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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope you had a great weekend – especially you in the UK! What’s up with our weather? Is it bipolar or what? Anyway, guess what? You give up? Yes, another attempt at a Facebook phone has failed before it has reached the UK market... I wonder why...

I think it is safe to say that you know what I think of Facebook from reading my ‘Antisocial Networking’ blogs... But for the record, I think Facebook would be so much better if it was restructured around actual people and not the rules of a onetime brat-nerd-whizz-kid. He’s grown up, got married and it’s about time Facebook reflected that beyond select wedding pictures. The stupid, regressive and oppressive ‘Add people you know rule’ has gotta go! And when I accept add requests from strangers they wanna know if I had known them outside Facebook... What’s up with that crap? That’s my business! Rather than to gently interrogate people for wanting to make friends – and isn’t making friends a good thing – and imposing bans on users why don’t they take the time to get the much used (anti)social network right?

Forget all that nonsense about project ‘Prism’! We all know or should know that surveillance has been going on for decades! Phones have been tapped and now our computers have been tapped too! It makes me laugh when David Cameron states that these spy agencies are acting in keeping with the law! We know that the higher echelons of society have their own set of rules and can justify them with the sentence, “We can’t reveal our secrets...” Of course not! It was very brave of the whistle blower to let our common notions that we’re living out Big Brother be confirmed. Has it changed anything? Not a damned thing! Paedophiles still stalk the young and vulnerable on and offline to eventually commit sex abuse and murder. Terrorism continues to be ongoing and racism is still a factor that we’re dealing with in the 21st Century! One time British celebrities have been exposed as paedophile rapists through the death of one of the largest serial paedophiles the UK has ever known, Jimmy Savile.

So, I really don’t understand the point of this surveillance! Surely, it would be more resourceful for the police to log on posing as under aged girls and boys. I can’t imagine that terrorists will make their plans known via Facebook or any other social network. I really don’t get what project ‘Prism’ is about. Isn’t it like when the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll star Chuck Berry got caught using hidden cameras in the toilets of a restaurant business he owned? And what did Berry get out of taping folk without them knowing?

Anyway, let’s get back on topic...

During the recent Google i / O conference the CEO, Larry Page, criticized Facebook indirectly by saying how Google + is more open and how it allows anyone to become friends... I think what has helped Google + is that it is attached to Android with its massive following. Whereas Facebook had a great start but little by little their restrictions started to creep in to what it is now: An Ad Fest! With their network broken... Is “broken” too strong? Well, I am disappointed that Facebook have turned nasty... They constantly threaten its users with deleting their accounts – including myself! And when they aren’t threatening they have been known to delete accounts without the possibility of getting them back... They ask for formal ID i.e. a passport just for crap ad networking site. Leave off!

I find it odd that they always seem to know when users are trying to make friends but not when people are being abused and bullied.

Facebook’s ‘Home’ skin comes prematurely when there are so many things wrong with the structure. I guess Zuckerberg and friends feel they have to keep up with Google! I don’t know why they keep pursuing a special Facebook phone when they keep taking away from what makes Facebook special: THE PEOPLE!

I would imagine if Facebook was more tailored to us then a special phone would be welcomed; the premise makes a great deal of sense.

Note: A Facebook handset is only made possible through Android!

I am also of the opinion that a possible future Facebook handset ought to be dirt cheap because we’re spammed constantly with ads! A £300 handset should cost £80 for the privilege of wading through the mass of ads that Facebook put our way!

It’s a shame that Facebook has gone down the pan! But the message is simple: Get it back on par and then think about launching a dedicated phone!

More reviews are coming very, very soon! Stay tuned...

Take good care!

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