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Above: An example of a music site. But with my help you can do better!
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Hey, you wouldn’t happen to be a musician would you? Do you, like me, hate iTunes? Wouldn’t you want to sell your very own music from your own website? Are you interested in selling anything at all from your own website? Great! Read on...


Let’s have a little discussion about the following:-

Online site builders

Online shop facilities such as eBay, Amazon and so on

The advantages of having your own eCommerce website

Why getting your music on iTunes is a bad idea

Online site builders can either come with a web hosting service such as Go Daddy or via an all-purpose online facility such as WIX. These facilities are quite good on the whole but you may be better off with dedicated software such as Incomedia WebSite X5 that I am introducing to you now!

The advantage of using a web design program is that you do not have to be online while you put together the site. And while you have your own software it gives you more of an opportunity to look at the myriad of hosting services out there! I think that it is important to go through the thought process of choosing a host i.e. Go Daddy! If you haven’t read my articles on ‘Web Design’ before I should tell you that there is one dodgy host you ought to be aware of and that’s 1 & 1 or 1 and 1; the people behind this hosting “company” are happy to take your money but the service offered can be very questionable. Trying to reason with them is like talking to a brick wall! You have been warned! And just in case you weren’t paying attention: AVOID 1 & 1 HOSTING SERVICES!
Choosing a domain name and then registering it with a host is an important part of the whole joy of doing it yourself. Then there’s designing the site... I think you will have more control over the design aspect by being able to look at templates as found in WebSite X5 10 (free) and then backward engineer them so to speak. When I used to teach Photoshop for beginners with a view to producing web graphics I had to get my pupils familiar with graphics beyond the logo such as the “Header” that the logo usually sits on. By looking at the WebSite X5 templates you will be able to work it all out!

So, by using this software you’d be able to understand the graphical components of a website design.

Online store facilities such as Amazon, eBay and others have the advantage of being able to place what you wish to sell in a list of similar products and the chances of selling your product is very high. The disadvantage is that these facilities take way too much of your sale! I am not too sure about the exact percentage but I have been told by a former Amazon account holder that it is too much and when things go wrong Amazon are not the easiest of people to deal with matters such as customer complaints!

A friend of mine used to sell cake accessories on Amazon and she had a few problems with a couple of her customers; they made complaints to Amazon and without so much of a warning my friend’s account was closed! No discussion to get to the heart of the matter just Amazon pulling down the shutters before you can blink! The sad thing was that my friend was starting to make some money! She had put a lot of effort in building her business and Amazon shot it down without warning or discussion. How rotten!

With your own eCommerce enabled website you will be able to stipulate your own customer services and keep your profits.

Aside from maintaining your own customer services and not giving any of your sales to the likes of Amazon, eBay, etc is that you can charge what you feel your product is worth. You can change your shop listings at will!

You can also change the way your online shop looks at will!

As a former professional web and graphic designer I came to loathe the uniform ideas of how a website should look. I prefer the old days when people with no formal training would create graphics that matches what they are into. I miss that today! Now websites have this corporate look that quite frankly is boring! Be an individual and stand out with WebSite X5!

The biggest trick that facilities like iTunes and other music distributors have done is to convince the independent musician that they are the gateway to success! WRONG!!!! When I first started making a career in multimedia many independent artists without a recording contract used to sell their music from their own website; it was an exciting time and it inspired me to do my own thing and sell it in the same way! Foolishly, I gave my power away to so-called digital distributors such as CD Baby who did not do anything for me! Many artists tried to get exposure by using MySpace and the time I was using it I started to get great feedback from prospective fans – for lack of a better word. These days people are using Facebook and G Plus to get exposure. But they also use a digital distributor to get the music in iTunes which is self-defeating. Why spend so much time on promoting your music through Facebook, G+ and so on when you can direct people to purchase your home made CDs and MP3 downloads? You ought to be directing people to your own site! Why would you want let other digital distributors get you into iTunes for a fee? It’s bad enough that iTunes have devalued the cost of music purchases. What if your music is so original that you have to sell it at a price set by iTunes?

Design your own site! It is not difficult!

And go through the tutorial below!

Here’s the link to the official Incomedia website: WEBSITE X5 10 FREE

I will start a series of tutorials soon that will show you how to get your eCommerce enabled site up and running!

If you have something specific in mind that you will like to know then mention it in a comment below and I will see what I can do by the way of a tutorial!


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