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Above: Genius Samsung ads poking a bit of fun at Apple!
Above: The writing is on the wall...

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I guess you have worked out that with “Ad infinitum” I am referring to the latest Samsung ads aimed squarely at the other guys! Wink, wink...

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As you know, I have exposed the Apple biased tech-media from way back and how they capture the feeble minded public’s lack of imagination and an unwillingness to think for themselves. Now the Apple biased tech media are crying, “No fair!” and “Bad taste” with regards to Samsung’s tweets regarding Apple’s misfire of which some of the missiles (the AppleWatch range) will make an impact come 2015 and the latest humorous anti-Apple ads. Have you seen them? I think they are funny and to be taken with a pinch of salt in terms of being "spiteful"! “Bad taste”? Not because of the pinch of salt but because it is said that the belated marketing genius should be left to "rest in peace". Let me tell you something right now! As much as I hated Jobs’ disdain and a complete lack of good sportsmanship towards the competition I thought he demonstrated great passion and a dedicated vision – albeit flawed – with regards to the rebranding of Apple and its position as a leading technological pioneer (although not accurate). However, the man aimed his coffin at the competition in his death! It’s okay for the iPhone based media to disturb him with praise towards these cannibalizing products that he was vehemently opposed to:-

A tablet smaller than 10”; Jobs had a good laugh at the Google Nexus 7 and Cook sanctioned the 7.9 iPad mini.

A larger iPhone; such was the power of Jobs’ vision and charisma that he convinced the iPhone user that 3.5” was ideal. Seriously???? Is it any wonder that this caused iPhone users to HATE on us Android users without really understanding why???? These hardcore iDiots talk “premium” to defend the stupid screen size but the components certainly aren't. The biased tech-media clearly demonstrated that they think that iPhone users are iDiots to suggest that the size of my hands is the same as every iPhone user on the planet. But all of a sudden – thanks to Samsung’s ads (and a bit of commonsense) – the much hyped keynote that happened on the 9/9/14 was centred on two larger iPhone models. Technological innovation??? I think not! iThinkNot...

Again, if the sentiment is that Jobs should rest in peace then they – both Apple and the biased tech-media are certainly picking their moments and not moments tinged with wisdom. It’s okay though to refer to Jobs’ hatred of Android whenever Apple looks weak against the brilliant top of the range handsets that include Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note range. Is it journalism to dismiss the iPad beating Galaxy Tab S only to falsely praise the iPad Air as THE best tablet on the market? But it was okay to pursue pointless litigation in the literal spirit of Jobs to remove, unjustifiably, some Samsung products off the shelves (so to speak).

Biased tech-media, you have been exposed... AGAIN!!!

Do you remember when Samsung released the first Galaxy Gear smartwatch September 4, 2013 (wow, it feels like longer)? Do you remember what Cook said about it? Let me paraphrase... He said something along the lines of this: “Samsung has showed what the smartwatch shouldn’t be... Trust them (Samsung) to make a mess of it...” Harsh words from a CEO of a corporation based around the notion of being at the very cutting edge of technological excellence. iPhone users had extremely high hopes of an Apple smartwatch. Cook’s dismissive comment on the Galaxy Gear was taken as the throwing down of the gauntlet. We were fooled into thinking that Apple was going to show the world just how a smartwatch should be executed. Timing (hee hee) was everything...

Do you remember the classic Simpson’s episode whereby Homer tracked down his long lost brother, the owner of a car design and manufacturing company, who then got Homer to design the "all American car"? Can you remember the result and the reaction when it was revealed? Hahahaha! That was such a funny episode! The episode is called 'Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?' The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 15.

Above: 'The Homer' car made for fun in real life!

When the AppleWatch was revealed it looked and still looks like a bit of a monstrosity with that awful “Digital Crown”. That’s what Apple is famous for redesign and reinvention (not to mention marketing)! The “candy bar” mobile phone morphed into buttonless touch screen handset that was the first iPhone. Now they have taken the traditional analogue watch and redesigned it with this monstrous “Digital Crown” that serves to be awkward if you are left handed – the “Digital Crown” will be hard to manipulate when worn on the right wrist. Now that’s what I call a dumbwatch! Scattering a bunch of apps on the screen of the AppleWatch looks like a mess! It's the equivalent of throwing poop at the wall; something will stick! Apple haven't figured out how to make a decent UI (user interface) for its ecosysem.

I’ve long since exposed Apple as re-designers as opposed to true technological innovators. Once they have a redesign they feel is ripe then their media machine is unleashed to convince you that you need it above anything else available on the market. Apple’s media machine is frightening as I have exposed just how far it goes! In the UK there is a questionable tech TV program coming back on the air in a few days and some people have dubbed it “The Apple Show”! Hahahaha! It’s true! I’ve seen some really dumb comparisons of the iPhone with leading premium Android handsets and the verdict has been, “Yes, the iPhone wins this challenge because blah, blah, blah...” Yeah, right!

Google and Samsung have the right idea to make their smartwatches screen-centric in that you use the touch screen to interface with it and / or use voice commands. There is a reason why Apple concentrated on the myriad alternative wristbands for its AppleWatch and it’s because it is not the pinnacle of technical excellence as they’d like to have you believe.

I was honestly expecting by Cook’s throwdown that we’d see something that belongs in a recent Sci-Fi movie and the world came to realize that Apple had just literally digitalized – if you can call it that – the analogue watch. Only the ardent and most devoted attendee of the Church of Apple will spend $349 on a dumbwatch. Me? If I were an Apple follower I’d invest that $349 somewhere else... An iPad maybe??? Let me pass that collection plate to the person next to me!

I think that the smartwatch should be viewed as a cursor to compliment the handset and to also compliment YOU! Act on your whims / requests. Here’s a scenario that I am imagining regarding the usefulness of a smartwatch.

“OK, Google... I want to walk to the nearest Whole Food store in Central London; direct me!”

What I want to hear from my smartwatch is this...

“The nearest Whole Food store is in Piccadilly Circus. Would you like directions?”


“Keep walking to the end of this street... Cross at the traffic lights and then turn left...”

I will keep hearing directions until I reach my destination. And when I am veering off I am told that I am going off course and / or an alternate route would be suggested instead – maybe I want to do some sightseeing along the way! I don’t really want to have my face into the smartwatch all the way there. I can opt to have the directions spoken through a Bluetooth headset if need be!

The other vision I have is that the design is more elongated lengthwise and wider height-wise. In other words I have the equivalent of a Galaxy S5 Mini – for example – on my wrist with a nice curved SuperAMOLED screen complimented with a hypoallergenic wristband not unlike what we have seen in some Sci-Fi movies (check out a movie called 'Lock Out'). I envisage such a smartwatch – “LifeCursor” as I call it as I think “smartwatch” is an already dated expression / term. It’s just because we wear the device on our wrists that we associate it with a watch. Yes, we watch it but we can also listen to it too!

Apple can only make its move once there is a device out there to re-imagine and repackage as its own! Apple can't invent. Now the Galaxy Note Edge is what I call innovation and invention. The design is sublime!

Sadly, the Apple biased tech media will continue to misdirect the mentally dull and / or vulnerable into the idea that Samsung is being "insensitive" with regards to their recent responses to the iPhone 6 models and AppleWatch with their Twitter and YouTube outbursts. What we are not seeing in the tech media and the media in general is news bulletins on TV, for example, stating that Samsung was right with its design of handsets based around a larger screen. What they say when mentioning the competition is something along these lines, “It’s the news that every iPhone user has been waiting for... of larger screens... Apple looks as like they are trailing behind its competitors...”

They do not mention Samsung by name and how it pioneered the market for handsets with larger screens. They may mention Samsung in the context of an "enemy" but they rarely state the truth: Samsung premium products are the best - plastic or not! They don’t even mention Samsung’s groundbreaking Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR in comparison to Apple’s feeble keynote products! They didn’t even bother report news of these fabulous Galaxy Tab S range that features a screen that just burns out the iPad’s! That’s not journalism. Yes, of course, they keep harping on about "plastic" as though they haven't seen iPhone's that look as though they've been in a warzone! That's what I call brainwashing! It's definitely not right!

Oh, please Note (4) (hee hee) that my usual iPhone attackers have fallen silent after 9/9/14! Gee, I wonder why? Hahahaha!

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