the thing??? C’mon... How many billions must Microsoft lose, eh? Microsoft’s best bet is to design a thin laptop and have the keyboard so that it can be folded out the way for when it isn’t needed. There! A Microsoft tablet that works as a laptop because that’s what it is! No messing around with having to invent apps when iPad and Android tablets have a distinct advantage.

And those other guys... Well, if you have been following my articles you will know that the iPad – just like the iPhone – cannot stem the Android flow especially as there are a bunch of tablets coming out with either 3G or 4G built into them! I predicted that we’ll start seeing Android tablets on the streets in ubiquity and it is coming to fruition! I have been documenting this phenomena – when I can – whenever I am out on the streets: Sightings

It’s really interesting to witness the rise of cost effective Android tablets happening around me.

Hey, don’t you think that it’s about time that Apple and other manufacturers should just have 4G in the contraptions by default? Give people a break! And will the new iPad have a better screen than the Galaxy Tab S models? We shall see!

Now that we’ve seen a proliferation of Android and Tizen based smartwatches can Apple really surprise us with its own smartwatch? I can’t possibly imagine what Apple can surprise us with where the functionality of a smartwatch is concerned. Yes, it’ll probably take your pulse as you jog, count the steps you’ve made for the day, give you notifications of text messages coming from your iPhone, etc. But that’s nothing that all the Android and Tizen smartwatches released so far cannot do already!

However, Apple can possibly come up with a design that could make the efforts by the competition look pedestrian. It has been said that Apple has invited prominent individuals from the fashion industry to attend the launch later on! We’ll see... I am intrigued!

No doubt that the iWatch or iTick-Tock – whatever it’ll be called – will go down greatly with iPhone and iPad owners looking for a complete set! The downside is that it could very well be that Apple will make this smartwatch too expensive for many. Also, I would imagine that the iWatch may just work with Apple products which could have people ditching Android in favour of. There again it comes down to function and pricing!

After the Samsung product launch last week I wonder if Apple can show us something worthy of the word “innovative”. The Galaxy Note Edge is a great innovation that will change how people interface with a touch screen! Already the Apple biased tech media are dismissing the Galaxy Note Edge as “weird” and “typical Samsung excess” as though we weren’t expecting them (Samsung) to release a handset of this nature as it has been on the cards for a while ever since we saw a prototype at the CES. It’s as though the Apple biased media are predicting that Apple will not offer much by the way of innovation but larger versions of its devices and therefore they feel it necessary to play down Samsung’s unique inventions! Will we see an answer to the Gear VR? iVR? Hmmmm... I doubt it!

Samsung have enlisted Swarovski to add a bit of sparkle to the Galaxy Note 4 and Gear S smartwatch. Samsung are pulling out the stops!

That’s something to think about!

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