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How can you not love Bender? Bring back Futurama!
What a hoot!


Or should that be ‘bent’? Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you? I hope that you are tip top and that your projects are going exceptionally well! What? You mean to tell me that you don’t have a project? With this beautiful tech at your disposal you mean to tell me that you aren’t doing anything with it? Well,
I guess I ought to ramp up the reviews! Believe me... ...they are coming!

I think it’s pretty safe to state that Apple is going through a tough time of late. Dare I say that things will pick up; lessons should have been learned – we can only hope so! Whether you like it or not I have exposed Apple and its freaky hypnotic PR machine that includes the collection of tech media around the world pretending to be independent both on and offline i.e. TV magazine-like programmes that places Apple on top of the competition! Paper magazines geared towards general technology and specifically mobile devices have done exactly the same thing: placing Apple product on top! I had noticed something very fishy from the Samsung Galaxy S2 and that made me look into what was going on... I reckon I opened up the eyes of others and also confirmed what others had started to notice too!

I am one of the few independent writers that clocks when the wheels fall off that juggernaut of that Apple bus and here I am doing it again!

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I think what has happened to Apple is a good thing! Once again, I find myself using the analogy of the Karate Kid movies whereby that awful annoying blonde kid is Apple and the Karate Kid is the competition! Hahaha! It’s true! The lengths that Apple will go to ensure the world thinks,”iSomething” is scarily astounding! Apple loves to divide and conquer! “I’m and Apple...” “And... ...I’m a PC...”

“We’ve been robbed! Someone has come into our house and stolen our technology!! Watch out for inferior copies of our products!!!”

“If someone does everything then what is left for us to do? Feel sorry for us and buy our products...”

“Er... Uhm... We’ve done a phablet! Whoohoo! It’s not quite as good as the originators but at least now you have a landscape mode! That it comes from us, the 6 Plus, you should buy it! Yay!”

You know what they say about imitation... Ha ha!

It is said that under Jobs ‘Bendgate’ wouldn’t have happened but I am not so sure... A great possibility is that Apple would have eventually become bankrupt through losing patent battles outside the USA! They did use Obama to overturn a vital Samsung victory! Apple wouldn’t have been in any position to release a handset beyond 5S! And still to this day there is no confirmation that 5C was a success. I predicted that both the 5S and 5C weren’t going to be the greatest sellers of that time.

Or it could be that Jobs would have been ousted yet again from his own company in order to save it from his death dive with Google in his jaws. Jobs or not it was clear then and now that Apple has to up its game big time – literally! In order to maintain some credibility the tech media has had to admit to Apple being way behind Android handsets but as always many find a way to have the iPhone and iPad edge out a little. This fools nobody but iDevice fanatics.

I don’t know about you but I started to clock a pattern that occurs before and after an Apple keynote! Let me show – if you haven’t seen it...

In the run up to the next iPhone we get to see a bunch of “leaked” images that factory workers allegedly “sneaked out”. Apple can’t say outright that it, in this recent case, is going to release a bigger handset simply because it looks like defeat (because it is). As a result the constant “leaks” starts to feed the collective populous mind. It works two ways:-

A: The iPhone fan will get it into his / her head that, despite Apple’s scientific research and painful design ethos, what they really wanted was a bigger handset. That’s right, iPhone fan; it’s YOU that’s driving Apple against its principles! But, obviously, it’s really Apple!

B: Non-iPhone users will be expecting to see a larger iPhone – in this case two – and it won’t come as a surprise.

Now that you are thinking in the “right” direction you will see the usual suspects holding physical parts of the iPhone and blogging / vlogging about them... “If this... If that...” These blogger / vloggers may or may not realize that they are part of the PR machine ramping expectations, excitement and curiosity. These tech bloggers / vloggers are help to keep you guessing. Whether you’re a fan or not it becomes a part of your consciousness.

During the keynote the expectations reaches a fever pitch so much so that some of us momentarily forget about the competition (as this is the purpose) and focus upon the wonderful gifts that Cook is about to bestow... This is how Cook is able to make the new products seem as the inventions of Apple when in fact they are anything but. We know this. We also know that when Apple reveals a new iPhone or phones they’ll be in the shops soon after!

Oh, one more thing... The reveal of another device; I thought it was going to be either a smartwatch or iPad or both! I feel that because the iPhone is seriously lagging behind Android handsets Cook and co quickly defocuses onto something else. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a “free” U2 album and the Apple Watch – complete with the “Digital Crown”. And it gets worse... ...the Apple Watch is coming sometime next year. How many smartwatches have Samsung released in a year?

We get to see a standard aftermath...

1. News of people queuing up outside Apple stores for days when they don’t have to. The only thing different about the queue reports this time around are that some of the people queuing are looking to sell their places to the real fanatics!

2. News of record sales... Every time there is news of record sales and then later on we see a different result.

3. Odd headlines to state that a record number of seemingly only Samsung trade-ins and that many Android folk are jumping ship! Get onboard before you look silly! Ha ha! But it turns out that the buyers are repeat customers of Apple. I don’t think repeat customers aren’t enough hence the larger iPhone handsets to make some more gains. If Android has over 80% of the world market then where does it leave Apple? It is clear that Apple needs some more sales!


Putting such a large phone in your pocket is assking for trouble!

I can only imagine a rabid Tim Cook cursing like it’s going out of fashion over “bendgate”. Could this derail further sales? If the prices for these new fangled iPhones aren’t off-putting then perhaps the fragility of the products will; however it appears – through independent testing – the standard iPhone 6 isn’t so easy to bend.

A bizarre thought entered my head... Could it be that the fragility of the 6 Plus was designed as a get out of failure clause? I mean if it turns out that the iPhone user prefers the standard over the Plus Apple could say that the “bendgate” scare was a major cause (for disappointing sales). Maybe the newly acquired designer can redesign the iPhone for today’s market as Android keeps blazing the trail for innovation. Once upon a time Cook would claim “fragmentation” regarding those “other guys” when it is apparent that iOS has scaling issues when it comes to the development for apps; this is why the standard iPhone has an odd resolution: 750 x 1334 pixels. It seems as though iOS developers have their work cut out to reach Android app scaling standards so that one day iPhone users will enjoy QHD screens!

Then there are issues with iOS 8! To be honest whenever there’s an operating system upgrade there are opportunities for bugs but considering Apple have only a few handsets to take care of that upgrading iOS should be a chinch! Android is a huge contrast with regards to the sheer number of handsets it has to take care of! Is it any wonder that Google takes its time with Android updates?


Ouch! That's gotta hurt! 

As I was saying... I think these unfortunate occurrences can be good for Apple as I would imagine that Cook and co can relax and not have to worry about having to be this infallible machine. Humans are behind Apple and humans can make mistakes. However, it’s how the mistakes are dealt with that makes all the difference. Apple has, in the past, used various techniques to deflect the blame when things have gone wrong. You can fool some of the people some of the time...

Apple has a great opportunity to turn things around! There’s nothing like admitting fault and refocusing. You know for yourself that when someone can’t admit to being at fault that you can’t trust he / she won’t make the same mistake(s) again.

I would love to see Apple making good product that don’t need the smoke ‘n’ mirrors nonsense. I would also like to see them making an effort to be more like Google in the way they create products across the mobile device platforms. Apple Pay is just a step backwards for NFC payments that we’ll stick to using our credit / debit cards. C’mon, Apple! Show us some of that gigantic big, big love!

That’s something to think about!


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