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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! It seems as though the cost of Android handsets are decreasing... But if you have read my blogs ‘The False Economy of Budget Android Handsets’ and ‘The Anatomy of a Handset’ then you will know that some of these apparently inexpensive but good handsets have turned out to be a waste of time... Anyway, Huawei has a new Android handset costing under £60! Enter the Y300, £59.99!

The specs aren’t too bad...
Internal Phone Memory (MB) 512MB 
Micro SD card up to 32GB 
Storage Capacity 4GB 

Other features... 5MP camera and a front facing camera too! Wow! Another wow feature is that it runs Jelly Bean, Android 4.1! Nice!

The only downside of this handset is the 512MB of RAM! If you want to get the most out of a handset the internal RAM should be at least 1GB!

I think that this new handset is showing great promise... I would like to get my hands on it to see what it’s all about! Going back to the promise...

I think this handset is the tip of the iceberg... I predict that we’ll be seeing better spec for around the same price by the end of this year!
I can see a CPU manufacturer scramble to get a dual core or single 2GHz into a sub £80 handset! I also think that the manufacturers will come to their senses and realize that 512MB of RAM is not going to push those social networking apps! Uh-uh... No way!

As I have said, I am done with those inexpensive handsets... I must say that the Y300 is tempting... I am so keen to test out the front facing camera with apps like Skype and Tango... Will the Y300 melt?

Yes, my Samsung Galaxy S – the phone that broke the iPhone – has died... Lol! I know, I know... I have reported the death of my beloved Galaxy S before but after leaving it off for a few months it did it some good. However, the Facebook app has finished it off! Lol!

I intend to place it in a glass case to preserve in loving memory!

Take good care!

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