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The question: Through watching a pirate movie has it led you to purchasing a cinema ticket and / or the subsequent DVD / Bluray?

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! It’s good to see you as always! I hope that all is well in your world! What’s happening? May I ask if you regularly download and / or watch pirated movies? Do you?

If you do are you worried about how this illegal act of downloading and / or receiving stolen goods to watch on your computer / DVD or Bluray player affects the movie industry?

Before I launch into my thoughts on this matter here’s snippet from an article relating to movie piracy...

“A man who filmed Fast & Furious 6 from the back of a cinema and then uploaded it to the internet has been jailed for almost three years after being caught out on an online dating site.

The pirate copy of the Vin Diesel movie was reportedly downloaded 779,000 times; apparently costing one of Hollywood's biggest film-makers around £2.3 million in lost revenue after the movie was uploaded onto the web.

Philip Danks, 25, from Walsall, West Midlands, was the first person in the world to record and distribute the action movie illegally after filming it on its release day on May 17 last year.

Danks reportedly also sold copies of his recorded version for £1.50 via his Facebook page, making £1,000 in the process...”


I must state that I am concerned about society’s values and how our rights and freedoms are being slowly and underhandedly eroded with the UK government passing new bills of legislation without debate. Afrocentric UK young men can be executed by a police force with no incident. And the same can be said of the USA what with an unarmed Afro-American being shot 6 times to death. Young under aged girls and boys can be brutally sexually abused under the authority of a council (in the UK) that is supposed to have the care of the vulnerable at the top of its agenda. But get caught pirating a Hollywood or any other movie and you will be thrown in jail faster than you can say, “Human rights!” How bizarre!

How is it possible that a forgettable movie such as Fast & Furious 6 is valued above human life? How?

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in a good part of London going to the local cinema is NO FUN!!!

1. The queues can be long. Oh, but I could order online... The last time I did that I ended up paying twice!

2. Unfortunately, the “security” (sic) does not vet the clientele. In other words juveniles – no... ...scratch that! It’s not just young adults that can spoil a movie with incessant chatter, laughter and mobile phones going off constantly. No! It’s grown men and women with little or no consideration for the other patrons. You turn your head to find a pair of shoes in your face! You politely ask the person to put his or her foot down and an argument can ensue! I’ve seen it so many times.

3. The ticket prices are over the top to tolerate the above. The price of “refreshments” is so exploitive that it defeats the purpose of that so called “fun” element. I feel sorry for Mom or Pop who want to treat the kids! I bet that doesn’t happen very often!

This one’s a doozy... ...the movies are mostly crap!

Hollywood movies are sadly and yet understandably formulaic. We know all the paradigms...

The Buddy – two complete opposites grind upon meeting only to become best buddies.

Coming of Age – usually centres on a young white male who learns to grow into an adult.

The Loner – is similar to coming of age but is usually about an outsider that learns to integrate into society.

Against the Odds – mainly about a white man with a single-minded unshakable vision that end in a climax or anticlimax.

I can possibly add a lot more but if you add, say for example, the Superhero genre to the coming of age paradigm and you get Spiderman. Add the Action Blockbuster and we have something like the Transformers. Boy dreams of girl but is quietly sure of his self and needs a catalyst – the love interest and a potential doom scenario – to bring out the hero in him. Yawn...

Add a few of the elements above and you have an ensemble such as the X-Men; the loner is obviously Logan / The Wolverine and the buddy is Rogue who then join with other folk of a similar disposition and The Buddy paradigm is the constant dynamic throughout the movie along with some action against all odds!
I understand all too well why Hollywood doesn’t take any risks with original concepts and unknown directors. The Hollywood movie making machine has more or less gotten the art of movie making down to a science. But I think that a “movie” is very different from a “film”. Very, very rarely will I visit the cinema these days. And when I do manage to find my way into the cinema I regret it afterwards! The last movie I saw was that awful Judge Dredd remake or reboot; I saw it in both 2D and 3D – hated them both! Okay, it was mildly entertaining but not much more. I regretted the expenditure of my time and money. I had high expectations as I am a fan of the comic books! Very, very disappointed with Dredd!

I don’t know about you but I abhor clumsy dialogue that drives the often senseless plot. I find myself cringing hard when I hear badly written dialogue. Film dialogue has a tendency to be more intellectually stimulating. And if it’s not the dialogue it’s the way the scenes are shot and the transitions to subsequent scenes i.e. if someone is on an aircraft speaking to someone else on the ground via a mobile phone or something the conversation usually ends 8 times out of 10 with the aircraft tilting away from the camera. Jeez! Paying for such clichés hurts!

The Director’s Cut has become a genre in itself and when you pay your money to see a movie these days there is a Director’s Cut available only on Bluray! Great! Gone are the days of the 2 disc DVD! Well, I suppose that’s technological progress for you! Buy the more expensive Bluray version instead that includes more behind the scenes extras, etc.

At the end of the day there’s nothing like the comfort of your own home where one can chill out and enjoy a good – if you’re fortunate – movie. And it just may inspire you to buy the DVD or Bluray!

I think the pirate movie is very much like auditioning to see if you like it or not! You may be prompted to go see it in the glorious settings of a movie theatre. Or buy it on DVD / Bluray when it comes out. Me? I tend to wait until months or even a couple of years after a DVD / Bluray price of a particular movie have been cut severely i.e. £3! Recently I paid £7 for Elysium.

The only time I would go to the movies is when my favourite director of all time, David Cronenberg releases a film and even then I make a sort of pilgrimage of it by traipsing all the way to a decent cinema in Central London.

The music and adult entertainment movie industries have been changed adversely by the Internet. The music industry has fallen victim to the ego of the artists and bands in that they have given their power away to iTunes instead of using the Internet to create a website to serve not only the interests of the artist / band but the serious music lovers out there. The movie industry does not seem to be affected and Hollywood will still churn out formulaic movies; people still like to pop out on a Friday or Saturday night and be entertained by the “feel good” factor of the latest action blockbuster, comedy, etc. I am also inclined to think that independent filmmakers also play a part in keeping the minds of individuals stimulated with some thought provoking ideas / concepts.

I think that in some cases movie pirating can lead to people wishing to see the movie at its best visual definition and Dolby Surround Sound. Many people want the memento that is the DVD / Bluray when it is released. As people we love to collect things that matters to us.

If anything I hope that Hollywood will take pirating as a sign that people want a little bit more and can afford to take a chance on unknown directors and actors. Take a chance with an unorthodox telling of a story that contains intelligent, thoughtful dialogue.

With the music industry both mainstream and alternative aren’t offering music lovers the highest art form. So much of today’s music is mind numbingly derivative that I just can’t listen to it. I haven’t bought new music in years! In my most humble opinion music is so bad that I can’t even be bothered to download it for free! Anyway, I guess I am old school in that I like to appreciate the artwork and to read the credits of the artist / band as well as lyrics.

And with the adult entertainment industry it has become obvious very quickly that the Internet cuts to the chase as it were. You’ve only got to do a Google search on specific acts and watch the snippets instead of spending money on a DVD / Bluray. Once upon a time the advent of DVD / Bluray interactive menus was supposed to enhance sales and obviously has not.

As appreciators of good storytelling with intricate layers that mirrors parts of us that we can relate to we will always have time and money for a good movie / film that allows us to escape and / or move us in many ways.


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