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Good early evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! I guess you must be wondering – if you have been following my Rooting blogs – how I am getting on with my HTC One X... I will tell you...

Yes, I gave it a few days to play around with HTC Sense and it was surprisingly ok... Unfortunately, manufacturers do pack a load of bloatware into these handsets... I think Samsung are producing good software even though I am of the opinion that future handsets ought to run stock Android with their innovations as widgets!

I tell you... Rooting the HTC One X proved to be blooming difficult... At one point I thought that I had bricked it irretrievably... Yes, I panicked hard! I have to laugh! The one good thing about rooting is that if you calm down and stick with it you get to learn a bit more about the process. I have performed quite a few roots now and it has made me more resourceful! Rooting the One X was quite laborious to say the least! Lol! I sure got there in the end with the help of a few websites but there was one in particular that delivered the goods! I will link you at the end...

Now my HTC One X is running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 instead of 4.1. But I didn’t need to root it for the latest Android; again... I found it necessary to get rid of HTC Sense and start from scratch.

I can say that I am very, very happy with it! It’s got a nice quad core 1.5GHz processor, 32GB storage and 1GB RAM all of which pushes social networking apps, the Web and YouTube video like it’s nothing! The 4.7” screen is very, very nice – despite a couple of yellow spots at the bottom (hardly noticeable).

I would recommend it! The fact that I got out of trading in my less than satisfying Android handsets and some Xbox controllers sweetens up the whole deal!

Right now I am running a Cyanogenmod version of Android which is pretty darn solid! Everything appears to be working as it should!

More reviews are coming very, very soon! Stay tuned...




1. Don’t attempt to root your phone when you’re tired! I don’t know what possessed me to root the HTC One X in the middle of the night! I found the information confusing. Following some of the YouTube videos was a pain... And why? Here’s point...

2. Be sure to make a note on the particulars of the handset: International, USA and so on. I think there is a difference between rooting a HTC One X Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean! Then do a search on rooting for that particular model and Android version.

3. When you make a mistake and accidentally brick your phone DO NOT PANIC! Retrace your steps methodically. You can come out of any brick situation if you are prepared to follow logic! There’s always a better, clearer set of instructions to be found on the Web!

4. Read through and / watch the tutorials if you are new to rooting. You’ll become familiar with rooting all the more for it!

5. You don’t have to flash a custom Android ROM straightaway. Take the time to understand what you stand to lose from a manufacturer UI such as TouchWiz, Sense, etc. See if you can find equivalents on Google Play or other Android marketplaces.

6. Do try out other custom ROMs from different independent developers... I have tried others and I think that Cyanogenmod are the best!

7. Back up your important data before you root and flash a custom ROM.

8. Have a spare handset handy just in case you mess up and then you’re left without a phone (for a short while)!

9. Make sure your battery has a full charge because all this rooting and flashing custom ROMs can drain the battery and if there’s not enough juice in the battery you may not be able to flash a custom ROM. You will get an error message.

10. Anticipate success! Many, many folk won’t even attempt rooting because they feel that they will mess up and / or it’s beyond them. Rooting is as easy as you want it to be!

Yes, I think the ‘Rooting’ series of blogs has run its course... If I think of anything I will be sure to add to this series. In the meantime...


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