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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! How many of you had or still use a Nokia handset? Somewhere lying around my flat there’s a couple of decommissioned Nokia’s one of which is the N95!

The N95 was my first smart-ish phone that was a great enabler for its time. I could browse the Web, use Microsoft Messenger, Skype and so on...

In fact the N95 was used by me and ex girlfriend to communicate throughout our courtship! She lived in Telford and I in London! The N95 was an amazing bridge to the many miles spent apart.

Today my N95 is battered and held together by sellotape and I would love to see if I can get a replacement fascia for it. It’s important that I restore and preserve it for the sake of nostalgia and an appreciation of this fine machine!

I took so many pictures on its 5MP camera and DVD quality video!

How I wore out the keypads with constant messaging! Those were the days!

Nokia has been enjoying a comeback with its alliance with Microsoft and has produced some great Windows handsets in their Lumia range. However, I would like to see Nokia producing some powerful but budget priced Android handsets!

What I have noticed about Android handsets is that they can be quite dull and unimaginative looking, mostly gun metal grey or black or maybe even a white... But on the whole they aren’t particularly exciting on a budget level.

I think that everybody should own a smartphone or two with some fairly decent spec! I think many budget handset producers skip some fundamental features the most important one being the front facing camera! I reckon that Nokia would stand a good chance of making a big impact upon the budget market...

I’d like to see consumers having more choice over the colour of their handset: Pink, Electric Blue, Lime (Key Lime Pie), Yellow, etc. And instead of bringing out these colours incrementally they’d be there at once!

Imagine the following:

2GHz Intel CPU
4GB Internal storage
MicroSD slot
8MP Main camera / 720p HD video
4.5” display

And all of the above for £80! I think they would sell by the bucket load! A unique selling point is that they can feature a block on inappropriate content to safeguard minors. Such a handset would be a boon to parents who are under pressure from their children asking for a smartphone. My brother would love to give his 10 year old son a smartphone but he is very concerned that he is not exposed to inappropriate content... Sure, it’s pretty much hard to monitor as many parents either don’t care or have given up on preventing their child or children from being exposed to potentially mentally damaging content.

I don’t see any handset manufacturer being aware of children where surfing the Net is concerned. I think manufacturers are passing the buck leaving child protection to parents who may not be tech savvy!

What do you reckon? Would you like to see Nokia go Android? After all it is the most dominant operating system on the planet! Nokia is losing out!

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