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Above: A Samsung design patent that bears some resemblance to the silhouette that appears in a promotional video preview. Is this the new form? Not long to find out! 

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers. How are you this early, early morning of the day of the biggest mobile device launch in history? I hope your day was great and productive!

Are you excited about the launch of the Galaxy Note 4? I sure am!

It is said that Samsung are going through a hard time at the moment and I take this with a pinch of salt! Sure, the Chinese manufacturers have been able to come in at the mid to... ...err... mid-high(?) end of the market at a low cost to the consumer. However, I have not seen anything yet that can hold a candle to the phenomenal Galaxy Note handset!

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I think this is the one that Samsun fans and those who love the larger handset that’s loaded with the fastest processor and features galore! I think the Galaxy S5 sales may have been a tad disappointing for Samsung because there is a great anticipation and expectation for the Galaxy Note 4! The reason why I am thinking this way is because of how quickly the Galaxy Note 3 became popular on the streets! It seemed to me like every other person was busting out their Galaxy Note 3 handsets – men and women from all walks of life! This uptake was more than the GN2 when it initially came out. The GN3’s form factor had a lot to do with it becoming popular! As I have said in a previous article, by increasing the screen and slimming down the bezels the GN3 became very easy to handle and it’s very thin too!

Another theory is that the hardcore Android fans were waiting for a 64-bit handset! Yes, last year there was some talk about Android going 64-bit and many of us though this could have been a possibility towards the end of 2013! Now we know that Android 5, Lemon Meringue Pie or Lollipop will be 64-bit compatible I believe that many folk decided to hold off from getting a new phone until the Galaxy Note 4 launch! Samsung has always been saying that they were just waiting on Google to add 64-bit compatibility to Android. So, this is what we’re expecting from the Galaxy Note 4! There is no point in speculating upon the hardware as we are hours away from knowing exactly what this baby entails!

As far as the hardware goes I think we’ll get the QHD screen and by the looks of the silhouette from one of the promotional preview videos we will be getting a newer design. Oh, I do hope that we in the UK – if not internationally – the 64-bit processor just so that we can say we’ve got it! Ha ha!  But what I wish for are the following:-

A decent video editor: titles, audio tracks, fades / wipes, special visual effects, audio effects (noise removal and enhancing) etc. I think that the video editors on Android could do with a boost! C’mon, these beautiful Android babies are capable of 4K video recording and therefore it is about time we got a video editor that rocks! It is said that Samsung delivers a lot of “bloatware” and this is Samsung’s opportunity to clean up where the preloaded software applications are concerned!

2. I would love an eBook creator that not only puts out popular eBook formats but to wrap up HTML5 publications into an APK so that business / creatives can distribute publications in a variety of different ways: eBook, PDF (including audio and video) and APK! Cool! It probably will not happen but still...

3. I would like to see Samsung partner with a music composition app programmer to create a default app for recording the voice and making music with output to popular audio formats such as WAV and MIDI! If you look at Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note ads you can see a variety of users including a musician!

4. A professional photo / manipulation app that does away with Adobe Photoshop, etc! I think it’s about time we could perform high quality edits to compliment the awesome camera on the Galaxy Note!

Again, Samsung could partner with a developer or start their own division of dedicated app developers. There’s no doubt that Samsung can come up with the goods as far as hardware is concerned but I do think it is time for them to step up its game with applications!

5. Hey, with the S Pen I think it is time for a drawing app that is not too dissimilar to Adobe Illustrator! It can happen! I think such default applications on the Galaxy Note will make it sell by the millions!

So, here’s hoping that us creatives and business users will get something substantial in the default app department to compliment the glorious hardware!

I am so curious to know what 64-bits will bring to Android apps – that is if the Galaxy Note 4 will get the 64-bit CPU!

Personally, I do not mind TouchWiz – with the Galaxy S3 onwards it has been great! I do not notice any lag! I have seen odd reviews that takes away points from the Galaxy S and Note because they find TouchWiz heavy but we all should know by now that it is possible to replace TouchWiz with a host of great launchers out there in the form of:-

Nova (and it’s prime version)
GO Launcher
& Google’s own Google Now Launcher

All the above can be found under ‘Personalization’ on the Google Play app store!

But I am very curious as to what Samsung will do to TouchWiz on this outing! I would imagine that Google will create a more functional launcher when Android 5 is ready! That way we have the option for a purer Android experience. I would imagine that the core features of TouchWiz can be accessed as apps / widgets!

What else could Samsung be showing off in a few hours time? They’ve revealed the Galaxy Gear S which is a fantastic looking smartwatch that makes and takes calls too! The Galaxy Gear S uses Samsung’s own Tizen operating system! So, how compatible will it be with Android? Hmmmm... I can see that Samsung are ushering in Tizen quite subtly as I think this is where they can get to express themselves technologically! Have you heard / read the rumour that Samsung are looking at acquiring Cyanogenmod? If this is true it could be good for Samsung to be independent of Google or they can still put out Android handsets and give users the possibility of loading a Samsung version of Cyanogenmod.

Perhaps we’ll see the virtual reality headset, Galaxy Head Gear? I am curious about the virtual reality headset and how it fits into the Samsung Galaxy scheme of things!

Now would it be feasible for Samsung to reveal two different versions of the Galaxy Note 4? I was thinking that it could be an advantage to go even larger for those, like me, who LOVE massive screens! I was thinking something along the lines of 6.5” or 7”! Can you imagine a 7” Galaxy Note that would be a hybrid of the Galaxy Tab S? I can! But, hey, that’s just pure fantasy on my part! What am I like, huh?

I tell you, it is very exciting anticipating this great launch. I am predicting that Samsung will have a huge hit and will be a milestone moment them! The Galaxy Note 4 certainly appears to be a very desirable handset and it isn’t even announced! Soon! Very soon!

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