Wednesday, 5 June 2013

CrazyTalk7 App Features Overview

CrazyTalk7 App Features Overview:
1.     Intuitive One-hand Finger Control
·   Naturally use one thumb to slide and swipe your character’s facial expressions.
·   Make use of the logically designed layout to accurately control specific facial movements.
·   Drag two fingers to slowly close your character’s eyes, tap your fingers to make your character blink, or use three fingers to reset your character’s expressions.

2.     The Best Use of Motion Sensors
·   Exploit your devices built-in sensors for ultimate control.
·   Tilt in different directions to have your character follow and look-at you.
·   Flick your wrist forward and backward to see your actor pop out.
·   Gently shake from side to side to see your character sway.
·   Shake up and down to bounce on the screen, or rock vigorously to go all out!

3.     Auto Animation from your Own Voice
·   The audio lip-syncing engine animates any character with corresponding mouth shapes.
·   With the Auto Motion technology, you can use your own voice energy to control the intensity of your animations.
·   Unlock additional voice morphs like chipmunk, robot, monster and more.

4.     Unlimited Creations
·   Play with the power of free-mode puppeteering and explore an infinite amount of possibilities.
·   Upgrade to unlock custom motion recording controls to layer unique expressions.
·   CrazyTalk7 users will be able to create original characters from images or photographs, and later upload their CrazyTalk projects and actors to their iOS devices for real-time animation.

5.     Expandable Content Library
·   Add beautifully crafted, ready-to-animate actors straight from the online store.
·   Future updates will allow users to purchase Auto Motion templates and a variety of additional content. 
6.     Share
·   Save your videos in your Camera Roll for use anytime.
·   Upload video messages to YouTube or Facebook to share with friends and family.
·   Send your video animations through email attachments right on your phone.

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