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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you a user of Adobe products? What do you think of their new subscription model that replaces purchasing software? I wonder what prompted Adobe to do that?

It seems as though Flash has proven to be their undoing... Steve Jobs effectively weakened what seemed to be an impenetrable stranglehold on all things media everywhere (now that’s a great name for a great company: Media Everywhere): Film, TV, Web and everything in between. That drawn out public spat between Jobs and Adobe over Flash resulted in a derailment of not only the one time revolutionary Flash format but of Adobe itself.

These days it is possible to do a baulk of what Adobe software can do with great alternatives from Serif, Xara, Magix, Corel and many more! The one thing that eludes these fine software houses is to create apps... But since the advent of YouTube and cost effective and even free video editing software anyone can have their own video channel! The beauty of it all is that YouTube is an app available for Android and iOS. It’s ironic that YouTube encodes video in the Adobe Flash FLV format. But I get the feeling that the FLV days are numbered with the forthcoming VP9 video format as shown at the recent Google i / O conference!
Maybe those who stand to gain from Adobe’s software subscription service is the print and design industries. I can’t see how students would want to fork out £15 a month for some software! It would have been a better move for Adobe to acknowledge that IT landscape has changed dramatically and reduce the costs dramatically in order to alleviate pirating!

I was told by someone who was said to work for Adobe that the company purposely make it easy for people to pirate... They hope that when the pirates become legitimate they will use some of the profits to purchase genuine licenses! That was a pretty decent plan that worked... When I worked for a design company in Holland they started off by using pirates and the first thing they did when they had a couple of well paying clients was to reinvest into Adobe.

However, nowadays people are looking towards using a combination of inexpensive PC / Mac software and apps!

It looks like tablet computing is doing the business... It’s a great chance for Android to do well in that all they need is key apps that can do what Adobe does and a whole lot of other functions! We can finally say goodbye the Windows PC and I think Mac too! If you can do everything on a decent tablet you wouldn’t want to go back to Windows or Mac... However, I would not mind working on an Android based desktop if the option was there. You think it can’t happen? You think it’s a fantasy? Uh-uh! Check this link: Android x86

I can see Android PCs and powerful tablets becoming a reality. I know HP has a serious Android tablet, SlateBook X2, which should be released anytime now! Other manufacturers will jump on that bandwagon for sure!

What it comes down to is the apps! It doesn’t matter how powerful the hardware is it’s the apps that count too!

Samsung have realized that people don’t want to pay over £200 for a tablet just to surf the Web; that’s silly! The Galaxy Note range of tablets (that I can’t wait to get my hands on) is generally aimed at professional creatives with good reason too!

Adobe might wanna get creating those Android apps pronto because somebody else will! Just look at the range of photo editing apps out there for Android that is non-Adobe...
Bring it on!


Following the widespread unease at Adobe's move to force users to a subscription model, Xara is offering a special discount on their flagship creative design software 'Xara Designer Pro' to disgruntled Adobe users who want to find a suitable alternative.
Xara Designer Pro is often quoted in the press as having features that compare very favourably with Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, being faster, cheaper and easier to learn. Xara Designer Pro is a professional level graphic design tool, that offers integrated tools for illustration, DTP, photo editing and web design in a single package using a fraction of the memory resources of the Adobe Creative Suite of products.

Charles Moir, Managing Director, said: "You can understand from a business income point of view why a subscription revenue is desirable. However, what's good for Adobe, is not necessarily good for their customers. For many users, especially the smaller or independent freelance designer, the cost of a subscription is simply prohibitive. Adobe have upset swathes of users with their new pricing model.

For online services such as hosting, or purely web-based services we agree that a subscription model makes sense. But not for downloaded, installable desktop software.
Xara has always had a loyal enthusiastic customer base, many of them ex-Adobe users, so we're offering a special discounted price, to make it even more attractive for Adobe users to try Xara software.”

Xara Designer Pro is a one-off purchase - no subscription and no obligation to purchase future versions - it's yours to do with as you want, forever. It normally retails for $299, but is offered to registered owners of Adobe software for just $199. In addition to the 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee Xara is offering a free upgrade to the forthcoming Xara Designer Pro X9 due out shortly.

Xara Designer Pro is available for Windows operating systems:

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