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Good evening / early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! It looks like Huawei are on a roll and could be on course to be the winner of the budget handset market... What, that’s two budget handsets released within a week???? Gosh! Let’s have a look...

There’s a bit of confusion here because the Vision will set you back £59.99 – SIM free - which is the same price as the Y300! Or you can get it at Phones 4U at £49.99 with an additional £10 top up on limited networks (T-Mobile, Vodaphone, O2 and Orange). Jeebus! Here’s some spec...
Operating system: Android, Gingerbread.

Main camera: 5MP Video, 720p HD

Front camera.
Internal Phone Memory (MB) 512MB RAM

Internal Storage 1GB

3.7" Screen - 480 x 800 px resolution

1Ghz Processor
Micro SD card up to 32GB 

Again, tell me... What are the downsides of this interesting budget handset? That’s right! It’s the 512MB of RAM, the 1GHz processor and possibly the 1GB storage – depending on how many apps you like to download.

I had a good play with it and I have to say that it felt good in the hand... The screen is quite responsive and there are a bunch of popular apps already preinstalled: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a few others. But I am pretty sure that once you register to Google the updates to these apps will be pretty hefty! I would imagine that it’ll be like the ZTE Blade 3 – everything was fine until I updated Facebook and a few other apps. I’ve said it before and I will keep saying that the sizes of apps must come down instead grow larger! I think the increasing growth of app sizes could damage the budget Android market which would be a shame or force a new standard on the spec of budget handsets effective immediately!

It would be a great shame for Huawei as the Vision (and Y300) is really potentially good for the budget marketplace that is starving for a decent handset or handsets!

The idea of having a front-facing camera on these little things (Y300 included) is truly outstanding! Brilliant! It reminds me of when 3G was introduced and the Three network featured very inexpensive NEC handsets that had a front-facing camera. It is about time that a handset manufacturer returned to back to basics value for money!

I for one am not disappointed that the Vision is running Gingerbread. I do think that the idea of “fragmentation” is greatly exaggerated. Android works! But given the spec I am surprised that it wasn’t running Ice Cream Sandwich! Oh, well... It’s an observation more than a critique...

I thought the interface looks just as good as any other Android interface... The hallmarks are there: Weather and clock widget plus the iconic (hee hee) app icons such as contacts, Internet and so on. What’s there not to like? The interface! But I just said... Let me explain...

Are you aware that you can download “launchers” that replaces the inherent interface skin? Well, you can and furthermore the Vision comes with a rather good launcher in the SPB 3D Shell. Now, I do not know if this is the £9.45 app or a special cut down version. In any event it is a nice touch (no pun intended) for a manufacturer to include a third party interface!

The camera on this little Vision handset is interesting in that it can capture 720p video footage! But the Y300 does not do HD footage oddly enough. It’s a bit strange, don’t you think?

It would have been a nice forethought if Huawei had put in a HD camera in both models... Never mind! But I do like that folks on a budget can enjoy video calling like those who have these high-end handsets!

If you do decide to get in on the smartphone act with this rather tempting budget handset then I’d suggest to look at alternative social networking apps! For example you can download Friendcaster by One Louder! It’s a third of the size and it’s faster too! The only downside is that it has adverts as part of the app. There is an ad free version! But I am not sure you will be able to poke your friends back (I cannot poke friends back with the free version)! I am not yet convinced about paying for Friendcaster but I would say that I am 65% in favour! What I like about Friendcaster is that photo uploading works first time – unlike the official Facebook app. When I update my status my words don’t get garbled to the point where it becomes a link to a commercial page or something... Let's face it... Facebook sucks harder than a leech! So, do check out Friendcaster if you haven't already!

THEY ARE COMING... me... This is the year of budget handsets... The competition is coming! Stay tuned...

Take good care!  

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