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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Thanks for reading my article on the ‘State of the Android slate’. I don’t know about you but I keep wondering if this latest trend to have hybrid Android and Windows means. What does it mean for Android? What does it mean for Microsoft?

C’mon, let’s face it... Windows 8 RT has been an unmitigated disaster. Who on Earth would want to get a Surface tablet with RT on it? The real Windows 8 deal tablet costs a blinking fortune but at least it runs real software instead to toy town apps. However, because of the RT fallout people do not seem to be in a hurry to pick up a Windows slate...

My goodness... It doesn’t seem so long ago since the first HTC Android phone, the Dream. Now look at how Android handsets have taken off! It’s nothing short of amazing... It also doesn’t seem so long since the Samsung Galaxy Tab came on the market and to be honest – as much as I liked it – the 7” tablet was an overgrown phone...
But now look at the Android tablet market... I open up a tech magazine and I see yet another advert for yet another Android tablet! Whoohoo! It has a “bright” IPS display, support for Adobe Flash, Jelly Bean 4.1 and a dual core CPU! Yay! Apps?

Of course! How did I miss it? The solution is to put the two operating systems together in one device. Maybe Android fans wishing for more serious apps would go for the hybrid and thus it’ll give Microsoft a leg up.

It’ll also give Android some breathing space to continue developing great tablet oriented apps. I think it all started with the Galaxy Note and more importantly the Premium Suite set of applications that came with it. The Premium Suite showed just what is possible on the Android platform. It does baffle me as to why Samsung or any other manufacturer sets up an app division to strengthen the tablets when they come out.

The manufacturers just can’t please me can they? The last time I was talking about standardizing tablets to include 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, etc. I think the hardware side of things are not as good as it can or should be. Now I am complaining about the applications and how I am not entirely happy about having to fork out for a dual Android and Windows operating system.

I just don’t know my own mind... One minute I am considering the Samsung ATIV Q and the next I can’t be bothered about an Android tablet.

Maybe my approach to the Android tablet is wrong... I have been looking at it from an accessory point of view; I have the handsets and now I need to tablet to go with it.
Through the ‘State of the Android Slate’ article I learned a great deal; I was able to gauge how people are using their Android tablets. As a result I am thinking more about my needs as opposed to wanting a tablet to show off for the sake of it. Lol!

Hmmmm... What are my needs? I know what my expectations are, however I know that they do not appear to be realistic where the hardware is concerned. Can I find a good compromise? We shall see!
What do you reckon?

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